Introducing AXS Map!

Uploaded by AXSMapTV on 18.03.2012

Hi my name is jason
and I use a scooter to get around
it's not so easy
I've trouble going to stores
finding bathrooms that are accessible
and meeting up with friends
of course, i can call ahead...
…but many places say they are accessible when really, they're not
There has to be a better way
so i had an idea
what if everyone could share all the accessible places they know
and what if this information was put on one map
and that map was available on the web
and mobile phones
I call it AXS Map (access map)
an online and mobile app
where anyone can search for accessible places
or review them on their entryways or bathrooms
AXS Map opens up a whole new world of choices
and I can instantly find all the accessible places around
where to eat, shop,
grab a coffee
or get a haircut
Even if your not in a wheelchair, your invited to give ratings and contribute
AXS Map is powered by you
the more you review,
the better it gets
for people with canes,
or wheelchairs
even Moms and Dads with strollers
AXS Map is your ticket to mobility freedom
it's easy
and free to use
Help make this world a more inclusive one Join the movement today!
check it out,