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Episode 12
I heard you went all the way to Africa.
What did you do over there?
Gambled. A gamble that put my life on the line.
So what did you end up winning?
Nothing I can hold in my hands but...
I've figured out what to do with my life.
What is that?
You know Chairman Jang Min Ho of the Dae Jeong Group?
There's something I have to pay back to him and to his son.
Do you know who I suspect as the murderer of Lee Soo Chang?
Chairman Jang Min Ho.
Why? Why him?
The person you were looking for, Kim Il Hwan... is Jang Min Ho.
I think to bury his past,
he killed Lee Soo Chang.
Jang Min Ho...
...is your father.
Who are you?
Don't keep pointing that gun at us. We're not pheasants or anything.
You need not worry about a second opportunity.
You are now my man.
There's something that's giving me a headache.
Just tell me.
Even if it's ending someone's life?
The soul of a rogue like you, how much can it be worth?
But I will pay you a high price. Get lost immediately.
The person you're waiting for, is it Jung Woo?
That person you were looking for, Kim Il Hwan... is Jang Min Ho.
I think to bury his past,
he killed Lee Soo Chang.
Jang Min Ho...
...is your father.
Soon you shall see destruction that is
100 times, 1,000 times more despicable than the ones you've left, by your own blood.
The things you cherish, all that you have will be destroyed.
Bringing me into this world...
will become the biggest detriment to your life.
You wait and see.
Could something have happened?
He's been cleared of all suspicions so what could have happened?
Here he comes.
Where'd you sleep last night?
I just had to take care of something.
Chi Gook hyung has been waiting to see you.
Let's hurry up and go.
Let's go.
Sun Young, it's been a long time.
Is Suk Tae getting along okay?
You bastards, why wasn't there even a single phone call?
Shouldn't we know if you're dead or alive?
This girl's temper is still the same.
Sorry, sorry.
Things were so crazy, we really didn't have the wherewithal.
You're in good health?
What is that?
Suk Tae oppa sold the house and the land.
Use this to get a place to live.
We're okay. Use it on yourself.
Right. You have to get married sometime so use that for your dowry.
By the way, how is Baek Sil Jang?
Don't worry about us anymore.
Just take care of yourself.
Sun Young.
Forget about Jung Woo now.
No matter how much you push yourself on him, it's just not going to happen.
Why not?
There's a woman that Jung Woo likes.
Who is it?
If I tell you, would you know her?
Stop torturing yourself and give it up. Okay?
Tae Hyuk has taken the casino over successfully.
It's smaller than Chairman Yoo's 'Joong Moon' casino,
but we'll just have to make this one do until the Baek Sung Hotel is completed.
I'd like to go and take a look.
Kim Jung Woo is back in Jeju.
Isn't he a suspect in the murder of Lee Soo Chang?
It looks like Hyun Ki Sang helped to clear him.
Don't let him near Tae Hyuk.
The managers and dealers we've scouted are the best in Jeju Island.
And we've prepared the high roller area for those who play with large sums of money.
We should be able to open in about a month.
We've brought their best dealers and some of their customers.
No outcry from Chairman Yoo or the other casinos?
It's all a part of doing business. Don't worry.
The failure or success of a casino is determined by its exclusivity to foreigners.
It's difficult to obtain permits for non-foreign citizens
so we will focus on the tour businesses.
Please explain to him.
We will target foreign tourists who come to Jeju.
We'll sell 3 to 5 million won vouchers to them.
For young couples honeymooning here there's little variety of entertainment.
We will provide that opportunity at reasonable prices.
Our priority right now is to make sure that this is within the legal guidelines.
Find out who we need to talk to about this.
See if it's a congressman, a city official, or anyone else.
All the skilled dealers, the pit bosses, and the managers have been scouted away.
Additionally, the big spenders from Japan and China have been wooed over as well.
They've turned this into an open war.
So how should we counter?
We can't just sit by and watch them do this to us.
If we launch a powerful explosive, we can also be hurt by the blast.
Will you be okay with that?
What do you mean?
Whatever it is that Chairman Jang has been using
to keep you under this thumb,
even having you hand over a casino permit...
If that issue is not addressed,
you will never win.
Jackson is right.
If Chairman Jang continues to control you,
he will eventually swallow up our casino.
You bastard.
Just how far are you going to take your greed?
Tell me now,
so I won't be surprised again by you stabbing me in the back.
Tell me all now!
Did you kill Lee Soo Chang?
Why don't you try to make some sense?
The detective came to see me.
He asked about my relationship with Lee Soo Chang.
What does that have to do with me?
Didn't you tell me you'll take care of Lee Soo Chang?
It was you. You did it, right?
If I did, what will you do about it?
The secret that must never get out,
I just buried it for you.
I have never asked anything of you before,
but this time, I must ask you to pay.
What price do you want me to pay?
One of the casino licenses you have.
Give me that.
Call Jackson and Mi Ran over.
I was afraid of Mi Ran finding out about my past.
That is the hold that Jang Min Ho has over me.
But he took that weakness I let show,
latched on to it like a Rottweiler
and pushed me into the mire with it.
If I let this go on, he will drag you into the mire as well.
Even if my past becomes known to the entire world,
I will not be afraid of Jang Min Ho anymore.
Do what you need to do.
You don't have to do this because of me.
No. It's time to break this bondage.
I will now pay back all the humiliation I suffered that time.
If you're sure about that, I'm sure we can stop Chairman Jang's attacks.
We need to meet with the other casino owners first and get them to cooperate.
We need to convince them that if we don't do anything about it,
he will turn into a bigger monster.
We need to join our forces and stop Chairman Jang now.
We also need to stop him from taking away our dealers and the customers.
If Jang Min Ho finds out about this, do you think he'll just let it be?
He'll do whatever he can to stop us.
So we need to do it without him finding out.
Mi Ran and I will take care of it,
so don't worry too much.
This is the Minister of the Arts.
My name is Lee Su Hyun.
Thank you for allowing me to take up your precious time.
Oh no, of course I should meet with you.
You're bringing such a large performance to Jeju,
how can I not help?
This is the material we've gathered so far,
but for it to be more accurate,
I'm afraid we'll need your help.
Of course, anything I can do.
Excuse me for just a moment.
Sorry. You go on ahead.
Is that Lee Su Hyun?
You know her?
No... just...
When did you come to Jeju?
Did Jung Woo come back with you?
Let's go to somewhere more private.
When did you return to Korea?
It's been about two months.
I'm here to prepare for Cirque Du Soleil.
I'm responsible for the planning of the show.
What happened to Jung Woo?
On his word that he'd return, I waited for him in Johannesburg for a full month.
What happened?
I sent Jung Woo to you
and hoped for the two of you to be together.
We left him and went on to Sures
but he was right behind us.
And because he was, he saved our lives from the rebels who had us captive.
After much travail,
we finally reached the diamond mines that the King's son was working at.
Jung Woo saved Cha Cha Bo's son but
that child shot him.
Why? How could that have happened?
The rebels train the young children to become hunters, to kill.
They even use drugs to do so.
Both Jung Woo and I put our lives on the line,
but in the end, we gained nothing and it all turned out to be in vain.
I gained something even though it's nothing tangible.
But since Jung Woo couldn't come back to you,
his loss was unmentionable.
After being shot, he barely made it back to life.
He couldn't go back to you.
But he could have contacted me in America.
I don't know... I'm not sure
why he didn't make contact with you.
But for now, I'll let him know you're here in Jeju.
It was more than ten years later
when I saw her again in a classroom at the university.
Even then, she was still the same.
With that same clear look in her eyes, playing her cello.
By that time though,
I'd already sold my soul.
To try and erase my past, I became as a dog
who barked when told, and pretended to die when told to.
Living the life of servitude.
I was still ashamed of who I was.
So I didn't reveal myself
and just looked at you...
from a distance.
Because for a person like me to love someone like you is a sin.
I may commit a hundred, a thousand sins,
but I would never commit a sin against you.
I must not have sorted it out yet,
because I still love only you.
The tears are from this sad love,
so I wander alone, aimlessly.
I don't know the real reason for you to leave.
Why did you want to leave me?
Only one person. Isn't this too sad?
Don't try so hard to leave me.
What rings in my ears
are only the sounds of your voice.
The words you whispered, when you called my name...
I was able to look at you with no shame for the first time ever.
I'll be back before the show closes.
Since you've forgiven me my sins,
I will now nurse the pain in your heart for you.
...the words you whispered, when you called my name.
They ring in my ears.
You were cleared as a suspect?
That's good to hear.
Come, let's go on in.
It's nothing compared to Vegas,
but this is the biggest casino in Jeju.
You will work here on security detail.
You know what to do, right?
Of course.
How many meals did we squeeze out in Vegas?
- You're lucky - Oh yeah, I'm lucky tonight.
What? When did that girl become a dealer?
Hey, you know that girl?
Yes, I do.
There was someone trying to match make us and she was just crazy about me.
That's the ladies' side.
Sit. Relax
Over there is for the male dealers.
Before starting the security work here, there's something else we need to tend to first.
There's special VIP detail here too?
No, not VIP detail, this is an exceptional task.
You know Dae Jeong Group's Chairman Jang?
They just got into the casino business.
His son was able to bring the Vegas Cirque du Soleil show here
and he's running the casino portion of their business.
But their way of doing business is dirty.
They've recruited many dealers and managers from other casinos,
and even stolen away regular customers.
Because of their financial strength,
they've been able to do that successfully.
I've always thought that about that family.
So, the other six casinos on the island are joining us in a collaborated effort
to counter attack the Dae Jeong Group.
All the casino owners are in line for the attack.
Ah, so this is war.
Yes, this is a war.
But we have to do it very quietly.
If they find out about this,
they will do whatever they can to try and break the consortium
by intimidation or by threat, by whatever means.
So for this to be carried out successfully, I'll need to rely on you.
Of course, no problem.
If it's to target Dae Jeong Group, I'm sure Jung Woo will take great pleasure.
Isn't that so Jung Woo?
Alright. I have something to say to Jung Woo in private
so you guys head out.
Let's go.
Oh, Hee Sun!
Wow, how long has it been?
You've become much prettier. You fixed your nose, didn't you?
Oh, let me introduce you...
This is Jang Se Dol, a friend who is as important to me as my life.
My name is Oh Hee Sun.
I ran into Su Hyun.
She's been in Jeju for two months.
I told her briefly about what happened to you.
This is her number.
I know you'll handle you own affairs
so I won't make it long.
Su Hyun seems to be very heartbroken because of you.
I didn't always live with a clear look...
in my eyes like you think.
Just as you did,
I may also have sold my soul.
And just like the hardships you've had in life,
I too suffered a pain that I can't bear to think back on...
and am also full of flaws.
We need to recognize the wounds...
and tend to the pain in each other.
So don't think those foolish thoughts anymore.
There is nothing I need from you.
Only thing I want is for you to be with me.
Don't be heartbroken, don't lose faith
on this day that we can love.
There's so much more I want to do with you.
There so much more I want to do for you.
Don't apologize, don't be nervous
on this day that we can be happy.
You said that you wanted to know where Jackson is?
He is in Jeju right now.
Where is he now?
What the hell are you doing?
Why are you doing something so stupid?
I asked him to find out for me.
You keep quiet!
Where is that bastard?
Speak up!
He's working at Yoo Kwang Soo's 'Joong Moon' casino.
This is Yoo Kwang Soo.
It's me, Moon Sung Chul.
Aigoo, why would Chairman Moon Sung Chul be calling me?
Is Jackson working for you?
Don't you know how I feel about that man?
Get rid of him immediately!
I can't do that.
What did you say?!
This is a business matter.
Please don't interfere.
What are you saying to me?
You dare to go against my wishes?
Look here Chairman Moon,
there isn't a single reason for me to obey your orders.
I'm hanging up now.
Will you be okay?
Don't worry.
He thinks that just because he has some money, he can do anything he wants.
How does he think he can order me around?
That Yoo Kwang Soo bastard... why I'll..
Please calm down.
You listen to me very carefully.
If you see him again, I will not leave him alone.
If you still have feelings left for him,
erase them away cleanly!
These are not just empty words.
Why did you even bring his name up?
I'm sorry.
I thought that if she were to get over him,
she needed to know he was close by but still not go to him.
Please don't worry yourself too much.
I will protect Jung Hae.
Oh Sang Mi.
Please come in.
Have a seat.
I see that you studied in Las Vegas.
My major was in Casino Operations and in addition to my studies,
I worked in the casinos there.
I worked as a cocktail waitress, then as a dealer and finally, a manager.
I accumulated a varied work experience.
The casino business here in Korea is very different from Las Vegas.
Did you know that?
As most of the customers here are from
Japan and China, I know that target marketing
is very important.
Do you know any foreign languages?
I'm comfortable with English and Japanese
and know a tiny bit of Chinese.
Sang Mi.
Can we talk for a minute?
Of course.
But about my interview...
Don't worry. With your background, you're just the type of person we need.
Think of the interview as just a formality.
Thank you.
I will work very hard.
I think Jung Woo is in Jeju right now.
Have the two seen each other yet?
Su Hyun seems to be waiting for Jung Woo to call
but there's been no contact yet.
I'm not saying this because you selected me but I tried to stop
Su Hyun from getting involved with Jung Woo from the very beginning.
You Tae Hyuk... I mean Director Jang...
you are so much better, she's being so stup...
I mean she's not using her head.
Thank you.
I think there are some problems between the two of them right now.
Uh, sorry.
You look very tired.
Why don't you retire for the evening?
Go get some rest.
I really don't feel very good.
- I'll go ahead and leave then. - Okay.
Love... is painful.
It is only a scar that is painful.
But I still thought of you.
I really miss you,
that is why I'm looking for you.
It's always at that place,
at that place,
only looking towards you.
Any moment without you,
I couldn't live.
Please come back to me.
Just a moment please.
Jaek Gook!
Re-do this report of yours.
Why? Because there's no substance to this thing you call a report.
Do it over!
I apologize. Let's go outside.
Lazy fool.
There wasn't much else I can offer you.
Thank you.
I'm a little busy now, so I'll keep it brief.
To be honest with you, reopening a case that's ten years old is not very promising.
I do see some inconsistencies but still, the case has been closed.
I knew it would be difficult.
But I still wish that you will consider it.
Alright, I'll give it a try.
But it will not be an official investigation.
I will do it for my personal reasons.
Personal reasons?
I heard your parents' orange orchard was
where Chairman Jang's residence is now.
I am very interested in Jang Min Ho.
Why is that?
Jang Min Ho might have had something to do with your parents' deaths.
Do you know what this place was before this house was built?
I'm not sure but I might have heard it was a farm.
Yes. It was an orange grove that my parents owned.
All traces of my past here are all gone
but it's a relief to see a beautiful house replaced them.
What an interesting coincidence.
You're home early.
I wasn't feeling well.
What do you think is wrong?
I think I'll be okay if I get some rest.
I went for an interview at Tae Hyuk's casino today.
Did you do well in the interview?
Yes. But to be honest
with my experience and background,
working for such a small casino is a tiny bit humiliating.
Should I make you something hot to drink?
No, that's okay.
Sang Mi.
You know Jung Woo...
I think he's in Jeju and he has my number
but he hasn't called yet.
I just can't figure out why?
Do you think it's because he's sorry about something?
Should I make the first contact?
I can't believe...
I can't believe the nerve of that guy.
What did he do right that makes him think
he can act like that?
He was the one who stood you up to begin with
and shattered your heart.
It's him that should make first contact and beg your forgiveness.
You'd better not contact him first!
Wow, you even trimmed back your hair.
Did some major psychological change come over you?
Do I look funny?
I just got bored with the same old life.
You won't have a chance to be bored anymore.
Oh, they're here.
This is Jackson hyung-nim.
Hello, my name is Jo Chi Gook.
I heard you will be helping us out. Thank you.
Helping is not a problem
but I don't know what good I will be to you?
Oh, he talks like that now but
he ruled the streets at one time. All the other groups were afraid of him...
That's all in the past.
Now I'm just a tiger who has lost all his prowess.
Once this matter is taken care of, you may be able to work for the casino.
How can I work at a place like that?
The casino owns a private yacht to host the VIP guests with.
There's a good chance that you'll captain that yacht.
Ah hyung-nim, you're going to become a captain of a super luxurious yacht?
You've sure advanced in life.
Okay then, I will entrust you with the work.
- Let's go. - Yes.
Congratulations, hyung-nim.
Don't get too excited yet.
We need to go and get some proper clothes first.
You don't have any, right?
Right, hyung-nim.
Then let's go.
Close the shop.
I've persuaded the other six casino owners.
They've agreed to collaborate.
The other side hasn't a clue yet, right?
The meeting tomorrow will go as planned.
It's set for tomorrow at 2 p.m.
The meeting will take place in the hotel convention center with the seven casino owners.
There probably won't be any problems
but if Jang Min Ho finds out about it, he may try to disrupt it.
All of you must be on your guard.
That person to whom giving the entire world is not enough.
That person that is the reason I live today.
That person who gave me reasons to smile,
I miss that person.
That person I draw with my hot tears.
That person I cannot erase in my heart.
No matter how much I wish, no matter how much I hope
I can't help but to keep longing.
I will throw it all away, throw all away.
Even my heart that remembers you.
I will forget it all...
What brings you here?
I wanted to ask a favor of you.
Tell me. I'll do whatever I can.
I need to see Baek Sil Jang.
He might refuse to see me so
can you arrange a meeting for me?
Why do you want to see him?
Baek Sil Jang and the Chairman are two people you dislike.
Why would you want to see someone you dislike?
There's a reason I must see him.
Please do this for me.
Yes. Go ahead and do that.
Yes. Then I will see you later.
What is it?
Jung Woo is outside waiting.
Why is he here?
He said that he must see you.
I have no reason to meet with him.
Please let him.
I'm busy.
Get out.
Didn't you hear me?
I know who you've been seeing lately.
I'll not make our relationship an issue and won't cause any problems.
I can do whatever you say.
Go on in.
It's been a long time.
Have a seat.
From Las Vegas to Africa...
You've been to many places.
Why did you want to see me?
I would like to work under Chairman Jang again.
You should know the Chairman as well as you could.
Do you really think that would be possible?
I will show you that I am willing to do anything for the Chairman.
How will you do that?
It's Baek Sil Jang.
It's me.
Bring him over.
I've brought him.
What is it that you have to say?
Aigoo, sir. We're here.
Have you completed the documents?
Stop hesitating and just sell your land.
When the sale goes through, you'll be sitting on cushions filled with money.
Okay, sir?
Let go of me, you bastard!
I already said I won't sell. Why do you keep pestering me?
Get out of here. I have nothing to say to you.
You're really being too much.
How am I too much?
Do you guys know what this land means to us? Huh?
This orchard here allowed me to raise my six children and marry them off.
That's why you should just retire now and play with your grandchildren! Alright?
This insolent kid...
Don't call me insolent or anything else.
If you piss me off, I might just burn down the orchard.
What is that?
What did you just say? You bastard!
Aigoo... I can't believe you put your hand on me!
Everybody! This guy is trying to kill me!
Everyone, over here! Oh my back. I can't believe he attacked me.
Now what?
Are they wanting to fight or what?
Over here everyone.
That old man had men ready here.
Let's run, run!
Catch them!
Hurry up and catch them.
Where is it? The car! The car!
Catch them!
There, over there!
Catch them!
Wow... we almost saw death today.
Next time, let's be ready and bring some guys with us.
What's with this stupid job...
We're called managers but all we ever do is dirty work to try and take
land from people at ridiculous prices and get cursed at everywhere we go.
I can't stand this...
is this how we're going to end our lives? Eh?
Do you really think I joined Dae Jeong Group to only wipe Chairman Jang's ass?
After doing this kind of shit work,
and nothing comes my way, I won't just sit still.
What will you be able to do?
You just wait and see what can I do?
I can't stand being sober any longer.
Let's go suck down some drinks.
Yes. Yes, I got it.
What is it?
We need to gather all the kids.
The kids?
Let's go.
Where are the others?
They went directly to the center.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
Oh my goodness, who is this?
It's been a long time since I dressed this way. It looks awkward on me, doesn't it?
No way, oppa.
That great form of yours is starting to emerge.
It's really wonderful.
'The great boss' of the town.
But, what's the reason for you to wear a suit?
I've got some work.
I might become the captain of a yacht.
Uh huh.
Those beautiful boats that the rich people ride in?
Uh huh.
If I do become the captain of a yacht,
you'll be the first person I'll take for a ride.
For free, for free.
Who was that?
Can't you see it's Chi Gook?
Why does he have on a suit?
He just uttered a bunch of nonsense
that I couldn't really make out.
Something about a yacht... a captain... I don't know.
Where's Jung Woo?
I haven't been able to get a hold of him since last night.
Don't worry. I'm sure he'll be here on time.
That... tha... wasn't that hyungsoo-nim?
What are you up to?
Please forgive us.
Our chairman would like to see you.
Who is your Chairman?
He is Chairman Jang Min Ho of Dae Jeong Group.
What's going on?
I'm afraid you'll have to come with me.
What are you?
A thug.
If you don’t come with me quietly,
you'll be humiliated beyond belief.
How's it going?
There are only two of them here so far.
I heard not everyone has arrived yet.
Do you think something's happened?
I'm not sure.
Chairman Yoo, what is happening?
I think they're running a little late.
Let's wait for them a little longer.
I apologize.
Stop them!
That's enough!
...to take revenge on you and on me.
You can't keep him by your side.
If he really came to me because of revenge,
that should make things more interesting.
...bark when told to bark, crawl when told to crawl.
I can do that if it's for you.
...don't get involved with Su Hyun in any way.
You knew my feelings for Su Hyun and yet you still what you did?!
I... don't have any feelings for Su Hyun.
You took a risk there.
If it is for you,
there is nothing I won't do.
What do you want out of it?
I wanted to show you what I'm capable of,
and gain you approval.
Okay then, show me what you can do.
I'll be watching.
That person that is painful to love.
That person I could not hold on to,
That person I should not love,
If I asked you to stay,
I know that you will stay with that one word.
I will swallow the sun for you
and bury you in my crushed heart.
No matter how much I hide, no matter how much I forget,
I can only keep looking through the tears.
I will throw it all away, throw all away.
Even my heart that remembers you...