You Can Never Count The Stars: Shania & Sydney's True Story of Help & Hope

Uploaded by mhatexas on 31.08.2011

>> I'm Shania. I'm 18 and I just graduated.
>> And I am Sydney. I'm 16 and I'm a junior in high school.
>> Both of us tried out for Varsity cheerleader, and both of us got bullied at cheer camp.
How would you be bullied being a Varsity cheerleader?
>> She started getting bullied in the 4th or 5th grade.
>> It was worse in high school though.
I got thrown into lockers, desks, pushed down in the halls.
It was really bad. And I would be scared to go to school.
Then Sydney just kind of decided, you know, I don't want you to be bullied any longer,
and she was like, okay, you know what? We're gonna move.

I think moving was probably the worst thing that really brought me down.
It just like tore my heart out.
I regret this so much.
I told everybody how horrible she was for making me move, and that she was the worst sister in the world.
>> Her and Mom had a distance, like she would not talk to her,
wouldn't even look at her; she talked bad about her.
At that time she was off her medication.
I don't like bringing it back to medication, but you know,
if you're on it for so long you don't want to just cut yourself from it.
>> Depression's hard, and it kinda turns you into somebody you don't want to be.

The turning point was when my mom turned off my cellphone, and something happened.
>> Like they were arguing over the cellphone and Shania made a comment.
>> Yeah, my cellphone is more important than your love. That's what I said.
And that's when she just went onto the website and cut it off.

Both me and my mom went to the counselor 'cause she thought...
my mom thought it would help.
Then I went to my youth minister who I know I can trust.
You really need to go to the people that are closest to you first.
It's the love and the help from your family.
That's really what brought me out.
But both the child that is going through the depression and the parent have to work with each other,
not one has to work more than the other in order for it to work out.
>> Now that I know the things that make her depressed, it's better when I'm there.
And it's great now.
We have fun, and we like to go shopping a ride.
>> We don't bike ride, Sydney.
I like to play my flute. Music is the best thing. It really is.
>> I like to cheer and talk to friends.
>> Stars, I love stars.
You just like lay there and you look up and it's like,
ooh, don't try to count 'em 'cause you can never count them.
There's too many.

>> If you're depressed or thinking about suicide or know someone who is...
please know that help is available and help works.
>> Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK.
1-800- 273-8255.