How to Make a Scarecrow : Assemble Scarecrow Shirt & Head

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

Now that we have filled our scarecrow's head, we have the excess fabric hanging down.You're
going to select your shirt, whether it be a flannel shirt or your t-shirt, and you're
just going to slide that excess fabric into the hole for the neck, for your head, where
that would normally go. You're going to flip that over on the backside, and we're going
to take some safety pins, and we're just going to pin this head to the back of the shirt.
And we're going to be able to cover that up later with some hay, and you can always pin
the inside of the shirt so that you don't really see those safety pins. And that's just
going to keep that head from wobbling around and falling off once you've got it good and
secure. So then do another one back here, and secure that scarecrow's head to his body,
and then once we've done that you can take your excess hay and start sticking pieces
of hay to stick out. So we're going to start just stuffing this with hay. You're going
to complete this process all the way around so it looks like he's got hay coming out from
his neck, and it's really going to kind of make it an authentic look.