Make a Hexagon Quilt Using the 5" Half-Hex Ruler

Uploaded by MissouriQuiltCo on 17.02.2011

Hi, itís Jenny from, the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Weíve got something really fun for
you today. Natalie has come up with yet another amazing ruler. This is the Half Hexie. Let
me show you on this quilt right here what it does. This helps you to make a hexagon
quilt. Theyíre so popular right now. And it helps you to make it without any X Y seams.
This is going to be, youíre just going to love this itís amazing!
So, let me put this up here so you can ooh, aah, over it while weíre working on here,
and we decided weíre going to make this out of the Origins Jelly Roll. This is going to
be awesome! We love this Origins Jelly Roll. It has such good, rich colors.
So, what youíre going to do is open up your Jelly Roll. Just going to lay it all out here,
love to open up a new Jelly Roll. Look at those colors! Isnít this going to be so much
fun? Alright, now what weíre going to do is weíre going to take a row. Weíre going
to take probably, letís do three strips at a time. Theyíre still folded in half, and
if you look at this, this Half Hexie ruler will work perfectly on a Jelly Roll strip
or a Charm Pack. You can fold your Charm in half, but youíll get even more out of a Jelly
Roll. So, what weíre going to do, again very little waste with her rulers because theyíre
made to go right over the, theyíre made to fit the pre-cuts.
So, letís make sure we get this cut right on there, not lose any fingers. Alright, let
me trim that up, there we go. OK, now weíve made our first cut right here. Remember, weíre
cutting off our corners because thatíll help us match up. Then weíre going to turn this,
and lay it on the exact cut. So, look at the waste right here! This little nubbiní. Thereís
your waste, right there!
So, weíre going to go ahead and cut this off, move that over, turn our template again.
This hexagon is amazing! Let me cut this little flap off over here, there we go, alright.
Now, just for fun of laying out Iím going to get a
couple more strips of different colors in here. Weíll get some green and a brown. Pull
them out of the middle there.
Now remember, when you pull these out theyíre going to kind of be staggered, so, you want
to line them up. So, you donít have a piece that ends
up with a salvage in it, or anything like that. Matter of fact, if you want you can
use the straight edge on this little thing right here and just knock that salvage off
so that youíre sure that youíre not getting any salvage in it. Then weíre going to lay
this down again, doesnít matter which way you start. Itís going to be perfect either
way! We forgot to cut our little knob here. That will help us match them up, so, thatís
kind of important. Flip it over, cut a few more.
Now what youíre going to do with these, weíre going to lay them out and this is important
to remember in this, that you need to lay this out before you sew it, because you sew
in rows of halves you want to make sure that you get the right partner on top, so that
they match up.
Alright, letís lay a few of these out and see what weíve got here. Sweep all my itsy,
bitsy bits of waste, there we go! OK, so what weíre going to do now is weíre going to
line these up, and weíre going to sew them just like this. So all
youíre sewing is straight seams like this together. You can line it up where your notches
are cut, and it will give you a straight, exact seam. So, all youíre going to have
is these straight pieces as you lay them out. Then when you sew the next row together, itís
going to come together. Youíre going to lay your pieces out exactly the way that you put
them on here.
So what you want to remember is youíre matching the fat sides. So, when you put them together
youíre going to have a couple of rows going at once and thatís why you need to lay them
out, but this is just so much fun! Amazing, really. I remember the years of trying to
put grandmothers flower garden together. Oh my gosh, and now that they can do this so
easily it just blows my mind! I love it!
OK, so here we go, and of course, youíre going to have the browns and the whites mixed
in here too. Weíre going to do, and this is just going to make a stunning quilt. So,
letís go ahead and lay out a row and weíll sew it together.
So, this is the beginnings of our little quilt. Now in order to get this from the table all
laid out nicely, to the sewing machine, what weíre going to want to do is pin these together.
So, weíre going to fold these over like this. Weíre going to match up our corners on the
edges, and weíre going to put a little pin in here, like this. Then weíll fold this
one over this way. Match up your little corners make sure you cut those little notches. It
looks like I missed that one, but I got the other ones so I can line it up on one side.
See, when you lay these back then theyíre going to be just right. So, letís finish
up this row here, and then weíll take it into the sewing machine and the magic will
OK, weíve sewn all these together theyíre all at this funny little angle, and when you
open them up like this, see how it all becomes one row. So, what weíre going to do is weíre
just going to lay those down. We want to set the seam, just like this and we press it,
again youíre going to set it, and press it, and set it, and press it. You want your seams
to go one direction because weíre going to match these together in rows, and you can
see here is the second row of the one weíve done, and see how thatís going to go together
and this makes a whole hexie, and this one.
So, itís every other one, wherever the fat parts, wide parts come together, that makes
your hexie. So letís go ahead and sew these together so we can show you this completed
So, to attach these rows, weíre going to lay this over like this, and you can see where,
you are just going to attach it right where these seams come together. Just like that,
and youíd like your seams to lay opposite directions so that they can nest. So if they
didnít get ironed right that way you just make them behave! Now, if you have forgotten
or didnít get your little points trimmed, this is what happens you get a little bunny
ear like this and youíre just going to want to clip that off, and make sure you have a
nice seam to do. Then when you open this up and you press it, youíre just going to want
to set that seam and get your seams down right. Then youíre going to open it up and youíre
just going to gently move that iron over the seam to make sure that you have a nice flat
There we go, and look how nicely they all match together and fit, and it makes perfect
little hexies. Isnít that adorable?
OK, so now you can see weíve brought the two rows back in here and if we line them
up like this, weíre going to get another set of them. And theyíll just all work together
perfectly. Now when you have the ends your ends are going to be kind of wonky like this.
Which might be a fun finish. But again youíll just want to take this ruler and youíll just
want to slice these off. Iím not going to do that because Iím going to make this much
bigger because once we get this whole Origins quilt done itís going to be amazing! Wait
till you see what we can do with one Origins Jelly Roll here at the Missouri Star Quilt
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the quick and easy, whereíd it go? I donít have a
hexie! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial with the Missouri Star Quilt Company on the quick
and easy Hexie Ruler.