Flounder Gets Even - Animal House (4/10) Movie CLIP (1978) HD

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Brother D-Day! Brother Bluto!
You hate that ying-yang? Who?
Neidermeyer. You hate his guts, right?
I guess so. You guess so?
Yes, I hate him. I hate his guts. Good. We have an old saying in Delta:
Don't get mad. Get even.
[Whispering] Now what we're gonna do is...
[Horse Whinnying]
Nice horsey. Good. Come on. Let's go. Let's go!
Whew. Hey, he's in there.
Oh, boy, is this great!
Now finish it, Flounder. Are you kidding?
I never shot anything before in my life!
I thought you hated Neidermeyer's guts. I do.
And what about that horse? Is there anything in the world...
you hate as much as that horse?
Get it over with, Kent.
Just blanks, right? Right.
[Whinnying Continues]
Well, come on!
Holy shit!
There were blanks in that gun. I didn't even point the gun at him.
Holy shit! There were blanks in that gun!
Maybe he had a heart attack. Holy shit!