4D/4Dx movie theater review at Paragon Cineplex in Bangkok

Uploaded by djeylngn on 15.08.2011

Hey guyz, I'm in Bangkok
with my new friend Jubril and
we experienced tonight
the Siam Paragon Cineplex Movie Theater
which is a huge complex in Bangkok
where you can watch movies and
the specific thing about it is
you can see a 4D movie
It's the 2nd 4D movie theater in the world
and they don't even have this in America
It's really a big adventure
to watch a movie in Bangkok
It's not like in the West
where you just go to the movie theater
you buy your ticket and that's it
you watch the movie
Here there are so many different options
you have to choose before you watch a movie
You can watch it in 2D, in 3D
and even in 4D now
and we are going to talk about it
in a few seconds
but basically
they added a fourth dimension to it
which means you can smell
and feel the action
You can watch the movie in
a normal digital theatre
or in an Imax theatre
The difference being an Imax movie
is captured on a larger film
at a higher resolution
so you can project it on a bigger screen
and the one in Bangkok is absolutely huge
It's the size of a 8 floors building
If you want to get the VIP treatment
you can also ask to be in a smaller room
with fewer people with luxury seats
Usually there are around 30 to 70 seats
You can ask to be in
the Ultra Romance seats
which are seats that come with
curtains around
so you get full privacy
from the other viewers
so it's really good for couples or lovers
You can also be in a smaller room
where you can watch a movie laying on a bed
and it comes with a waitress serving you
unlimited popcorn, drinks and food
So once you have decided
in which kind of room you want to be
you also have to decide
in which seat category you want to be
There are different prices whether you seat
in the front, middle, back or side seats
and seats are assigned here
So it's very complex to watch a movie
to decide what ticket you want to buy
in Bangkok
Once you are in the room
there's also one other thing
that happens that is different
They show an ad for the king
and everybody has to stand up
and show respect
and it's kind of nice to see that
everybody is doing it
I guess if we were trying to do it in France
a lot of people would stay seated
So let's talk about the 4D experience
as it was really the highlight of the evening
Let's have a look at their website
and see what features they have
so first, the motion effects
your seat can move and vibrate
you can receive an air or water spray
in the neck, on the face and on your legs
get a kick in the butt or on the back
and the chair can tickle your legs as well
Then there are the environment effects
They can diffuse more than
a 1000 different scents
or create fog, bubbles and wind in the room
For those of you who have been to Disneyland
It's kind of a mix of Star Tours and
Honey I Shrunk the Audience
except that it's being used for a movie
that was not shot with the idea of adding
that 4D technology to it
so it's just a regular movie
and the first one to be released in Bangkok
was Transformers 3
and tonight we saw Captain America
So, on the paper, it looks very good
and especially for action movies
But let see what Jubril thought about
the experience and how they used
the technology to match the movie
to increase the viewer's experience
It's like nothing I have experienced before
If i can give it to you in a short
It's kind of like going to Disneyworld
and you put on the glasses
and you can just kind of feel
everything shaking around
and you have water coming at your face
but this is a movie
Absolutely incredible experience
So when you have a car scene
you move and you have swerving all over the place
Your chair is like wow wow
It's really kind of cool
Then you have a quick water scene
In front of your seat, pshhit
It's really kind of cool
When you have a fight scene while they have
the kick and doing all the action
with the act of getting kicked
you'll feel a kick in the back of your seat
It's really kind of crazy
And where the guns are flying
You've got the Uzis and AK47 and everything
In the back of your seat
you'll feel the bullets wizzing by your ear
And the first time that happens
you don't even expect it
Wow what was that?
It's really kind of cool
Now this is probably one of the most
memorables things for me
It's when he jumps out of the plane
The seats are moving because of the wind
and then also, the wind, you can feel it
because they have some big fans
that come down and it really gets cold
and they have a few scenes like this
and you just kind of wish
you had a nice pretty girl
you could kind of snuggle with
make the scene a little better
The price is absolutely amazing
out here in Bangkok
because this is a new technology
It's not even out in America yet
and it's about 400 baht which is about 12 USD
and I can guess in Los Angeles
it will be about 25 USD
So if you get a chance to do it
I definitely recommend it
Can't say enough about the 4D experience
So we hope you liked the video
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