Chanakya - Episode 35

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Acharya Vishnugupt had become the cause for concern for the Minister.
Chandragupt's letter was delivered to Acharya Vishnugupt.
ls everything alright, Acharya?
Yes. Chandragupt is well.
Chandragupt was coming towards Pataliputra through Nepal.
Pataliputra was preparing for coronation of Sukesh.
Today, l entrust my son to you.
King Dhananand's son Sutanu expressed his dissatisfaction before his mother.
You'd told me that King had promised you to make me the Crown Prince.
Bhadrashal was worried about the forthcoming changes in Pataliputra.
l said nobody should come in my room.
Bhagurayan was extremely alert about the safety of Magadha...
Keep a strict vigil on strangers.
And keep an eye on travelers camping inside and outside the city.
And a conflict arose between Siharan and Dushyant about Akshay.
You can't leave until Akshaya returns with the horses.
But now l don't want to do any business with you.
l will decide that now.
When l don't want to deal with you, how can you compel me?
Just wait and see.
Trader Dushayant!
Nobleman Siharan says, you are the guilty, not he.
You are cheating him.
Nobleman Siharan is lying.
ls it also a lie that the horses you bought from nobleman Siharan
were sent to the royal stables of Magadh?
You aren't say anything, trader Dushyant!
[What has happened to me?]
Did Siharan say where he was going? - No, nobleman.
Did he say when he will return? - No.
Close the door. Call me only if there is anything urgent.
As you command, sir!
[The P.M. had met me in the conference hall just this morning.]
[lf there was an urgent work, he would have called me to his office!]
[Why has he called me to the conference hall again?]
[l hope nothing is wrong.]
Come, Minister.
Why have you called me here, P.M.?
Whenever l try to revive my memories...
...l see you traveling with me for a long time on this vast land.
l wish to share some of those memories with you again.
Perhaps you can throw light on those fading images.
Do you mind, Minister? - No, PM!
Look closely at all that is around you. lt will remind you of our old memories.
Remember, l took an oath right here to serve the King and Magadha?
Remember that even you had taken a similar oath here?
ln this very hall we had assured the citizens of Magadha...
that we're committed to their fulfilment and progress.
Here both of us had assured the people that for the development of Magadha...
...we are anxious to sacrifice our personal interests and lives.
Do you remember? - Yes, P.M..
Once during a students conference you had questioned one student...
that if you are asked to choose being loyal to royal family and Magadha...
...whom would you choose?
Do you remember? - Yes, P.M.
And that student had replied: l will choose Magadha.
Do you remember? - Yes, P.M.
Were you satisfied with his answer?
Yes, P.M.
You had asked the question and you recall the answer too.
Who are you loyal to now?
l've always been loyal towards Magadha. You know that very well.
l also know that you are loyal to Nand and Nand is loyal to you!
That is why Nand has acted according to your wishes.
But loyalty for Nands is not same as loyalty towards Magadha.
By protecting the Nands, l've performed my duty.
And this has not harmed my loyalty to Magadha in anyway.
That is what you believe.
May l know PM as to what crime have l committed that you doubt my loyalty?
lsn't it true, that to avoid controversy, you motivated the King to
surrender his throne to Prince Sukesh.
l don't understand, PM!
lsn't it true, that to save the King's character and honor you suddenly
announced Sukesh's coronation?
Although you have proof that the King has been misusing his powers
and supporting wrongdoers.
lsn't it true, that to shield some top officials responsible for mismanagement
and General Bhadrashal who is responsible for corruption in defense establishments
and other top army officers, you're taking the excuse of dissolving the Cabinet.
lsn't it true, that you are letting the culprits escape without punishment?
lsn't it true that by this sudden and unexpected decision, the King and you're
hiding your failure and are letting the culprits escape?
You're right, P.M.
My only compulsion is that l've no way out;
...l've no other alternative.
Bhadrashal's greed for power, wealth and control and your anger towards the King;
...This was the only way out of these problems
ln my opinion, depriving them of the power will be their punishment.
Any other way will lead to war and bloodshed.
Any stern action against Bhadrashal will create unrest in the army.
Any kind of conflict in the royal family will invite civil war in Magadha.
lf you want to take Magadha to civil war, then by all means...
...oppose Sukesh's coronation in the Cabinet.
lf you want your favorite Acharya Vishnugupt to be exiled...
then you can certainly oppose these sudden changes.
How is Acharya Vishnugupt concerned with this matter?
You're unnecessarily involving him in this dispute, Minister.
The truth is that Acharya is responsible for this sudden announcement.
The King has ordered for him to be exiled from the state.
lf Acharya is harmed this time in anyway...
then Pataliputra will certainly face the rebellion by teachers.
And Magadha will have to face the long lasting consequences.
Neither Acharya Vishnugupt nor the King has forgotten their past.
Why is the King so scared of Acharya?
Years ago, Acharya's father had challenged the King's power.
He was alone, so he was exiled.
Years later, his son has returned with memories of his glorious past.
And once again, the King has ordered to exile Chanak's son.
l do not have the strength to exile Acharya Vishnugupt, P.M.
So the King has to...
l'm trying to stop the impending devastation, P.M.
l had no other way to prevent the past from raising its ugly head.
l have promised the King to protect Magadha and the Nand dynasty.
That's why l instigated him for this change.
Yet, if you find my efforts to be sinful, you can oppose them.
Now what is your order for me, PM? - Let's go.
General! - Master of Stables.
Prince Sutanu's special messenger had come to me.
Prince Sutanu wants to meet me.
Listen carefully!
Tomorrow morning, before going for hunting, Prince Sutanu will come
to the royal stables to change his wounded horse.
While you're arranging a new horse, l'll talk with him in the basement.
lt is your duty to escort him from stable to the basement.
Be assured, General. Prince Sutanu will meet you.
l'll enter through the rear door.
lf there is the slightest danger, ring the warning bell.
And l'll escape through the secret exit. Okay?
Yes, yes! I understood everything, sir!
Do you want to say anything?
Don't miss this opportunity, General.
lt is a very clever plan.
The Prince will wound his own horse, and then he will come to meet you too.
l didn't call you here for flattering me, Stable chief.
lt's a well-deserved praise, General.
Okay, you may go now! - As you command, General.
What about the information l had asked you to gather about Acharya?
You will get it by tomorrow.
Who are coming to your house tonight?
l've invited all the army commanders. Let's see who are coming.
Be careful. There is no need to rush.
l have invited them to celebrate Prince Sukesh's coronation.
l am only demonstrating my loyalty to the Nands. Why worry about that!
l have very little time, General l expect a precise answer from you.
Do you support Sukesh's coronation?
l understand why you are silent and why you are here.
Nevertheless, l would like to clarify my position.
l know that neither you are pleased with these sudden changes, nor am l.
And if we remain idle now, then soon Sukesh will become the King of Magadha...
and Balgupt will become the General.
But if we unite for our interests...
you will achieve that position which no other General has ever achieved.
This is my offer. You'll have to decide now.
You know, this isn't impossible.
Think it over. l'll wait for your answer.
Your future is in your own hands. Farewell!
Greetings, Nobleman!
l've been trying to search you all day.
To err is human. Even I commit mistakes.
Won't you forgive me now?
l've come to seek forgiveness. Please forgive me.
Save yourself, buddy!
Come on, friends!
Come on!
Victory to Prince Chandragupt...! Victory to Prince Chandragupt...!.
Victory to Chandragupt!
Victory to...! -Victory to Mother India!
Victory to Mother India!
Mother India -Be hailed
Greetings, General. - Summon the Chief of Stables.
Where is Vishnu? - Does he tell anybody where he's going?
I'd decided that I'll break the good news first to Vishnu!
But l can't hold my excitement anymore.
The announcement of the university in Pataliputra will be made... the conference of scholars.
The P.M. will be the Chancellor. Vishnu's dream will come true.
A university will come up in Pataliputra shortly which could compete with the...
...University of Takshashila.
Our Vishnu will lay its foundation.
Our Vishnu!
And one thing more! l will resign on that day. The PM, too, will resign.
All the ministers will resign.
And l...l'll be a teacher in that university.
Along with Vishnu, my father's dream too will come true, Ajay.
And l, son of Nobleman Shaktar, will help bring glory to Magadha.
l will tell you another secret. Keep it to yourself.
P.M., Varruchi wants Magadha to benefit from Vishnu's knowledge.
He wants Vishnu to join the Cabinet.
Hence he will encourage Vishnu to compete in the conference of scholars.
lf Vishnu opposes, the P.M. will compel him.
Our Vishnu will be a Minister.
Only person who can compete our Vishnu will be Minister Rakshas.
lf Vishnu tries hard, he will become the P.M.
He will be Magadha's P.M.
lsn't this a great news, Ajay.
Can this really happen? - lt should happen, Ajay!
My heart says it will.
lf it happens like this, my father will return home.
He will be happy at last.
Your patience and penance of years will be fruitful.
The P.M. Varruchi's dream will come true.
My brother Sthool's penance will pay off.
All my dreams to bring glory to Magadha will be fulfilled.
This must happen, Ajay.
Didn't l warn you that Minister Rakshas will force the cabinet to resign?!
He has done that today.
He asked the P.M. to propose this and he seconded it himself.
The P.M. has even scheduled the date for dissolution of the Cabinet.
The Cabinet will be dissolved On the day of the conference of scholars.
And the King has accepted the proposal quietly.
The King can't do without the Minister and the Minister does not need us.
lf we don't do something quickly we will certainly have to die.
How could we let it happen, General?
You've protected the state until today, so you've the first right over Magadha!
You will have to make a little effort.
Prince Sutanu is all set to rebel.
You just exploit him!
Tackling Balgupt is a child's play. l'll take responsibility for him.
Power attracts people and you have the power.
ln future, it won't be difficult to get rid of Sutanu.
The opportunity awaits you.
You take the first step. And don't forget!...
lf you succeed, the throne will be yours.
lf you fail, a glorious death.
l am ready to risk my life in this game.
You roll the dice.
lf we succeed, what do you want?
l've no desire for any position.
lf l have your blessings, l'll have everything easily.
What are you thinking, General?
lt is a very difficult challenge.
And l can't see any easy way.
You just say yes. The path shall be clear to you.
You find a way, and l will agree. - So should l contact Sutanu?
But be careful.
Then permit me to leave.
Solutions will soon be thought of!
What about Vishnugupt? - l've sent a message to Dushyant.
l was about to come to you, Stable Chief. l know there has been delay on my part.
But l have no other way, but to wait.
You know that as soon as l get the new batch of horses, l'll send them to you.
Handle the situation somehow or l will be ruined.
You are my Lord, Chief of Stables.
l didn't call you for that, Dushyant.
ls Aratta's trader still in Pataliputra? - Yes, Chief.
Get whatever information you can on Vishnugupt from him.
There should be no delay in this.
You may go.
Acharya Vishnugupt!
Why do you want to know about him?
l hear his name being taken by top officials of Pataliputra nowadays.
l was curious, so l asked you.
ls Acharya Vishnugupt in Pataliputra?
l don't know, but do you know him?
Not personally, but l too have heard many stories about him.
Stories? - Yes.
He is a man who leaves a trail of stories wherever he goes.
Whatever he does, creates a story. - But what does he do?
In the blink of an eye, he can topple the thrones.
Just imagine, Greek power vs his power!
ln a matter of days he uprooted the might of Greek rule in Vahik.
Those states who were dead against each other... his one command they were ready to lay their lives for him in a day.
The proud kings who never bowed before anybody were touching his feet.
Strength and simplicity are his weapons.
He is unarmed, but strong soldiers and mighty kings fear him.
He is poor, but wealth bows its head to him.
He is simple with the simple but for the cunning! He is extremely cunning.
lmagine the strength of this man, whose one call prepared thousands of
students to lay down their lives.
lmagine, what kind of man he must be who...
...has even motivated and reformed the dacoits.
He gave them life, a new goal, self-respect and honor.
Think. When powerful kings were sleeping, he challenged might of Greeks.
But what does he do?
He doesn't do anything.
He gets things done the way he wants!
Wherever he goes, conditions change.
He fixes his goals and the paths open up for him.
But he must be doing something?
l heard he was teaching Politics. He was teaching politics in Takshashila.
People say there is no other teacher of his caliber in this entire land.
When he was in Takshashila, he had refused to go to the palace... teach politics to the King's son.
He used to treat the Prince like his other students.
What does he do now?
l heard, he is uniting the kingdoms.
Uniting the kingdoms?!
Knocking sense into the heads of kings?!
Surprised? But as simply as l said this...
...he brings the kings and their kingdoms on the right path.
How is that possible? Kings and states are not simple to deal with.
That's why l said wherever he goes stories are spun about his achievements.
l also didn't believe first.
ln Aratta, not even one person believed. But now everybody does.
But what does he possess that empires and kings follow the path shown by him.
l heard, that death does not scare him. He doesn't care about his life.
He is unworldly, even though he is from this world.
He is aloof from all pleasures of life.
l am asking about his strengths.
Truth is his strength!
Can truth ever bring kings and kingdoms to the right path?
You don't believe me, isn't it? Even l didn't at first.
But l have seen the result of his wanting to die for truth in Aratta.
People picked up swords impressed by the power of his speech.
A weak man becomes aggressive.
His words are like fire, but he remains calm.
People dance fiercely at his rhythm but he remains aloof from destruction.
What lies in his words?
Only truth! The universal truth!
You are singing his praises.
lt isn't the influence of wine, trader!
Whenever he was mentioned in Vahik, beginning used to be with disbelief.
but the end used to be with his praises and devotion.
lf today the same is happening in Pataliputra...
that is the beginning of disbelief and indifference.
But it's certain that the end will be with devotion
But he is a teacher in Takshashila. Why are people discussing him here?
Maybe, he is in Pataliputra.
What would he be doing in Pataliputra?
You didn't answer my question!
Trader! Did any government officer asked you about Acharya Vishnugupt?
l understand. - What?
lt's time l left Pataliputra.
What is the connection between Acharya and your leaving Pataliputra?
Trader, be careful and alert others too.
lf my surmise isn't wrong...
...government in Magadha will change!
There will be a rebellion, fierce fighting!
But how can you say that, Siharan?
lt happened in the Vahik region too.
He used to enter some province and its throne used to topple.
Rebellions and wars followed! - But why will it happen in Pataliputra?
l don't know that.
All l know is that he had a dream of seeing lndia as a united nation!
He didn't believe in the politics of conflicts between the states!
Maybe the road to his objective passes through Pataliputra.
Magadha's resources...
Magadha's strength...
lt is possible. - What's possible?
The downfall of Magadha empire. - That's impossible.
Even the Greeks thought so.
He was alone then.
Now all of Vahik region is with him.
A huge army to risk their life for him.
Even if that is true, what is his enmity with Magadha?
He has no enmity with anybody. He is like Vishwamitra.
lf he has decided to unite lndia, he'll have his way.
But why do you have so much faith in his decision?
Because he isn't a cunning or corrupt king who tries to protect his state.
He is a teacher.
Whosoever asked you to inquire about Acharya from me...
for my sake ask him about Acharya's whereabouts.
Because, if Acharya Vishnugupt is here, then l'll have to leave Pataliputra soon
General! You've stopped sharing wine with me.
Since you have been busy l did not want to disturb you.
Was that the only reason for not coming here, General?
Revati! l want to be alone for a while.
Now say, General! Say whatever you've in mind.
There is no special reason, King.
You didn't miss me, so l didn't come.
l know, General, that you aren't happy with whatever is going on.
lt isn't that, King.
l've always accepted your silence as an order for me.
l have always been loyal to you and l will be loyal to the Crown Prince too.
Then why don't you come?
You command me, King. l'll be at your service.
General! The Crown Prince needs your guidance.
Consider him as your king.
After sometime, l will have plenty of leisure time
General! - Yes, King!
l have been wanting to ask you something for a long time.
Yes, King.
l spoke to Rakshas also, but he...
General! This Acharya Vishnugupt is the root cause of all this upheaval.
As long as he is in Pataliputra, he'll create other controversies.
Find out some way to get rid of him.
Don't worry about Acharya Vishnugupt, King.
Leave the responsibility of getting rid of him to me.
Take him seriously, General.
Ever since his arrival in Pataliputra, Royal family has faced conflicts.
You don't worry, King!