HITMAN 101 - Episode 4: Caught

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[Cole] He really expects us to believe his story?
Sure he could be queer, but there's no way he just happened to be there unrelated to the shooting.
Yeah, and having no I.D. or giving us his real name...
I say we just let him rot in jail till we have enough evidence to connect him.
You know we can't afford the space.
We got nothing on this fairy...
plus his story about where he's living checks out.
Captain, you really believe there's some sort of gay hustler code where they won't give up their johns info?
There's something definitely rotten in Denmark and it all points to him.
Madsen, I don't need any of your out of the box bullshit!
Cole, you're supposed to keep him in check.
But I agree.
This isn't a fucking debate.
He didn't shoot the gun. There's no trace evidence. He isn't in the system.
Cut him loose.
What about surveillance?
What in the past 3 months haven't you understood?
Budget cuts means we can't waste any money.
I'm not authorizing shit for a guy that sucks dick for a living.
You cut him the FUCK loose.
( door opens and slams closed )
That went well.
I'm not 100% certain but,
I think he was referring to you as the guy who sucks dick for a living.
[Madsen] For the record...
I don't consider holding a murder suspect for questioning to be "out of the box" police work.
How are we supposed to close a case when our prime suspect walks?
That's what life's like as Hollis' whipping boy...
the only thing worse is being the whipping boys partner.
I'm having a hard time figuring this fucker out...
Think he's an illegal?
German? Austrian?
[Madsen] I'm no good with accents.
[Cole] Greek maybe?
[Madsen] We can't just let him walk can we?
I'd like to pretend I aced the exam for a reason.
I was under the impression
we were going to talk to him no matter what.
[Madsen] What are you doing?
Let's see how gay he is.
( a dark drone starts, it sounds static-y )
( the door opens and closes again )
( a buzz, then a heavy door opens and closes )
[Cole] I'm Detective Cole and this is Detective Madsen.
And you're the mystery man with no I.D.
or a real name.
I gave you a name.
John... Smith
Are push up bra's police issued?
[Madsen] Oooh, a comedian...
look... John.
No one's buying your story
that you happened to be in the area at the time of the murder.
You weren't going to meet a John at his apartment.
Yes I was.
Yet, no written address was found
only nitrile gloves and some kind of wire.
I memorized the address, he had unique requests.
[Cole] Then tell us the address so we can confirm your story and we'll leave you alone
No way! He doesn't deserve that.
I had nothing to do with whatever murder you're talking about and I'm not going to put a client through that for nothing!
Whatever murder??
The guy was shot
50 feet from where you were arrested.
Right! He was shot...
you guys did tests on me I didn't fire any guns!!
I was arrested?
No one read me any rights.
[Cole] You weren't arrested.
What my partner meant to say was that you should have been arrested. And it's only a matter of time before
he and I find the evidence to put you behind bars for a very long time.
[Madsen] You know the saying, if it walks like a duck,
talks like a duck
it's a duck... You're a fucking duck.
And it's kind of an insult to our intelligence that you're treating us like we're idiots.
Is that how you made Jr. Detective so quickly, your intelligence.
That, and knowing when someone is full of shit.
I almost like you, you created a story and you're sticking to it.
And you know we don't have enough presently to charge you, which makes me wonder why you got caught at the scene of the crime...
This a game?
Maybe he was set up.
it was an anonymous tip that sent us there in the first place,
[Cole] maybe someone got to him first.
Or maybe I was on the way to a clients place and I unintentionally
walked past a murder I had zero to do with and now you're wasting your time on me
instead of tracking down the real killer.
Yeah you're right, no sense going around in circles.
You do know, we know,
Whatever you say.
Okay Mister John Smith
I hope for your sake we never see you again.
Don't worry, you'll never see me again.
( sound is through the tv )
( buzz, then the heavy door opens, footsteps walk off )
( the static-y drone comes back as the door closes )
( Cole's footsteps can be heard coming around corner ) ( buttons beep on a cell phone )
I don't care what the Captain said, we get a tail on the bastard a-sap.
[Cole] Already on it!
( a train is heard in the distance )
Is... Eva there? ...Eva.
Is this...
five five five four four one six
and there's no one named Eva there?
uhh, I don't
actually have her last name.
She's young, brunette.
Is there anyone there who might be her?
Oh, I'm sorry you're right, it must be the wrong number.
( an antique gun cocks )
( aggressive music starts )
[Staal] Best step out.
[Staal] Knees.
Come on...
You gotta be fucking kidding me.