The Big Lebowski (5/12) Movie CLIP - Nobody F's With Jesus (1998) HD

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It's all goddamn fake, man.
It's like lenin said.
You look for the person who will benefit,
And, uh, uh, you know...
I am the walrus?
You know, you'll, uh, uh...
You know what I'm trying to say.
I am the walrus.
That fuckin' bitch!
Oh, yeah.
I am the walrus.
Shut the fuck up, donny!
V.I. Lenin. Vladimir ilyich ulyanov!
What the fuck is he talking about?
Fucking exactly what happened.
That makes me fucking sick.
What do you care, walter?
Those rich fucks.
This whole fuckin' thing.
I did not watch my buddies die
Facedown in the mud
So that this fucking strumpet,
This fucking whore--
I don't see any connection to vietnam, man.
Well, there's a literal connection.
No, walter, face it, there isn't any connection.
Your roll.
Have it your way, but my point is--
Your roll.
Your roll. My point is--
Quintana: Are you ready to be fucked, man?
I see you roll your way into the semis.
Dios mio, man.
Liam and me, we're gonna fuck you up.
Well...You know, that's just like, uh...
Your opinion, man.
Let me tell you something, pendejo,
You pull any crazy shit with us,
You flash a piece out on the lanes,
I'll take it away from you and stick it up your ass
And pull the fuckin' trigger
Till it goes click.
You said it, man.
Nobody fucks with the jesus.
8-year-olds, dude.
[bowling ball hits pins on cassette]
[hit, people cheer]