Don Dracula - Full Episode 5 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Osamu Tezuka "Don Dracula"
Yes I see a beautiful woman, I drool.
My heart beats I throw the feet.
Always the whole family has a split personality.
I'm ready. Me intellectual Ratio Dracula is the ratio.
I like all human beings
I'd like them to be my friends.
The mansion is paradise, paradise!
It is nice to live here in Don Paradise. Don Paradise!
Don Don Don Don Don Don Dracula
Don Don Don Don Don Don Paradise.
The mansion is paradise.
It is comfortable to live here in Don Don Paradise.
Don Don Don Don Don Don Dracula
Don Don Don Don Don Don Paradise Paradise.
"Great success! Operation chops"
Screenplay: Takao Koyama
My fated rival, Dracula!
Today I'm going to nail this stake into your chest!!
Stop! You can't be serious! What happened to your piles?
Don't you still have some today?!
Today I'm fine, just fine!
We've met so long ago..
please just get piles and spare my life!
You don't know how happy I am they are gone. You don't how much they hurt!
Some piles are nothing!
A stake through the chest will hurt me much more!
That is the fate of vampires!
I can 't die now. I cannot marry Chocola for 200 years.
Compassion is banned for a hunter of Dracula.
Dad quiet please!
In the morning starts midterms!
It was a dream...
You had another dream where Blonda grabs you huh?
You're so spiteful.
Who else could it be but Helsing, he is more spiteful than any woman.
Is he still at your school?
Yes, he is the professor of fine arts.
Hah! How is he a professor of fine arts?
If you have a hairstyle like that, you're anything but beautiful...
Dad let me sleep! Tomorrow I have a Japanese history exam.
You should be studying the history of our Romania before Japan!
It's about the feudal repression of Japanese Christians.
I did not know that had happened in Japan..
Yes, 26 people were crucified on crosses.
Toyotomi Hideyoshi was one such.
Is it true that you're reviewing those that died on crosses?
Of course!
This review is one of Helsing's tricks!
Talking about crosses in the review, he wants to intimidate us vampires!
Do not bother me, I'm studying!
Understood. I'll sleep quietly again.
Ugh! Gross!
Shit! Has sucked the blood of star Don Dracula, king of vampires.
This is inexcusable!
I will punish you!
Damn mosquito!
Enough! I can't study!
There is a mosquito that has sucked my blood.
Igor! Igor!
Yes Master. What is it that you need?
Do not we have those spiral mosquito anti-repellents?
No we do not.
Buy them now.
I'm not sure how they are
but I bought a lot.
Vale. You've bought enough.
Does this mosquito die? The Japanese do not do anything wrong.
Is it true that with this die mosquitoes?
Miss what happened?
- Have you had a bad dream? - It's not that.
With the noise that my father's gun I can not study anything.
Nor am calm. Am sure I will take a zero.
Can not you prepare for an exam in just one night.
Eh not a in a day.
Love also think it, please.
Yes, if I understand very well.
Lgor what time is it?
Just this noon.
It's a little early, but I'll get up now.
Hello! How are you?
Chocola poor.
Let me explain a bit.
Vampires sleep during the day and are awake at night.
Because if exposed to sun become ashes.
So while awake during the day have turned on the light in the basement.
Here's a verse:
"For a very good time to do Dracula Family does not turn off the light."
Although Chocola told something big
really did not study any as a child.
Well guys if you do not study Don will be like Dracula.
If I can be like without studying will be a great merit it?
What does it say?
In the past I called "The genius of the chops."
I passed all the exams by copying.
Now is the time take advantage of this technique for Chocola.
Then, is that a tool for copying?
It was my fun.
I always greatly amused doing these things.
Well I have the ability yet.
Look inside.
Go! There is a lens set in the back of the pen.
Yikes! The pen is hollow inside and is larger.
Makes clear magnifying lens.
First flush inside the pen make holes to capture light
chops and paste the background.
We put a lens here and finished.
Hitting letter written chops tiny in the pen tip
You can see them while you pretend you're writing and working.
Go! For what you will have given much thought to this idea.
Bring the textbook Chocola.
I'll make some chops.
Wow! I never knew my love had that particular talent.
We all have our strong points.
With so much painstaking work is enlarged and the eyes.
A dozen pencils with steak will suffice.
This is Chocola ten insured.
Also Hellsing will be surprised.
I do not care. I want to go home.
"This will not in the exam. I do not want. How do I...?
Today you have a test Japan's history.
Dutch as I know.
But having regard Netherlands with Japan from a long time ago,
know well Japanese history.
I know Ushiwakamaru was a disciple of Kuramatengu
and as he grew became Nezumikozo.
Do not copy. Death penalty.
Now I deal examination sheets.
Let's go.
Here chocolate pencils to chop.
Inside are all the points important consideration.
Sneak look inside pretend you're writing.
It's my father.
What is that?
There is nothing.
It is a cheat right? Show me.
It is a letter from my father.
If a letter do not have to hide it.
Give it to me.
Eh! What are you doing? You've broken...
In any case you want to leave you read it right?
It all started.
As Professor lick me Hellsing to decipher this letter.
It is because of my father has intruded.
We'll see...
I am also an authority in puzzles.
I'll get all the pieces fit without fail.
Eh! Do not get distracted.
And I miss very little.
That's it!
Listen to leave the paper. Come out and fast.
Chocola you stay.
- Professor, we still have time. - Yes, even half...
If I say it is time is that it's time.
Piles will grow back! Right?
- Yes you will! - Shut up!
Those leaving are you.
If you do not come out in 10 seconds all you will draw a zero.
What a danger!
Let me go! Let me go!
- Let me go! - What are you doing?
Chocola your father not only suck human blood
pencils until chops.
Show me these pencils.
These pencils are normal. I completed the exam with them.
You have others with chops.
Yes but I pushed without looking.
I swear. In no time I looked.
Um it.
Wow what precision!
I have not done anything...
Anyway, see the staff room.
Not get rid of this easily.
Oh no! Ah! Oh no!
Don Dracula.
Don Dracula.
Come come...
What is he doing Dracula?
Will be partying again.
Chocola have to educate our your father.
Stay away!
Ah! Let me!
Listen Mr. Conde.
Lgor the phone! Get it fast!
Bite Count neck I have once again raised the tension.
Do not keep away!
Lgor the phone!
Lgor lgor!
Please wait.
Lgor lgor.
I love a... a break please.
If not answer me.
Oh I feel like new.
Count had long, I do not suck blood.
I feel great!
I can sleep well tonight.
Oh how bad I feel!
Bring me something to take away lgor, this bad taste.
I love something serious.
I also happened something serious.
I had no choice but to bite Blonda neck...
Ah remember just makes me sick.
Professor called Hellsing. He says he has discovered the chops.
Oh are you Earl. I Hellsing.
You made me wait a long time Huh?
Go idea has been pencils as the chops!
I have held to Chocola.
What... did you say?
If you have something to say, come here now.
We will see only you and me.
You in the schoolyard.
Who is going to fall into this trap?
First of all where is the proof you have to Chocola?
Listen to her crying.
Them punishing now.
Dad you're an idiot!
Cho... Chocola...
Take! Take! Now you'll see.
No, do not hit!
Take! Take! Take!
Hellsing Professor are worthless.
Maneno my daughter hostage encourages me to go try.
Okay now I'm going.
Chocola wait for me. Now you out of there.
- Lgor preparing the float. - Yes.
It is time to confront face to face with Hellsing.
I love to pitch.
No. If I die you take care of Chocola.
I for her die when it was needed.
And now the scene of the duel!
There should have seen that.
Do not let this Professor "Hemorrhaging"
staking so easily.
Tusks tonight cut well.
Lifetime have been my strongest allies.
I love to do well.
Lgor look out for Chocola.
Easily adapts to any situation eh?
I looked forward to Count Dracula.
Lip Professor Van Hellsing.
Assumed that sooner or later come this time.
Atacama come anywhere.
You readiness.
What I want to attack? With garlic or the cross?
If you want...
Um a cross!
Wait. Before you give me back Chocola.
Your daughter is in the staff room.
I want to talk to you alone.
Yes I have actually come
but have not told you it was for a showdown.
Now do not try to fool me.
Hey are not you mistaken?
I've actually come to give advice.
Any advice?
It's alright to be so hands
but it is a problem if you do these gossip to Chocola
I say for her to use eh?
I think as a parent the mimas too.
I'm your rival predestined
but now apart from that
I'm telling you as a teacher.
Well very nice of you.
Chocola did not use these tools to copy.
Are not you ashamed?
Do not ever do that anymore.
Sorry. I did not know...
you had those feelings so human.
I'm so ashamed.
Well that is apart of course pencils are very well done.
Can not you sell me your patent?
Is hell selectivity in Japan.
Would sell well to students.
What do you say? Benefits divided half and half.
Hellsing how can a teacher do that?
What's sermon before? Was it a lie?
Hey things have their beginning and its true intent.
The teachers pay little.
And my life depends on it.
We can not talk.
Let's talk while we a good meal.
This is the height of a rival predestined.
They eat together behind Ginza.
This is a real food rancor.
Come home. Come home.
Enough is enough here. Come and go to another place to another!
Go did not expect so insistent.
Lgor lgor.
Buy now 100 dozen pencils and a 200 minilentes.
Make no mistake huh?
Are you going to do more pencils chops?
This is a business. A job.
Do not get into that.
Hey listen. This is bad business.
What do you think has promised me Hellsing?
I do not know. Adults are really dirty.
Hellsing Chocola says in the next hundred years
I will pursue.
Is a good idea right?
Be brought up is hard.
You have to make up these things.
Now I have to give the oral message.
Come here and look good! New new release!
Hellsing ldeado by Professor the Netherlands, "pencil crib sheet."
Insured selectivity and entry into college.
Do not push, do not push.
Mr. Hellsing.
Mr. Hellsing. I heard that being a professor
you're stuck in a very strange business.
No no no way.
So what is this?
Oh I've discovered!
You're fired!
As you have done what you did not have done me fired.
If you promised me chase not anymore!
Who promised you that?
I can not study. Be quiet! Exam!
A duel!
With the voices of Kenji Utsumi Saeko Shimazu Kaneta Kimotsuki
Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula.
My beloved father is a vampire.
His black coat is sober of good taste right?
Their sharp teeth are cool Right?
Is the number one in this world and in the hereafter.
He is the king of the night a superstar.
Don Dracula Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula.
Hates garlic and the cross.
My father is a vampire.