Recipe Challenge Promo with Carla Hall

Uploaded by USOPM on 19.03.2010

Hi everybody, I'm OPM employ Marcus A. Williams
and I'm here to remind you that you have one week
left to enter your recipes in the Healthy Recipe Challenge,
and I'm so excited to annouce our celebrity judge
Top Chef finalist Carla Hall.
Thanks Marcus, hoodeehoo everybody!
Now healthy recipes are important to me because
healthy cooking is essential to healthy eating, right?
And you have until April 2nd to get your,
what original recipes in, right?
Yes, an original recipe can be anything from something you
created from scratch to your favorite recipe with a
personal touch.
Marcus I'm all about not reinventing the wheel.
Get your recipes in and go to
We're going to review all your entries
pick the top recipes, and invite you out to a cook off
challenge, that's going to be judged by nutritionist and
chef Robyn Webb, Top Chef finalist Carla Hall,
and former New England Patriots Darryl Haley.
I know you've got it in you, get your creativity together,
and get your recipe in.
Yeah, I think it's going to be good,
don't you think?
It's going to be awesome.
Good luck!