How to Start A Business - Tint World Business Franchise Training

Uploaded by tintworldfranchise on 21.07.2011

If you think Tint World sounds like the opportunity you’ve been looking for, hear from a variety
of Tint World Franchisees who will share first-hand accounts of their personal experiences as
Tint World business owners. They have a lot of course they set up. They
have courses where they work with you with different divisions on how to train people
and how to hire people. They have tools that they give you that teach you each step of
the way. You’re more than welcome; they take you around their different facilities,
you’re able to go into their stores and you’re able to get a hands-on experience
as to how things function. You know in our day-in-age, with our energy
crisis and everything going up, most products out there are really a sale; it’s got to
be a hard sale. Living in Florida, they taught me within the process that people need this,
this is something that not only helps you save money but I can’t imagine driving in
your the car, being out on the water, being in your home, wherever it is, in your office,
without tint it’s like throwing money out your window. So the Sales course makes you
aware that this something important, this is green, this is something for the future,
and this is something everybody should have. And if you don’t think that, then the next
time you come to Florida or if you live in Florida, go take the tint off your windows
and drive down the street for half an hour and see how long it is before you start sweating.
It’s an important thing to have and their teaching of their Sales course is amazing,
it’s great. It really teaches you to work with your clients and customers.
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