Sandeep Parikh Extended Interview from Munchkin - TableTop ep 5

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Jun 1, 2012

I'm Sandeep Parikh.
And I'm an actor.
I'm a director.
I'm an Indian.
But for realsies, I'm a gamer.
I act in The Guild alongside Felicia Day and the occasional
Wil Wheaton.
The Guild is a web series about a group of online role
playing gamers and what happens when they get out from
behind their computers and meet each other face to face
for the first time.
And ridiculousness and absurdity ensues.
I'm not just an actor.
In fact, I never really came out here to be an actor.
I write and direct.
And my show on Comedy Central online is The Legend of Neil.
This is how much of a gamer I am.
It's about a guy who gets sucked into Zelda and has to
fight his way out of the game.
And Felicia actually pops in as a very naughty fairy.
We sort of weave in a whole bunch of other films and
television shows that we sort of parody within the world.
You have to see it to, I guess, quite comprehend it.
Video games, board games, you name it, if it involves
Drinking games, fairly good at those.
Gosh, I feel like I've been gaming since I can remember.
I have two older brothers.
They're 10 and 12 years older.
They're just both really sort of enthusiastic gamers.
I remember really late night games with my brothers playing
Risk and Monopoly.
And they would school me on tactics.
I think they just wanted me to be the best
six-year-old at Monopoly.
And so they would just be like, listen, this is how a
dice roll works.
And seven is going to be the most rolled number.
And here are the statistics behind that.
And I remember just learning that as a little kid and then
going and schooling all my friends at Life and
Monopoly and Risk.
So I've been gaming as long as there have been games that I
was cognizant of them.
I think the reason why these, The Guild and Legend of Neil,
and why I think this show will be successful is that
everybody's a gamer, I think, to some extent.
If you play Solitaire or Minesweeper, you're a gamer.
People are constantly looking for ways to entertain
themselves and challenge themselves.
And I think if you're solving puzzles or Rubik's cubes or
whatever, you're gaming in some way.
You're challenging yourself or other people.
And so I think more people are gamers than
they'd care to admit.
It's not just geeks.
Gaming is like life fuel to me.
I feel like if I'm not playing games, I am wasting away.
I really do love gaming.
I kind of have this group of friends where we're just
we're one of those groups of friends where if we're stuck
in a parking lot, we'll invent a game out of our
Hey, our trunk has a tennis ball in it and
some, whatever, rope.
Let's play foursquare.
We're kind of constantly doing that.
And I love that.
I love being surrounded by that.
It keeps your brain activated.
Keeps you moving and keeps you thinking and your wits sharp.