Inclusive Design at OCAD: Making Ontario More Accessible

Uploaded by ONgov on 15.11.2012

I knew early on that by working in Inclusion that I was going to
have an impact on real people's lives. It wasn't just
about making money; it was about
changing the world and the way people are able to engage.
The Inclusive Design Institute is a research hub of eight greater Toronto area colleges and
universities dedicated to
researching inclusion and accessibility of information
and communication technology. Computers are all around us. We all need to use
technology every day. In the digital technology space,
there are barriers that prevent people from being able to have that equal
access of engagement. We don't focus on one area of accessibility or one kind of
but look at
the broad diversity.
So, inclusion for us in the technology space is about how to
accommodate that full range of human diversity, be it language, culture,
accessibility... A 3D printer is a way to take a model of a physical
object that's been designed on a computer and actually print that out using standard
materials. So, you can print cases, you can print other tools that might
be helpful.
This works really well for accessibility, because it gives people the ability
to adapt or enhance their world. People with disabilities
are an active part of our work.
Our users are building right alongside us.
You know, we have facilities now here at OCAD where the community
can come in and be part of our research as testers as evaluators, but also as
and we're able to build right alongside
them, and that's where the really rich and interesting problems are.
So, I go to work every day, there's a new problem to solve, a new challenge, and I know that it's going to have.
some meaning
have an impact in the long run.