ABC soup, ABC 營養湯

Uploaded by wantanmien on 02.06.2012

Today I teach mixed vegetables chicken soup
around 600 grams washed tomatoes
use knife to cut the tomato's bottom like this
same procedure for the rest of tomatoes
around 300 grams carrots
peel off the skin, cut to pieces
around 400 grams potatoes. peel off the skin and wash it
cut in thick pieces, same for the other potatoes
900 grams chicken thighs
after washing and cleaning, peel off the skin
use a knife to help you on this
gently pull off the chicken skin
cut off fat
I want to show you how to do it again
gently pull off the skin, same for the other chicken thighs
add in some pork to make the soup taste better
around 250 grams lean pork
cut in thick pieces, same for the rest of lean pork
put the tomatoes in boiling water, cook for 1 min
1 min later, take the tomatoes out
reboil water, water has to cover the chicken thighs
put in chicken thighs, cook for 8 mins
8 mins later, put in the lean pork, cook for 2 mins
2 mins later, turn off the heat
take the chicken and the lean pork out
wash and drain the chicken thighs and lean pork
boil up 1800 ml water
put in carrots and potatoes
chicken thighs, lean pork, cook for 10 mins on high heat
peel off the tomatoes skin
cut into thick pieces and cut off the lumps
repeat the process for the rest
10 mins later, turn to low heat cook for 40 mins
40 mins later, take out the potatoes
gently mash the potatoes with a big spoon
put the mashed potatoes back into the soup
put the tomatoes in
turn to high heat cook for 4 mins
4 mins later, it reboils again
turn to low heat, cook for 30 mins
30 mins later, season the soup as you like
I put 1 1/2 tsp chicken powder and the same amount of salt
stir well, turn off the heat
Thanks for watching see you again next time