League of Legends: Dominion Livestream Preview

Uploaded by RiotGamesInc on 18.08.2011

Get ready for an entirely new way to play League of Legends, featuring an all-new map that creates a gameplay experience unlike anything else.
Welcome to Dominion.
Dominion takes the best parts of classic League of Legends and speeds up the action.
You're constantly on the run, capturing and defending points to completely crush your opponents.
Let me show you what I mean.
I'm pushing the bottom lane as Mordekaiser. Now the turret gets hit by Garrison by Kog'Maw.
I'm gonna try to push him around so I use promote as well and they are beating down the turret. It will nullify that turret.
Now I'm fighting Kayle at the top of the map, going to kill her.
Going for Kog'Maw next he is dropping down but we have 4 on this turret, trying to kill Orianna just trying to push around trying to take her down.
Now Jarvan alone vs 4 trying to keep this turret alive. It is still up right now but we're pushing on to him chasing down on that one.
It has been hit by another Garrison and is getting channelled on and now that will be neutralized.
You see that Jax at the bottom of the map going to neutralize a point for himself as well.
They have been aced and will be going to turning into a 5 to 0 capture situation.
Will be taking all 5 points on the map, it's going to be a huge advantage for us.
I pop my spells onto Kayle, trying to push her back, trying to get her away from the point.
It has not been captured yet but it has been nullified. Trying to get them away, Jax comes in to help out as well.
And now we're going to push to the bottom left of the map. 22 to 5 is the score, I'm trying to push down Kog'Maw.
Jax is channelling on that point, trying to nullify it at the last possible second but Kog'Maw lands his ultimate, securing his team the game as our nexus ticks down.