Trainspotting (6/12) Movie CLIP - Begbie's Bar Brawl (1996) HD

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Tommy: It was Wednesday morning.
We were in the volley playing pool.
That much is true.
But begbie is playing absolutely fucking gash.
He's got a hangover so bad he can hardly hold the fucking cue, never mind pot a ball.
I'm doing my best to lose, you know,
Trying to humor him, like, but it's not doing any good.
Every time I touch a ball, I seem to pot something.
Every time begbie goes near the table, he fucks it up.
Oh, fuck's sake.
So he's got the hump, right?
But finally I manage to set it up so all he has to do
Is to pot the black to win one game to salvage a little bit of pride
And maybe not kick my head in, right?
So he's on the black, pressure shot...
[ rustling ]
...And it all goes wrong, big-time.
[ crunching ]
He picks on this specky wee gadgee at the bar
And accuses him of putting him off by looking at him.
I mean, can you believe it?
The poor, wee cunt hasn't even glanced in our direction.
Fuck off!
He was going to chib him, I tell you.
Then I thought he was going to do me.
The beggar's fucking psycho, man.
But he's a mate, you know, so what can you do?
Can I borrow this?
Renton: What indeed could one do?
Just stand back and watch and try not to get involved.
[ glass shatters, woman screams ]
Begbie didn't do drugs, either. He just did people.
That's what he got off on -- his own sensory addiction.
[ screaming ]
Nobody move!
[ screaming continues ]
That lassie got glassed,
And no cunt leaves here till we find out what cunt did it.
Who the fuck are you?
[ all shouting ]
[ screaming ]