Haruna's Coffee Swiss roll recipe ☆誰でも簡単☆コーヒーロールケーキの作り方

Uploaded by sazantv on 08.05.2011

Here, my Coffee Swiss roll is done.
It tastes good, so I hope you try to make my Coffee Swiss roll.
Hello, everyone.
Today, I am going to make my Coffee Swiss roll.
Ingredients are here.
Eggs, sugar, instant coffee, sifted flour and fresh cream (whipped).
This is for topping. You can try any fruit that you like.
Today, I use a strawberry.
Now, let's get started.
First, Make a sponge part.
Today, I use a food processor.
By using it, you can make a sponge easily.
First, add the eggs.
Add 1/3 of the sugar, at first.
It's OK by your eye-measure.
Close the cover and whip the mixture to some extent.
Stop it.
After the mixture has been mixed to some extent,
Add the remaining sugar...
and the instant coffee.
Whip the mixture again.
Whip it until it become stiff and whitish.
Turn on the switch.
Here, this level of hardness is fine.
Next, Mix this mixture and the flour.
Here, Mix the mixture and the flour.
Put the mixture in a bowl.
Add the sifted flour.
First, Add about 1/3 of the flour.
Stir the mixture and flour leisurely.
Add the remaining flour.
At this time, Mix them airy.
Don't over-mix, otherwise the dough will become sticky.
Mix it leisurely.
Here, the dough is done.
Next, fry it.
Here, fry the dough.
First, heat a frying pan and grease lightly in it.
Add the dough.
Today's recipe is a Swiss roll, so fry the one side only.
Spread it evenly.
Then, close the lid.
Fry it slowly over gentle heat until the top side dries.
Here, check the inside.
It's done when the top side dries to touch like this.
Next, cool down the dough.
Place a baking sheet on a chopping board and move the dough to it.
Looks good!!
Move it.
Let it cool in room temperature for a while.
When the dough have cooled down, roll the dough.
First, spread the fresh cream (whipped).
Don't spread to the end of the dough. Otherwise, the cream will get out to outside when roll it.
Put the diced cut strawberries.
You can use any seasonal fruit that you like.
Here, Roll it.
This is a knack for rolling sushi roll.
Roll the dough with raising the baking sheet.
Then, raise the both end of the baking sheet like this.
In doing so, you can roll it easily.
Finaly, keep it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
Here, get it out of the refrigerator, and cut it.
Looks good!!
When cut a cake, Keep a knife hot.
In doing so, you can cut it easily.
Cut the end of the Swiss roll.
Looks good!!
Place the strawberries for decoration.
It's ready!!
Here, my Coffee Swiss roll is done.
It tastes good, so I hope you try to make my Coffee Swiss roll.