Mahabharat - Episode 41

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When Balram asked the Yadavas ...
... to bring back Arjun the quarrel ended
The maces were kept aside
The bows and arrows were discarded
The tension was defused
Subhadra was decked up like a bride ...
... and there was love and happiness in the air
Subhadra's face shone like the moon ...
... and the bangles tinkled on her hands
With Lord Krishna smiling in the background ...
... Subhadra moved towards Arjun to garland him
May you prosper!
- Be prosperous! - My blessings!
May you live long!
Astonished, I kept staring ...
Every sweet word of his was new
Subhadra was not Ulupi or Chitrangada ...
... who could be left behind in Dwarka
Subhadra was the honor of the Yadus ...
... who would be insulted if she were left behind
Arjun could not tell Subhadra all this
He thought the problem would resolve itself ...
... once they returned to lndraprasth
On reaching lndraprasth ...
... he met his brothers but ...
... even they had no solution to his problem
Your problem is truly serious, Arjun ...
... but I cannot interfere
That's true
How can we help you, Brother?
Ask Grandsire for help
He has been a bachelor all his life
What will he know of marital problems?
I think you should go to Draupadi alone
Maybe a solution will suggest itself
Why have come here? Go there
Listen to me, Panchali
I know your penance has proved fruitful
You now have a wife in every city you visited
You have brought back Subhadra
Didn't you know that ...
... the first knot is loosened ...
... when the second knot is tied?
You have every reason to be angry ...
... and I must make you see reason
But ...
There are no ''buts'' ...
... between a husband and wife
Now please go!
The humiliation you have subjected me to ...
... has soured my soul with its poison
When I have recovered from this poison ...
... I may be able to welcome you to my chamber
But Panchali ...
I have been waiting for you ...
... to take me to Draupadi
I was thinking about ...
... when to take you
Subhadra is my sister but ...
... Draupadi is like my sister ...
... and very dear to me
If it was not important for Subhadra to go with you ...
... I would not have suggested it
Don't think I am helping you ...
... merely because I love you both
I do not understand
You need not understand that now
Subhadra is the future of the Lunar Dynasty
Go Arjun. My chariot is waiting for you
One more thing!
Let Subhadra drive your chariot
This journey is hers not yours
Dress up as a cow maid
As a cow maid?
As you wish
Hail O Queen!
Krishna's sister Subhadra wishes to see you
Why didn't you say Queen Subhadra wishes to see me?
Don't you know who she is?
I know. But she asked me to introduce her thus
Bring her in
Krishna's sister Subhadra ...
... wishes to pay her respects
Krishna's sister cannot be my rival
Welcome to my palace and my heart
I do not wish to stay in your palace ...
... or your heart
In any case, your heart is a crowded place
I wish to stay at your feet
Allow me to serve you
Krishna's sister is my sister
Her place is not at my feet but in my heart
Ganga and Yamuna have met
It is a rare meeting indeed!
Draupadi is satisfied ...
... by Subhadra's sweet words
Subhadra's arrival has secured ...
... the future of the Lunar Dynasty
The problem of the Nagas and demons still remains
This problem was solved with help from the Fire God
The Fire God asked the Forest God ...
... to reward Arjun
The Forest God agreed and rewarded Arjun ...
... with the Gandiva bow, the eternal quiver ...
... and the monkey adorned banner
With Krishna's blessings and the Fire God's help ...
... Khandavprasth was cleared
The architect of the demons surrendered ...
... and Arjun spared his life
At Lord Krishna's request ...
... he built an incomparable palace ...
... for the Pandavas
But that was not all!
He brought a Conch named Parma Devrata ...
... from Lake Bindu for Arjun ...
... and the unconquerable mace for Bhim
The Pandavas began to dream of world domination
What are you thinking, my king?
Not king! Call me brother
This crown should not come between us
I do not want the crown if it will ...
... separate us brothers
I admit my mistake
Your heart is pure
None can separate you from your brothers
Tell me, what were you thinking?
I was thinking about ...
... Father's order that I should perform ...
But would it be right for me to do so ...
... while Father is still living
Why not? You did not break away from him
You were asked to go
King Dhritirashtra himself crowned you
You are not dependent on him
lndraprasth is an independent nation
You have a right to perform the Rajsuya ritual
Your subjects are happy
Lord lndra has blessed you with rain
The granaries are full
The citizens know no fear because ...
... there are no thieves
There are thieves ...
... when there is inequality and deprivation
Your justice has eliminated all this
Travelers move about freely ...
... because all the roads are safe ...
... from dacoits
Your officials are law-abiding
They do not take bribes
Who but you has the right to perform the Rajsuya ritual?
Only you can be called an Emperor
So, do perform the ritual
But ...
But what, Krishna?
All the royal families today ...
... are descendents of King Yayati ...
... or King Bhoj
All kings today pay obeisance to ...
... King Jarasandh of Magadh
It's also true that ...
... there is none stronger than Jarasandh
He, too, wishes to be an Emperor
King Shishupal of Chedi is his Army chief
He is indebted to him
Let alone the others ...
... even your Father's friend King Bhagdak ...
... pays obeisance to Jarasandh
Are you trying to frighten us?
No, Bhim!
I only want you to know that ...
... apart from your uncle Purojit ...
... you can trust no one else
So, you will face only one obstacle ...
... and it is no ordinary obstacle
Without killing him, you can't perform the ritual
He wants to attain power by sacrificing ...
... a hundred kings
Do not forget he is blessed by Lord Shiva
If you wish to perform the Rajsuya ritual ...
... you will have to perform the Rajsuya ritual ...
... and free the imprisoned kings
If you can't do this ...
... you can't perform the ritual
We will attack Magadh
It is impossible to defeat Jarasandh on the battlefield
Your army is nothing ...
... compared to his huge army
Every king wishes to be an emperor ...
... but not every king can become an emperor
Are we not worthy?
I am a friend. My praise means nothing
Your worth will be established ...
... when enemies praise you
Then tell us what should we do?
Can you or Balram ...
... or Arjun not kill Jarasandh?
If we accept the enemy to be stronger than us ...
... even before the battle, we will never win
If Krishna is with us ...
... Arjun can defeat any king
I am with you, and will always be with you
O Govinda!
Let's go!
If you are with us ...
... we do not need an army
Think carefully before leaving
Jarasandh's ego lives on conquering kings
He is an expert wrestler
He has imprisoned 86 kings whom he intends to ...
... sacrifice to Lord Shiva
He needs only 1 4 kings more
If he can conquer 1 4 more kings ...
... his defeat will become impossible
Lord Shiva will be grateful to whoever prevents this
His name will go down in the history of mankind
O Giridhar!
Bhim and Arjun are my eyes
You are my lntelligence
If I send all three of you ...
... I'll become helpless
When even Death cannot defeat him ...
... what can you do?
Let us forget the Rajsuya ritual
Man cannot forget everything
If we do not perform the ritual ...
... History will say that ...
... Emperor Pandu sired five cowards
It is better to embrace Death like warriors ...
... rather than sit at home with the fear of defeat
The rest is up to you
Strategy says that attack is the best means of defense
As for Jarasandh's strength ...
... didn't you say that some one has to lose in war?
We know the result of this war
Either he will win or he will lose
We cannot both win or both lose ...
...this battle
I am not a coward, Nakul
But I am also a King
A King must think twice ...
... before he does anything
What is the secret of his strength ?
That is a strange story
Jarasandh's father King Brahadutt had promised ...
...his wives that he would love them equally
Though he grew old, he remained childless
One day he heard that Sage Kaushik was sitting ...
... under a mango tree
He went to the Sage
O Sage! I am childless
Bless me with children
Suggest a remedy
Have mercy on me O Sage! Suggest a remedy
Give this mango to your queen
You will be blessed with a child
I am grateful
The Sage gave the king a mango ...
... which the king divided into two halves ...
Were two sons born?
How can two sons be born with one mango?
Each queen gave birth to half a son ...
The queens were terrified
Dejected, they threw the children away
Just then a demoness named Jaraa was passing by
Seeing the two pieces of flesh ...
... she picked them up to eat
When the two halves came together ...
... they joined and the child was formed
The child put his hand in his mouth and thundered
Jaraa ran away frightened ...
... but the queens recognized the sound
That is Jarasandh
He is not one, but two
That's why even the Death cannot claim him
The three of us together ...
... may be able to kill him
But alone ...
... neither Bhim nor Arjun can do it
In that case ...
Your dilemma is not misplaced
It is impossible to defeat him in battle ...
... but in a duel it may be possible
My suggestion is :
Let Bhim and Arjun come with me in disguise
Bhim can then call for a duel on some pretext
Then why are we waiting? Let's go
What disguise?
Why not as Brahmins?
Victory to the king!
Why are you worried?
What can I say, O King of Chedi
I am thinking about Krishna
After the sacrifice, I shall attack Dwarka
Either he wins or I win
You cannot lose
Welcome O Brahmins!
I present you with cows
Tell me if you need anything else
O King. My friends are observing silence
They will speak only after midnight
Then we will meet after midnight
- Prime Minister - Yes
Attend to their needs
As you wish!
I'll come at midnight
Will he come?
Of course
He has a great respect for Brahmins ...
... and will do everything to satisfy them
- But ... - Wait for midnight
The bravest warrior of all ...
... King of Magadh Jarasandh is on his way
What did I say!
Please be seated
Brahmins do not use sandalwood paste
You say you are Brahmins ...
... but you are warriors
Who are you and why this disguise?
One enters an enemy's house cautiously
One enters a friend's house by the front door
Which means I am not your friend
I do not remember ever hurting you
Then why do you consider me to be your enemy?
Why not?
If darkness is not darkness then what is it?
You are an enemy because you have strayed ...
... from Religion and Justice
I have strayed from Religion?
Without doubt
I am unjust?
Without doubt
What had the 86 kings done to you ...
... that you imprisoned them?
Did you give them life?
If not, how can you sacrifice them?
Do you think Lord Shiva will accept it?
So, leave the path of injustice ...
... and return to religion
That is the true path of freedom
Do not forgot that Death is the only truth
If you think you have conquered Death ...
... then you are a fool
Fate judges the Actions of Man
War is a holy duty for the warrior
He will even give his life doing this duty
Go beg for alms, Brahmin
Leave before I forget you are a Brahmin
What do you want?
A duel
A duel?
Yes, choose any one of us
Both of you are too weak
It will be an insult to fight you
However, I must praise your valor
This one is okay
ldentify yourself before the duel
You are not a Brahmin
This is Arjun
This is Bhimsen
I am Krishna
Had I known you were Krishna ...
... I would have still chosen Bhim
A duel is between equals