Saw 3D - Teaser Trailer

Uploaded by WorldCinemaNews on 27.07.2010

Hi everybody and welcome to Anteprima Cinema!
Let’s see together the first Teaser Trailer for Saw 3D,
and stay with us for all the daily news!
Saw 3D. The Traps Come Alive.
This is the original title of the 7th and last chapter of the bloody saga started in 2006.
On occasion of Comic-con San Diego,
Lionsgate showed in preview the movie trailer of Saw 3D
to be released in the States next October 29th.
Thanks to a long postproduction work,
the movie avoided censorship (to be for over 14 year-olds only).
And always during Comic-Con
few minutes of another expected movie have been presented: Jackass 3D!
After 4 years from the second Jackass: Number Two,
Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and all the crew come back to shock!
The movie, directed once more by Jeff Tremaine,
will be in the American cinemas on Oct. 15th,
while the Italian release date is still unknown.
Next August 6th Coming Soon will be in our cinemas, horror movie from Thailand.
The plot, a cursed tape of a movie titled Evil Spirit.
Leading actors of the movie are two projectionists,
Shane and Yod, busy with the illegal copying of old movies.
As they gain the Evil Spirit, their life will change in a terrifying way.