Fedor Emelianenko (documentary 3/?)

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Today Fedor Emelianenko and his coach are preparing for 2 championships at the same time: Combat Sambo and MMA.
Once again the list of sports trophies of the resident of Stary Oskol Fedor Emelianenko has been filled.
He took the gold medal at the last World Combat Sambo Championship in Greece.
According to Fedor's words this win was an easy one.
My first fight was against a Greek.
I won in the first minute.
I threw him 2 times, held him and threw him again at the end.
My second fight was against a Frenchman.
After I had attacked the Frenchman with punches he didn't want to continue to fight.
My third fight was against a Ukrainian.
World prize-winner in Hand-to-hand combat.
I also threw him 2 times, held him and then threw him again at the end.
Fedor Emelianenko ended all the 3 fights in the first minute.
It wasn't the first early win of the sportsman from Stary Oskol.
Moreover, American Heavyweight Bob Hoffman refused to fight Emelianenko at the World MMA Championship last year.
Thus the case with the Frenchman isn't the only one in Fedor's sport practice.
I think that the Frenchman had understood that he was weaker
and decided not to injure himself.
Fedor calculates his training load himself.
But he works on his defense and striking technique with the help of strong sportsmen
Vladimir Voronov and Aleksander Michkov.
They rate Fedor's psychological preparation level very highly, that showed itself in the World Combat Sambo Championship once again.
The Frenchman didn't expect that Fedor can use his hands so well
and he missed one punch and broke mentally.
Maybe the Frenchman wrestles well, but his striking technique is weak.
The Russian school of Sambo is one of the strongest in the world and is well-known for its traditions.
If our sportsman leaves the ring without fighting it is considered as a shame.
None of us does it,
but in foreign countries it is normal.
Foreign sportsmen do it often.
Fedor is preparing for an event in Japan.
The World MMA Championship will begin there on the 24th of November.
The sportsman will go to Tula one week before the event, where he will train with the Russian national team,
but now Emelianenko is watching the fights of his opponents studying their weaknesses and strengths.
Yes, I'll have a good fight in Japan.
My opponent is an American, American champion in Sambo.
He uses his hands and legs well.
Quite tough, a little bigger than me.
I think the fight will be very good.
The sportsman's coach believes that he has all chances to become the winner.
Anyway he is seriously focused on the win.
I want to say that Fedor is one of those few sportsmen
about whom you can say that they are without nerves. That
is, he has iron nerves. He is very steady psychologically,
prepares for competitions as usually beforehand and seriously.
For him this is not a walk to another competition, his single goal is to win.
Everyone in the sports club, in which he trains,
wishes him luck and worthy opponents and hopes that he will come back victorious.
A fighter from Stary Oskol, a pupil of Aleksander Nevsky sports school for children and
juniors, Fedor Emelianenko has added Pride Wold Champion title to his numerous sport titles.
He won his fight against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira in Tokyo on the 16th of March.
The fight continued 20 minutes and all the judges scored the bout for the Russian sportsmen.
Here are just a few fragments of this fight, in which Fedor Emelianenko was victorious.
In Vladimir Voronov's opinion the secret of success of his pupil
bases on his big strength of mind and real Russian character.
Russian character. So may be called the new fighting computer game one of whose
characters will be the fighter from Stary Oskol based on a proposal of the Japanese.
The fighter from Stary Oskol Fedor Emelianenko, the World Combat Sambo Champion, the
absolute Rings and Pride World Champion came back to Stary Oskol with another victory.
Today Fedor Emelianenko speaks to our correspondent Nikolai Zasolotsky.
Fedor tell us whom of the strongest fighters in the world you faced at the tournament in Japan.
In my last fight, which was a super fight,
I faced the American champion of the octagon Mark Coleman.
I won early at the begin of the 3rd minute by submission.
Which of the tournament fights can be considered as remarkable?
Well, it was a sensation to everyone as the Croat Mirko Cro Cop,
my basic opponent and title contender,
lost to not so strong fighter,
Kevin Randleman, by KO.
What will be your fights in the near future?
There will be the 2nd phase on the 20th of June after which only 4 fighters will remain.
There will be the 3rd and final phase of the Grand Prix in the middle of August.
It will be semifinals and finals and one of 4 fighters will be the champion.
Fedor, we will watch the fights now, would you, please, comment them.
It is Mark Coleman.
The champion of the last Pride Grand Prix.
This is his belt.
He is the UFC champion, the American octagon.
He was the basic title contender in this Grand Prix.
Mark Coleman said that he didn't want to fight me in the first fight.
We have a friendly relationship and he knows that I am the current Pride champion.
He thought that I was the most dangerous opponent in the Grand
Prix and he didn't want to fight me in the quarterfinal.
The best and high ranked fighters get the opportunity to fight
for the title against me and try to take it away from me.
Had I lost in this tournament, I should have remained the world champion.
It wasn't a title fight.
The Japanease produce T-shirts with my logos.
There is written "EF".
Here are my brother Aleksander and my coaches Vladimir Voronov and Aleksander Michkov in my corner.
The basic rules are being explained now.
Groin shots, shots to the back of the head,
and holding the ropes aren't allowed.
The first round begins.
His crowning strategy is based on taking his opponent down and punching or kicking him after that.
I lost my balance and he made use of it immediately and took me down.
But everybody knows that he has good ground skills.
He has gained most of his wins by beating his opponents on the ground.
Now I am on the ground.
Now he is trying to choke me but it isn't dangerous for me.
I'll change my position in a moment...
missed some shots...
changed my position immediately. Now I am trying to choke him.
I held his neck well, he wheezed,
but I decided not to press longer. I thought that he would wobble and I could finish him with punches.
But he made use of this position immediately and grabbed my legs.
Everyone thought about how I would act in this position. They thought
this is my weakness and I cannot fight well in this position.
We'll see it now.
Oops, that's all, a submission.
Mark Coleman's arm cracked.
He tapped.
Congratulations of my brother,
Vladimir Michailovich.
Of course, Mark Coleman is very disappointed.
We are friends. We had communicated before the fight and continued to do it after the fight.
My win hasn't influenced our relationship.
He is a very good fighter.