How to Become an MMA Fighter

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lot of people ask
how to get started in MMA training some goals are simply to get in better shape
and they feel MMA training is the vehicle to drive them their
while some want to become an actual MMA fighter
and step into the ring or octagon
Since MMA carries with it not just one type of discipline
and currently is hard to find
an all in one place to train in MMA
In this article we will go over 4 key areas that will
help your quest of becoming an
MMA fighter or just in better shape.
This article assumes you don't have the all in one MMA training
camp accessibility you would if you moved to Vegas.
These four elements can be
used in any town
across the US
number 1 kicking and punching which includes:
Muy Thai, Karate
This work is to quicken you hand and feet
work and can be done with a heavy bag
or if you can train with a partner who can hold either the kicking bags
or focus mitts. The focus mitts will train your eye and hand
coordination nd is great at developing quickness in both kicks and punches.
The heavy bag is more of a power building movement
which give you a lot of knockout power.
number two strength training which include
Power Cleans, Snatch, Jerk
Most of you strength training needs to consist of compound exercises.
What this means is that you will choose lifting exercises that use more than one muscle when doing it.
lifting exercises that use more than one muscle when doing it.
Unlike body builders that want to isolate the muscle for maximum growth
you want to train your muscle to work together
and have then fire exactly at
the same time.
but the heavyweights is exactly how you do this
The Olympic lifts are excellent at doing this well
also train your co-workers
the listings as the clean butcher and power means
this all will increase church was using quickness
one other thing to keep in mind is barbell is better than that
barbell is better than machine
dumbbell is better than barbell
So on any exercises where you can
utilize dumbbells do so.
do so
This again will train your muscles both
on your left and right side to explode together and also strengthens your core due to
the dumbbells.
number three Ground Training including Judo, Brazilian Jiujitsu or BJJ
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be difficult to train
on your own but one great piece of
martial arts training equipment is a BJJ dummy
this really helps simulate a partner to
practice your submissions.
To practice BJJ this part of your game it is best to join a school or class.
Even attending a Brazlilian Jijitsu class once a week and practicing
the other times
at home can pay hug dividends on your ground game
One place to look for MMA Training is at your
local high school.
Many wrestling programs would love having an additional assistant coach
and in turn
your can get in
their and do some learning and give the kids a good workout also.
number four mixed martial arts training
MMA is a game of being well rounded and not specific to
one style of martial arts
this can make it tough to train lot of schools and trainers don't have more skills yes
the structures with multiple fighting house will become more of the norm
with the explosion of MMA
There has already been a shift in some Taekwondo schools
to throw in some ground and pound movements.
so whether you had this post-graduate training in all the different disciplines
we have to go to most places to get your training
can get better work
it is well worth it
begich a mixed martial arts training
you can get
a free copy of secrets of the old to martial arts work out
at the inn in its own
the in in danny's own
doesn't it
this article was written by connie mack who is the President of the union is in the minutes
on specializes in cutting edge martial arts
year and equipment that you enjoyed reading this article and you would like to have more