Numerology is a terrible way to try and prove your book is true

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Numerology is a terrible way to try and prove your book is true
So I had a guy a few years ago send me a video showing that the nouns, verbs adjectives,
certain words, phrases and articles in the bible all were divisible by 7. I would link
it below but the person has since removed it. I will link a similar video as well. He
also sent me other videos showing perceived prophecy in numbers in the bible and stated
that this proves the bible is true. I didn’t see a reason to make a video about why this
was stupid but I just got a email from a muslim who used the same arguments to try and prove
the Qu’ran as true. I’m also stuck at a point where all the easy stuff has been
done and any more videos I want to do require deep research and I’m having issues finding
the motivation to do that So lets look at the bible first off. So it
has a repeating pattern of 7 in it. Miraculous right? That doesn’t just happen does it?
Well no it doesn’t. The hebrews and many other scribes believed in the magic of numbers.
They also believed that writing was magical in and of itself because it was words that
could be transferred long distances and read by someone else. Just look at the kabbalah.
Many times to be a scribe required to be sure to count the right patterns as opposed to
translating and copying the meaning of the word correctly. The number patterns being
read aloud often acted like a magic spell, because something so complex had to have power
and be holy right? It’s why depending on the periods taking the bible literally was
not as important as the magical powers it possessed.
It is the mind of the believer that assumes miracles and can’t even think backwards
that maybe a much more boring but more plausible explanation is true
The bible code is another form of numerology that just fails. It was huge about 5 years
ago. Running complex numerical elimination patterns like reading every third word, they
were able to see words crossing each other that predicted 9/11 and Hitler. Well guess
what if you throw together enough random lettering you are going to see patterns in it. It is
part of chaos theory discovered by Alan Turing. Of course the problem is you have to A) Want
to see the pattern and B) know what to look for. If you didn’t know about 9/11 it would
have just look like random words crossing each other that had no meaning. Also the hebrew
alphabet is also their numerical system so that increases their number coincidences.
It’s why Nero was called 666. So on to the letter I just got today. He starts
off with the Kalam cosmological argument and ends with an argument from authority of how
Newton considered atheism evil. I replied focusing on these more and just scanning over
his “Coincidences” saying “yeah the bible and other holy book has the same coincidences
too”. He wrote back claiming I was trying to avoid answering, which I was because it's
pretty tedious but easy. So the guy gives me a long list of easily
debunked science predictions which you can find online anywhere. Such as the claim that
the qu’ran discusses embryology with knowledge they couldn’t possibly know. It discusses
stages of appearance but it claims that bones are made first and muscle organs then flesh
are built. Also, if you know anything about embryology,
which he clearly didn’t you will realize that the quran is embarrassingly wrong about
fetus formation. Bones are actually the very last thing to form. First there is skin like
tissue, followed by muscles, then cartilage forms followed by ossification to harden cartilage
into bone. The stages of appearance like the “hanging leech” stage are things anyone
could have observed if they cut up pregnant animals
The he moved on to statistical miracles of the Qur'an.
Sea is 32 times, land is 13 times. If we add up the total words of both "sea"
and "land" we get 45. Now if we do a simple calculation:
32/45 X 100% = 71.11111111% 13/45 X 100% = 28.88888888%
If you look at wikipedia. these are very similar numbers wikipedia has 70.8% land the rest
water. Both of these round to 71%. Also many lakes have shrinken and the sea level rised
since 1400 years ago (like aral sea has shrunk by 10%)
Actually thanks to climate change lakes have shrunk but our oceans have risen making the
numerology prediction even more wrong. Also the Aral sea shrank not from climate change
but because russia mismanaged its water and the ocean dried up in places.
My favorite is this one: Day (yawm) in singular form 365 times the
amount of days in a single solar cycle. (I know its 365.2 days in a solar cycle but if
you round this down it is 365 times, I don't know a word that is 1/5th of a day.) They
didn’t have even the concept of fractions and decimals when the qu’ran was written.
You can find patterns in any body of work to fit what you want to see. We are paten
seekers. You do realize that every culture with basic astronomy knew the solar year was
365 days. It was the .2 that was such a major breakthrough, which is why many stuck with
the lunar calendar because without leap days, the lunar and solar were equally unstable,
but the lunar was easier for the commoner to track as you just needed to look up to
figure out what day it was.
There are 15-18 more of these mathematical "coincidences" in the Qur'an I won't mention
but they all here: (website linked in the bottom bar) Which is pretty much a answers in genesis
for islam. Some are wrong, and some were probably put in there during canonization because writing
was mystical. Nothing shows a knowledge beyond their time period.
So folks if you want to argue for your book, don’t use numerology. It just makes you
look dumb and regurgitating what someone else told you and shows you didn't do the actual
research. Research requires you to look to see if there are criticisms of your ideas
and if there are other more credible and probable reasons for what you think is true. Extraordinary
claims do require extraordinary evidence.