20101224 - Yang Mi - "Bejing Love Story" filming in a frozen lake

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"BEIJING LOVE STORY" -- "Behind the Scenes"
"On a heartrending bitter cold winter night"
The night before Christmas, the coldest night of winter so far in Beijing
The entire city is lit up with lights and decorations
Everywhere is filled with the holiday spirit
It is in this atmosphere, in one part of the city,
The entire cast and crew of "Beijing Love Story" gather by a lake
Getting ready to break the ice.
Director: This scene is where Yang Mi's character
goes down into the lake to retrieve a ring.
But the problem is, the surface has already frozen over.
We have no choice but to break the ice.
Now we have hired many people, and also a crane;
using a crane to smash the ice with objects to attempt to quickly break through it.
Looking at the chunks of ice that broke off,
the thickness of the ice is for sure at least 20cm.
Clearly, the initial idea is not enough to achieve the effect needed by the crew.
Someone suggests expanding the area of the object used to break the ice.
A metal rack with larger surface area is brought over to smash the ice.
Although this is more effective, it is still not enough.
Finally, director Chen Sicheng thought of a great idea:
using a 2m-long wooden plank and placing it under the ice
to expand the surface area.
Director: Just one last time and we're done.
After several hours of work, at last the required effect is achieved.
The chunks of ice on the banks became a kids' playground.
The main actress Yang Mi, who has been waiting for a long time,
sits nearby undergoing preparations to enter the lake
As she prepares, she discusses acting with the director.
She doesn't appear to be scared at all.
YM: If I say "I want to cry now" then I can start crying.
Director: Really? Or not? How?
YM: It's just, there's a "switch" I can control in my mind,
So if I say "I want to cry now, I want to cry now,"
Then I can start crying...look look look!
Like that. Director: Wow...
can't take you! It's not that you're just sensitive?
YM: No, it's just there's a "switch", "ding" and the tears come.
Director: Displaying how to cry on the set, see? Too scary...A woman's tears...this is!
YM: I thought the whole body was going under!
Once the cameras start rolling, Yang Mi walks into the freezing cold water
and quickly gets into character.
Apart from YM's fervour, everything else around is bitterly cold.
Under the cold moonlight, many people quietly watch from the banks
Touched by this fragile young actress.
What moves them is a spirit of utter professionalism,
What moves them is that behind the fame and glory of actors,
there is actually great sacrifice that few people know about.
YM: Ok, let's go? Other person: Let's go!
Director: It was quite good, quite good. Of course it's quite good.
Not a problem with professional actors, the key is that...
Very professional, really, because
it's such a cold day, everyone knows,
even though there's a layer of protection, it's still very cold, when it seeps in.
For a girl, especially for a girl...well there's no choice.
Everyone now sees how actors, despite the outward fame and glory,
Actually behind the scenes they really undergo a lot of suffering.