Fraud Mexico 2006 (Part 1/10) English subtitles

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This documentary would not have been possible,
without the participation of thousands of citizens
who contributed images about the 2006 electoral process.
"I listen to the rain hour after hour. In the Zocalo, what I do most
is watch the rain falling. In the Zocalo the water never stops falling".
Elena Poniatowska
"The fraud, the big fraud, was already here among us, much earlier than 2 July".
Fernando del Paso
Today, change or continuity.
It has been said that History does not repeat itself,
I think that's wrong,
History does repeat itself.
There are changes, shades, of course,
but, in the end,
it's the same fight over and over again,
in Mexico, Latin America and all over the world.
December 1st 1988
Carlos Salinas de Gortari took over Mexico's presidency.
Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, 1988 presidential candidate.
What we see today is the imposition of an illegitimate government,
a government which lacks democratic authority.
18 years later
If they manage to impose themselves upon us by fraud,
July 2006
it's going to be a regression.
We have contributed to the consolidation of our democracy. 2006
We are essentially, a democratic nation. 1988
It's a step forward in the democratic life of the country. 1988
Mexico is a democratic nation. 2006
It has been the most open and public election in our History. 1988
We've lived an electoral journey that make us feel proud. 2006
Mexico gave Carlos Salinas de Gortari his victory. 1988
I congratulate Felipe Calderón Hinojosa
1988 2006
The principal trait of the right wing around the world
Is not accepting anything.
They want to maintain the status quo at any cost,
Andrés Manuel López Obrador, 2006 presidential candidate.
and, when they are unable to maintain their privileges
and protect their interests through the normal channels.
They break the law and choose violence.
Chile's case taught us a lesson because
they endured a totally reactionary right wing,
unwilling to accept any change.
"We are going to build an authentic democracy
because people will participate, and not only a minority as always,
but based in an honest and moral government,
in which elites are not the only ones benefiting.
People are going to respond, my greatest support comes from them".
Being a revolutionary doesn't necessarily mean
taking up arms.
President Allende, for instance, didn't want to.
He is the political figure I admire the most,
he generates more emotions in me than any other
because he was a humanist,
victim of cowards.
The most important thing is to keep one's dignity,
without sacrificing our own decency.
Furthermore, I would say that's the essence of why
we were victims of electoral fraud,
why they stole the presidency from us.
Fighting without losing sight of the principles
is the most important thing in life.
México 2006
I'm going to ask the general secretary to consult the magistrates' willingness,
about the ruling we have had to discuss.
September 5, 2006 Federal Electoral Institute
Magistrate Alfonsina Berta Navarro Hidalgo?
- I vote the ruling according to its terms.
- I do as well, Dr. Galván.
-Me too.
- According to the ruling, in its terms.
Chief Magistrate?
- I vote the ruling.
The ruling has been voted unanimously.
Consequently, we resolve,
Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!
the Mexican presidential election is valid.
"We declare Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa, president of Mexico."
Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! Fraud!
There has never been democracy in Mexico,
we've endured three centuries of foreign domination.
In the 19th century, Mexico belonged to two men,
Antonio López de Santa Ana, during the first half of nineteenth century.
He was president of Mexico eleven times, eleven times...
and during the second half of nineteenth century,
Porfirio Díaz was president of Mexico for 34 years.
After the 20th century, the Mexican Revolution had two main trends,
people fighting for democracy,
that's the reason of Madero's phrase:
"Valid Suffrage, No Reelection",
and at the same time people fighting for justice.
That was the trend headed by Villa, Zapata,
and some other leaders.
The Revolution led to social progress
but not in the political arena.
In the political arena the Porfirist regime virtually shifted
from one man's government, "Mr. Porfirio",
to "Ms. Porfiria", the PRI, that emerged in 1929
with a different name: National Revolutionary Party,
changing it to PRI a couple of years later.
So, starting 1988 with the background
of the 1968 students movement,
and some other social struggles,
the first steps in the slow process
of political liberalization and democracy began.
We are about to iniciate.
That's why it's completely outrageous
what Fox has done to democracy.
To me he is a traitor to democracy,
because after a big struggle,
after a lot of pain,
he arrived and took away
the presidency from the Institutional Revolutionary Party
and he destroyed the incipient mexican democracy
with the electoral fraud in 2006.
Andrés Manuel López Obrador has many years experience in
fighting for democracy in Mexico.
Over the past 25 years
he has become one of the most outstanding social leaders
in the country.
He is one of the founders of the Democratic Revolution Party.
In 2000, he was elected governor of Mexico City.
His popularity set him up as the candidate with the most possibilities
to win the presidential election,
as well as making him the most targeted.
"Who doesn't want you to get the presidency? Is it President Fox?"
"Yes, I consider to be President Fox.
I believe our differences happen to be our national projects."
The trigger of this was President Fox himself,
when he decided that his wife was the ideal person
to succeed him in the presidency,
and so, who was the opponent to be defeated?
Well, there was only one, Andrés Manuel.
Go Mexico! Let's build the future that this country deserves!
At the beginning of 2003 Salinas returned to Mexico.
He began to coordinate
businessmen, journalists,
gathering them together around him.
It wasn't difficult because
he gave them national companies, banks, mines.
He helped them with newspapers, journalists.
Salinas keeps secret files on everyone.
He has everyone in his grip, so to speak.
When he came back, he started gathering everyone again.
"Bless us, Lord. Bless our special guest, Mr. Carlos Salinas de Gortari.
Bless businessmen in their initiatives.
Bless the media and its directors.
Bless all our churches.
Bless the food on our table.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen."
I feel as if this year were sort of the last call for Carlos Salinas de Gortari.
Why the last call? The candidate with the most possibilities...