Easy Indian Food Recipes : Stuffing for Indian Potato Tortilla

Uploaded by expertvillage on 12.03.2008

The next step to making a stuffed potato tortilla. Actually, I have boiled potatoes here, but
the stuffing can be of anything depending on your taste. You can use graded cauliflower,
you can use radishes, you can use cottage cheese. Anything which comes to your mind
which can be soft and of a consistency which you can actually stuff into a tortilla. We
are making potatoes are good. Here are my boiled potatoes. I'm going to mash them up.
I don't use a normal masher because I like some kind of consistency. I don't want it
to be totally paste. Okay. My potatoes are now mashed and I am going to add a lot of
ingredients. I am not going to tell you how to add to them because that basically depends
on your taste. Like how spicy you want it, how strong you want it. Basically you could
just add mashed potatoes and add salt and pepper and green chilies. That could be enough
too, but we want to make it flavorful. We want to make it spicy, so we're going to add
some graded ginger. We're going to add some chopped green chilies. We're going to add
some red paprika. We're going to add garam masala. This is extensively used in all our
curries and vegetables. It's basically a blend of cumin seeds, pepper, cardamom and cloves.
They're all ground together so that's called garam masala powder. You're going to add some
of that. Nice and colorful. Personally, I like to add some cloves too on top of that.
Cloves are good; they're good for your teeth. I like my tortillas pungent and strong. I'm
going to add some asafoetida powder. This you can get at any Indian grocery store. It's
just good to add a little bit. It's digestive because we're going to fry this. If you fry
it, it's a little bit heavy. Your system might not be used to fried stuff. If you add a little
bit of this, it's very good for your stomach. Last, we're going to add some sea salt. Keeping
it healthy. Instead of normal salt, you're going to add some sea salt. Again, measurements,
you have to figure what your taste is. Yes, the cumin powder too. It's very good for you.
It's got iron and it has digestive properties also. Then we color it up a little bit with
coriander leaves and we mix all this up. Our stuffing’s ready for the stuffed tortilla.
Now we're going to go about making the dough.