Cheapskates Guide to Travel - Reality TV? [HD]

Uploaded by JCVdude on 28.11.2010

I think with the high cost of travel the thing that's needed now
is possibly at 'cheap skates guide' to travel
and that's what I'm going to endeavor to do in our upcoming travels is to show you
and teach you how, if you're willing to save, if you want to save. iI you want to go outside
the box in your travels
you can have tremendous savings like Cindy and myself
driving from Kelowna to Calgary
even when we factor in our fuel and transportation are hotel stays in calgary at the
Best Western Airport and the reason we're staying at the Best Western Airport is because they have
a saty and fly program. If you stay there, you can leave your vehicle you don't
have to pay anything for long-term parking so we drive to Calgary, we stay a night
we leave our vehicle there. They have a airport transfer. They take us to the airport
and we fly out.
Even doing all of this on our trip to the Riviera Maya upcoming we're going to save
more than $700
Now for the two of us $700 is allot of money it will allow us down there
to do to tours
to do all sorts of different things out of just our savings. Now I know that driving
over to Calgary isn't for everyone. People like convenience you know I want to go to
the airport I wanna get onto the plane and get off that simpler that's as much as i want
to do
But you're going to pay for that
and just now like we're watching the black friday shopping in the states and people are
using apps with their phones
to save money. You know they'll go across town to save money on coupons on electronics
so why not apply those savings to your travel? Why not have the money in your pocket especially
when you've look at it and you're traveling with the same airlines same tour operators you
travel to the same destinations and yet you can save hundreds of dollars
So stay tuned because I'm going to have more tension skates guide to travel about destinations
tourist anything that where we can save money and show you how it's done
We're going to try to that and perhaps I will get known even more on YouTube
The Cheapskates guide to travel and uh look forward to getting out there and doing more not just in Mexico but
the Dominican Republic
Cuba, all ove, getting around as cheapskates! END