Road to Rampage - Week 1: The Fight Matt Hamill Deserves

Uploaded by Road2Rampage on 23.03.2011

Welcome to the Road to Rampage, This is my life, this is where I am training and I can’t
wait to face Rampage on May 28th, so I’ll see you there.
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He wanted him, and now he got him, Matt "The Hammer" Hamill says he will beat Quinton "Rampage"
Jackson at UFC 130 in Las Vegas. Hello everyone, I'm Pat Bailey and thanks for joining for
the "Road to Rampage." We are in Utica, NY, Matt Hamill's hometown gym. Over the next
10 weeks, we will show you how how The Hammer is preparing for the biggest fight of his
career. It's a fight if he says, he wins, he desevers to be in the mix for a light heavyweight
Following his decisive victory over Tito Ortiz, at UFC 121, Matt “The Hammer” Hamill was
promised a top 10 opponent the next time he stepped into the octagon. The only problem
was the majority of fighters, in the Light Heavyweight Division, were booked. So in January
Hamill signed on to fight the young up and coming Phil Davis. Hamill was disappointed,
for weeks, until the news broke Rampage needed an opponent.
When I talked to Joe Silva about making the Phil Davis fight I said we really wanted Rampage,
or even Thiago Silva, that’s what we were looking for, to give Matt a big step up. We
really feel like he is ready for it. He said Rampage? Really you think Rampage is the guy?
We said stylistically Matt is all over Rampage. He has him beat in every category.
The UFC was having a tough time trying to find someone to fight Rampage, and I raised
my hand and said “I would like to fight him”. (Do you deserve this fight?) Oh yeah,
absolutely. I deserve a better fighter in the top 10 and I am ready. I will prove I
am a well rounded fighter.
Quietly The Hammer has been proving his talents in the octagon.
As far as Matt goes. Matt has made a name for himself. He is a very popular fighter,
his UFC record alone is 9 and 2 which is a stellar UFC record. He is coming off a five
fight win streak, even though it includes a fight we don’t look at as a win, but it's
still it’s in there. And he just beat a former World Champion in Tito Ortiz. Let me
tell you something that was the best Tito Ortiz people have seen in a long time. That
was a healthy Tito.
Oh I really, really want to win this fight. It is important to me especially for Utica,
and the Loveland community in Ohio. All that is important. No has ever heard of a Utica
fighter going on to face Rampage. This is the shot I want, to go face Rampage. This
is what I want.
And this is what he has. Now that its here Hamill is more focused than ever. With his
eyes ultimately on a larger prize, Hamill is spending his time in Utica, at the gym,
I will be training real hard, the hardest I can. Learn as much as I can. Work on my
striking, work on Maui Tai and I'm go way beyond. I am going to push myself. I know
I am going to win this fight. I am going to break Rampage’s will. He’s going to have
a hard time facing me.
But Rampage didn’t want Hamill, at first. He said he had no interest but A day later
Jackson changed his tune and said he would not only take the fight, but knock Hamill
into tomorrow. The Hammer is not much of a talker. he lets his fighting do that for him.
However, he is confident heading into his biggest fight.
Like I told Matt we are not going to trash talk Rampage, we are just going to say Matt
Hamill can beat Rampage, and we know it and this is how he is going to do it. He is going
to beat him up, he is going to take him down, he is going to beat him up on the ground,
and it will be a bad situation for Rampage.
This is my time to shine, this is the fight, I wanted Rampage. It’s very interesting;
it’s going to be a war, and I Know I will give him a hard time.I want to use killer
instincts again against Rampage and any other opponent. My body starts to change when I
get into the ring.
We just want the world to see, and the world to be there and witness what happens on May2
8th when Matt takes out Rampage.
UFC 130 is May 28th in Las Vegas, We will see you next week for the next installment
of Road to Rampage.