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Let's go.
What is your name?
Michelle. Jang Michelle.
Michelle, greet your grandfather.
Lift up your head. Look into my eyes. Again.
Hello. I am Michelle Jang.
No, it isn't.
From now on, your name isn't Michelle.
It's Man Ok.
'Man' from the full. 'Ok' from the house.
Jang Man Ok. That is your name.
Do you understand?
From now on, you will live here with grandfather.
Jang Man Ok.
- Part 1 -
Executive Producer: Kim Yong Jin
Production : Son Ki Woon, Lee Sang
Producer : Ahn Kil Ho, Oh Tae Kyu
Original : Woon Soo Yeon
Screenwriter : Park Young Sook
Director : Kim Jin Yeong, Nam Ki Hun.
President Lee.
He just got an award from the university, greet him.
Hello, I am Lee Jin. Please take care of me.
Ah, yes.
It's master.
Master, let's go.
You are here, Master.
Omo. Welcome.
I haven't seen you come to practice for a while these days. I was wondering what you've been up to.
You were building such magnificent houses.
It's nothing.
Hearing that you were leaving for training, I was afraid I was not going to see you here.
My family just got bigger, so this time I couldn't go.
This is my grand-daughter, Jang Man Ok.
Hello. I am Jang Man Ok, 'Man, 'meaning 'to be full of', and 'Ok', meaning 'house'.
Oh, so you're Man Ok that has the same meaning as the name of the Man Ok Residence.
Jang Man Ok is your name?
You have the same name as someone I know.
Our Man Ok is much prettier than that person.
Tae Ik, shall we go over there and eat some cookies with your friend?
Let's go.
Lift up your head. Look into my eyes. Again.
Let's go.
It's nice to see that the child has such a bright personality.
She is pretty.
I'm grateful.
I'd wondered how this kid would grow when she lost her parents, at the age of 5. But. . .
The child has a good personality.
As a martial arts master, it'll be interesting for me to raise her.
You are weird.
You hold hands like girls do.
And even your voice sounds like a girl's.
I am a girl.
But then why is your hair short?
And you don't even wear a skirt?
All girls usually dress like that.
You are only supposed to wear this when you're doing martial arts.
I don't know. Idiot!
Hey! Where are you going? Hey!
What is Sato?
What is Sato! Sato is Sato!
Come here Sato! Sato!
Move aside.
Did you find it?
Ah! It's a cat...
You bad guy! Why did you throw Sato?
If it's a kitten, you should have told me that it is a kitten. Stupid.
I said it was Sato, didn't I?
-Idiot! -Stupid!
I am sorry, Sato. I am sorry
Mother, where are you?
Ahh, seriously where does this smell came from?
This is driving me crazy.
90% of polyester fiber...
It's making me itch!
I am going crazy.
You guys have lost your minds, haven't you?
I love you, Take One.
I love you, Take One.
I love you, Take One.
I love you, Take One.
I love you, Take One.
I love you, Take One.
Remove your hand.
Smile, why don't you? They are your fans...
I am going there by myself.
So bring everyone else there.
Yes, Hyung.
You crazy bastard!
The back seat is for the one who is doing a good job.
That's where I am.
Hey, where are you going? I told you I would take it.
Ah, why are you guys being like this?
Once the bus starts moving, it'll be dangerous.
Please hurry and have a seat.
Why are you grabbing me? Grab him, Lee Tae Ik!
I definitely won't give him the back seat,
do you understand?
You know that song, right? "I am the best". The best people sit in the back.
Instead of singing someone else's song, why don't you spend that time practicing the new song?
You can't even carry a tune.
When did I?
No, twice. Okay. I did a few times. But do you know what the fans said?
Just my existence itself is a work of art,
so they said that I can just be sitting there peeling oranges and I'll be great.
And even if I sing out of tune, I'm still the best to them.
So? You like that?
It seems like you just want to go and sit at the back, but no, I won't let that happen. You can't go.
Ah, please stop. You guys can just sit here in the middle.
The bus is going to drive off. Please sit down quickly.
Ok, I'm going to let it go. Right here in the middle.
You are here and I am here, okay?
Hey! You, this bastard!
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[ International Boarding ]
Grandpa, just a little bit faster. You're going to be late!
Jang Man Ok.
Take care of the Taekwondo studio well.
Where there is a will,
there is a way.
I will take good care of the Taekwondo studio, so don't worry. Please stay healthy.
Have a safe trip!
Finally, I'm free now!
I'll be temporarily free from that old annoying master! Ah!
You said Take One had a successful concert in China?
Yes, it's already their fifth concert.
Upon arrival of Take One. . .
5000 fans came to the Chinese airport.
Seeing how they're the hot duo leaders of the Hallyu Wave,
they certainly got some hot attention from their Chinese fans.
Their airport fashion yesterday is becoming a hot issue now!
First, let's check out the fashionista Won Kang Hwi.
This time too, he was dressed in a mix-match fashion that looked both comfortable and natural,
and raising the bar for airport fashion once again.
Bak Hwa Dong, turn up the volume louder.
- Ah, yes. - But, on the contrary,
Where did the remote control go...?
Tae Ik's award ceremony suit like fashion
took over the number one spot on internet portal site search engines for having the worst airport fashion.
- Lee Tae Ik is a fashion terrorist. - She said you are a fashion terrorist.
Tae Ik, you must be so embarrassed right now!
Hey, I told you to raise the volume.
Ah, why did you do that? I was watching that.
Ah, Hyung.
If you have time to watch this kind of program, why don't you practice your singing?
You want to release squeaking sounds again?
Look at him. He is delusional in his own grandeur. Now he says I make squeaking sounds.
You know you can't say that on air, right?
Ok, fine then. Not squeaking sounds, but out-of-tune. How's that?
If you don't want us to be humiliated here in China, then let's sing properly today, ok?
Without singing out of tune.
What's wrong with you? Why are you picking a fight with me this early?
Hey Lee Tae Ik, you're lucky that I'm in a good mood right now, if not, you would've...
You're upset because they said you have the worst airport fashion, no?
Yeah, I can understand.
Being the number one most searched topic on internet portal sites for having the worst airport fashion,
just thinking about how your airport fashion pictures are all over the web...Ah, that's just horrible!
Ah, I'm going to kill this guy!
Why? We must review the article.
Why? Why!?
Hey, Stylist Choi, did you know that?
Lee Tae Ik got named as a fashion terrorist.
Excuse me?
You should provide more sponsored wardrobe clothing for him.
Nowadays, you can get sponsored wardrobe for airport fashion.
We did receive sponsorship...
My body didn't take it well. Everything she brought!
Tae Ik Oppa is so sensitive to everything...
So? It's my fault?
It's my fault, of course..
Hey, why is it your fault?
Please stop it, Hyungnim.
I don't even need to get a sponsored wardrobe and I still get named as an airport fashionista.
But, unlike some people, even if you do get sponsorship, you can't pull it off.
Aigoo, you really must have a hard time.
Oh! That's from the new collection!
This is totally my style!
This is yours, Oppa.
Oppa! ... Which Oppa?
Tae Ik Oppa.
This is a very hot item nowadays. Do you want to wear it today?
Well, I will try it once.
This doesn't match you.
A god-like person like me should wear it so that it looks good.
As soon as you wear this...What is it?
Ah, it'd be like pearls around pig's neck. That's how it would look on you.
Hyungnim, Please stop, Tae Ik Hyungnim!
Hyung Hey.
- Hyung! - Take it off.
No! It's mine!
This bastard!
Hyungnim, Please stop! You can't do this.
Something bad will happen!
Oppa, I will pick out another one for you. Don't be like this.
No! I will and am going to wear this today!
Who are you trying to kill?
So why bother me?
Bother? Who's bothering you?
All this is for your sake.
Forget it.
If you have time to mess around, go practice singing the song.
You only sing for a minute, so don't turn your mic over to the audience just because you can't pull it off.
Say Ho...
And you call yourself a singer?
Yeah, I am also a singer.
Kang Hwi Hyungnim!
I am a singer.
I'm not going to sing today.
Ah Hyungnim, Where are you going? The concert will start any minute now!
I told you. I'm not going to do the concert today! No, I won't do it!
My part is only one minute long anyway. Ask mighty Lee Tae Ik to sing it.
Where are you going, Hyung?
If he is that great, why didn't he go solo? Is Take One his?
Everyone knows that 'One' from 'Take One' is Won Kang Hwi. I know that and even he knows that!
He's lucky that I have a good personality.
If not, we could've gone as 'One Take'.
Ah, but...
'Take One' sounds better and even has a better meaning...
Who does he think he is? "Eom Gam Seng Shin"
(trying to express, how dare he?, but mispronouncing it)
It is Eom Gam Seng Shim (meaning dreaming impossible dreams).
I know. I know. It is Eom Gam Seng Shim.
He wouldn't have been able to come this far!
Never mind. Give me!
Huh? What?
Your wallet. Huh?
Quickly! The doors will close!
It is refreshing, right?
I'm ok. Just that my nose is dripping.
That looks okay.
How is that one?
Instead of a skirt, baggy pants would look great with it, right?
Are you seriously planning on turning the Taekwondo studio into a clothing store?
What will you do if your grandfather catches you?
He will crush every single bone in your body!
That's why before my grandfather returns, I need to make some money and close it down once he comes back.
Don't you think my grandfather is too much?
In this day and age,
why is he insisting on keeping the Taekwondo studio open when it's not even making any money?
I mean, if he opened up a Diet Kickboxing program, then that would be another story.
Hey, did you know that last time we weren't able to pay the utility bill?
So, seeing how your grandfather is not here, are you going to clear out the Taekwondo studio?
Instead of being Jang Man Ok, Master of Hapkido,
wouldn't Designer Michelle Jang suit me better?
I really hate the name Jang Man Ok.
Whose bag do you think you're laying hands on?
I'm Master Man Ok, Jang Man Ok from the Korea Hapkido Federation that has been around for 50 years.
Should you be doing this while wearing a skirt?
You said you wanted to be a designer... You said you wanted to be Michelle Jang...
But still, I will not tolerate injustice.
Master of martial arts, Jang Man Ok! Where there is a will, there is a way!
Are you solo (alone)? We eat together, okay? Okay.
Thank you. Thank you. Xie Xie (thank you).
This is Take One. Do you know?
They are Korea's No 1 singer. Artist! - I see.
This is a real ginseng candy... You know ginseng? Very powerful.
The best!
A big problem came up.
Lower your voice. There is an image I need to maintain. How can you be mannerless in such a big hotel?
Kang Hwi Hyung said he is not going to perform at the concert today
What? Why?
He got into a big fight with Tae Ik Hyung and left.
Where did he go? Have you tried looking for him?
I can't find him anywhere in the hotel.
In any case, I think he went outside of the hotel.
What do we do if he doesn't come back like that?
What did he wear when he went out?
Just training pants and a tee shirt. He got upset early in the morning and left.
Ah, Then it's ok. Don't worry. You should also go get some food
The food here is delicious. Delicious.
Hyung, food is not the problem now!
This is why you are a rookie.
Won Kang Hwi, who's so obessed about his style and looks,
do you think he's going to go around a Chinese city like that?
Just in China alone, he has over 30,000 fans.
He doesn't know when his fans will come after him. Is he crazy?
Well, that's true. He dresses up even if he's going to the supermarket.
And he can't speak Chinese.
He just knows "Ni Hao", "Xie Xie", "Wo Ai Ni" (Hi, thanks, I love you). That's all.
How much is this?
500 yuan.
Aiya, it is too expensive.
Can you make it a bit cheaper?
I can't.
You should give me a bit cheaper.
What am I going to do to hide such good looks? Disguising doesn't help either...
You can definitely tell it is Won Kang Hwi.
Don't cover your pretty face.
I need to cover it up right now.
How much is that, Mister?
This one?
Ah, only two hours left.
No one is looking for me, huh?
Okay. Try to do well.
Only when they see that Won Kang Hwi is not there
Then, you will be like 'I need Won Kang Hwi'.
Hey kid, why are you carrying a cardboard sign?
Ah, this popularity of mine...
Excuse me, Lady, I am trying to go to the concert. Where do I have to go?
People told me to get off here.
No. Go on this road to the end of the road
and it is on the opposite side.
Ah, which way do I have to go?
Do you see that there is a sidewalk? You can get there if you go that way.
- I can get there if I follow that sidewalk, right? - Correct, correct.
- Okay. Thanks, Aunt. - You're welcome.
You can't go that way. The concert is this way.
Never mind. Never mind. What do I care?
[Chanting] I love you Take One!
You still haven't found him yet?
Bum Soo Hyung is going around everywhere looking for him.
How can we find him? I heard he didn't even take his cell phone.
It's crazy outside.
They're all worried about going on stage without even rehearsing.
The staff is losing their minds.
And the audience...they're going to start coming in soon.
Hello, everyone.
Hello, Tae Ik.
Welcome to China. I am a reporter from KDNTV and can I interview you?
Yes, you can. It is nice to meet you.
It is over there. Go in quickly. It is the entrance. You can find him there.
Thank you.
Go inside quickly. Don't miss the good seat.
I am really grateful. Bye Bye.
Bye Bye.
It is an honor to meet you guys, Chinese fans.
You think you're so great. Try it on your own for a change.
Ah, look at this person. He doesn't listen to what others say.
I told him so many times not to wear that scarf and he ends up wearing it!
In any case, I don't like him at all.
What should I do?
Oh my, What is all this?
Oh, Jin Ho's mother.
Thank you.
I came to pay, but the Taekwondo studio looks completely different.
Are you selling those, Master Jang?
Yes, they are sold on our online shopping market.
But, I've opened it up as our offline store.
They are pretty, right? - Yeh...
They are pretty.
Wow! You sure have good taste to pick out something so nice the first time!
Jin Ho's Mom, as I expected, you have a good sense.
Really? Does it look good on me?
Yes, it really does.
When you wear this, be sure to wear shoes without high heels.
You have shoes like flats, right?
As for the hair, style it so that it is somewhat up,
and for the necklace, wear something with a thin chain that looks feminine.
You are an expert, Master Jang.
I never thought this side of you existed because you always wore your Taekwondo uniform,
but, today your clothes are very pretty.
They look good on you.
This is what my style is really like, but I couldn't wear these kinds of clothes because of my grandfather.
And also, keep this as a secret from my grandfather.
After exactly 3 months, I'm going to close down.
I got it.
But, wait...
Do you want me to spread the word for you?
Did you find Kang Hwi Hyung?
Tae Ik, I think we have to cancel today's performance.
A call from the representative also came.
Then, how about those people?
I heard that there were some people that rode the train for 4 days to come here.
What should we do about it? Won Kang Hwi is not here now.
In any case, we still have to pay for everything, don't we?
That....of course.
So, even if we cancel now, we have to pay for the stage, the lighting, all the staff and everything else, right?
There's nothing we can do. It's our fault to begin with.
Let's show them.
♬ Hey! sweety Girl ! You know it ?
♬ Whenever I see your eyes, I can't sleep Tonight

♬When I look deeply into your eyes, I need you.
♬ Softly you want to have everything so sweet, Girl
♬I don't stop dreaming of you all night. I want to hold you.
♬ Moist lips whispered in my ear as I want to hold you
♬ You can touch! Be My Girl You can fly Let me love! give all for you!
♬ You can touch! Be My Girl You can fly Let me love! love you tonight!
What's wrong with Tae Ik?
Isn't that part of the choreography?
-Oh, Hyung. -What?
Kang Hwi!
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What is he doing now? What is he doing now?
I will not work with that bastard anymore.
So what are you going to do?
Are you saying that you want to break the team up?
Tell him to break the team up! Do you think I'll blink an eye if he does?
That crazy bastard!
It's been a pleasure, Jang Man Ok.
I'm going to file a police report on Take One or whatever they're called, for stealing my motorcycle!
You thief!
You really stink you know that!
A stylist that doesn't know what condition their singer's body is in,
I don't need them.
Do I need to keep working with such a rude bastard like him?
I warned you, didn't I?
That I'll end things for you.
Won't you stop already!?
Who are you? Are you a stalker?
You will die in my hands if I catch you!
Man Ok, let's work together!
This is a contract that states that you will keep silent about anything that happens within the parameters of the full house.
Aren't you going to hurry up and open this gate!?