Ex Smoker Hall of Fame

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The best thing about not smoking is the freedom I have.
Don't wait for something to happen.
We all know what cigarettes can do.
I wanted to be a positive role model for my son.
The only thing to do is to stop.
I think the clincher for me was when my sister said
all she wanted for Christmas was for me to quit smoking.
NARRATOR: Introducing this year's Ex-Smokers Hall of Fame--
45 ex-smokers, each with their own reason for quitting.
My doctors took me in the office
and told me that if I did not quit smoking
that I would not live to see my granddaughter born.
I don't know, I just wanted control of my own life
and I felt like everything I did revolved around cigarettes.
It just seemed kinda crazy to be barely 20 years old
and feel out of breath walking up the stairs.
The best thing about not smoking is the energy that I have.
And I found the more I got involved in experiences
that made me feel good made me even more not want to smoke
because now you're filling your need.
I called 1-800-TRY-TO-STOP and I got the patches.
One of the keys when I went to the smoking cessation class
is you have to have something to try to replace the smoking.
What did it for me was Tootsie Pops.
It somehow flipped in my mind and I thought,
"What if I'm not giving something up?
Maybe I'm going to gain something."
I never told myself I wasn't going to smoke.
I just said, day by day, "I'm not smoking today."
I didn't want to be that person
that had that hard time hiking up there any more.
And I knew I wouldn't go back
and I was going to get healthier.
It was tough; it wasn't easy.
You know, there were some days you do kind of backslide
a little bit, but eventually I said, you know...
and I think when my daughter saw me smoking and she cried
and that was really... I was like...
I'll never forget that day.
You have to have a reason to quit.
You have to be motivated.
Whether it's a physical reason,
whether it's an emotional reason,
there's got to be a trigger that gets you going.
And I think you have to...
if you don't quit the first time, you've got to keep trying.
For most patients to have the greatest chance of quitting,
it's a multi-pronged attack,
where there's some form of nicotine replacement therapy,
maybe another pharmacologic intervention--
like a Chantix or a Wellbutrin--
in addition to a robust support system.
But, again, it's really when an individual is ready to quit
that is the best time.
The message is keep trying.
Keep trying.
Use any tool you need
because one of these times it's going take,
and you're going to look back and go, "Wow, I did it."
The best thing about my life since I've quit smoking
is that I feel good about what I'm doing.
I don't have to worry what I smell like,
where my money's going.
We found 45 people who wanted to step forward
and tell their story
in the hopes that they will inspire somebody else.
They want to help others quit smoking
because they know how difficult it was for them to quit smoking,
and they would really be thrilled if just one person
who saw or heard them would quit as a result of this campaign.