Muscle Building Diet For Vegetarians

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Hi, this is Andy Wilkinson from, with another video lesson on how to gain weight
if you're skinny. And in this video we're looking at what healthy
foods you can eat to gain weight if you're a vegetarian.
You probably already know that protein plays a very important role in any muscle building
or weight gaining diet. And so if you're a vegetarian, this can seem
to throw up some immediate challenges. Two of the primary sources of protein are meat
and fish. And so if you're not eating either one of these, then you need to be a little
bit more creative in getting enough protein into your body to support weight gain and
muscle growth. So let's see what you can do as a vegetarian:
Importantly, our bodies need what are called Amino Acids to perform different functions
- including muscle growth. And there are 8 amino acids - 8 Essential Amino Acids -
that our bodies are UNABLE to make by themselves. So we need to get these in the form of protein
from the foods that we eat. Now, while fish and meat contain all 8 of
these essential amino acids, most vegetarian options do NOT.
So instead, if you are vegetarian, you're going to have to COMBINE foods to ensure you
get the right sources of protein into your vegetarian diet.
So let's cover some quick vegetarian combinations and choices for you here:
First up, we've got Eggs. Eggs are a "complete protein" all by themselves, meaning they contain
all 8 of the essential amino acids. So if you DO allow yourself to eat eggs, then really
do take advantage of this. And next up we've got Cottage Cheese, which
is also another good option. It's a "complete protein" too.
And Quinoa, which originates from South America, is also a "complete protein". It's a bit like
couscous, and it's an alternative to rice. And once again, it is a complete protein.
Fourth up here, we've go the option - you can combine having peas with rice, or lentils
with rice, to make up a complete protein. And we've also got a 5th choice here of combining
milk and oatmeal to make a "complete protein". So there you have a few choices for getting
sufficient protein into your diet as a vegetarian, and that should be a good enough start for
you to get started. Okay, that brings us to the end of this video.
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