On the Road - Featuring Kristen Stewart - Trailer

Uploaded by sneakpeakandfake on 12.03.2012

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Let's see today's trailer cinema news is coming up!
The 16th of May is coming out in America Battleship,
an action-drama movie inspired by the board game.
The plot though goes beyond neivol warfare as the extraterrestrial element
is brought in as a powerful enemy.
Casting Taylor Kitsch, who already got the chance to play
a role with aliens in John Carter, Liam Neeson,
True Blood's sex symbol Alexander Skarsgard and the pop singer Rihanna.
On the influence trail of Tim Burton's projects,
such as Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline,
over the years a connection between the horror genre and stop motion animation was created.
Now ParaNorman is coming out, the story of a boy that can see dead people,
but it's not the Sixth Sense, the trailer is enough to show us a brilliant and funny animation.
Directed by Chris Butler and Sam Fell the movie comes out
the 17th of August in original language and sees the voices of Anna Kendrick,
Casey Affleck, Leslie Mann, John Goodman and many others.
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