Os Barbixas - Improvável - Troca (Bruno Motta e Andrei Moscheto)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 24.11.2010

Our next game is "Quick Change"!
Andrei, Daniel and Elidio, stand up.
I'll pick up a sentence.
Quick Change works like this: Whenever I say 'change'
they'll have to change the last thing they said. If you didn't get it, you will get it soon.
It will begin with this sentence: 'I can imagine the pain already'.
They start the scene with 'I can imagine the pain already',
it's "Quick Change" and it starts... Now!
I can imagine the pain already... Can you imagine it too?
- I do. - Change!
- No. - Change!
Ow, I can feel it already!
Excuse me?
Oh, my God...
I was cool when it was just some guy going to kill us,
now that's Michael Jackson, I don't know...
We've got to get outta here, man!
Do you have a plan?
- Plan? - Change!
- Sure! - Change!
- No! - Change!
I'm kinda enjoying this...
I don't know if...
Damn, Michael is fuckin' mad today!
Michael, can I talk to you for a second?
- Michael, I didn't do anything, it was all his fault! - Change!
- Michael, I didn't do anything, he's the one who fucked up! - Change!
Fine, just cut off my leg.
Well... I can still be a pirate!
It didn't hurt, actually...
Oh, no!
You're getting too cruel!
Cut off my leg! Cut off my arm!
- Only! - Change!
- Cut off anything! - Change!
Cut it off, cut it off!
I don't care, just don't wax me anymore!
Do you want a nail clipper?
I have a nail clipper here, pick it up.
The magnifying glass is on this side!
That's it!
It's pointless to search for it!
He could say 'do you want a magnifying glass?', then...
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.