Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Bullet Time Tutorial

Uploaded by Scarybunny88 on 22.08.2012

Counter-terrorists win.
Way to pull it together. Hi everyone. In this video I'll be showing you how you can do this yourself
in Global Offensive.
All of this is raw footage from the game and nothing has been edited in afterwards.

It's really simple and easy to do requires just a couple of console commands
and it's also a lot of fun to play around with.
First off you'll need to start your own offline server with bots.
Open the console by pressing the tilde key, it should be to the left of your number
one key. If it doesn't come up you have to turn enable developer console to yes
in game settings. If it still doesn't work or you don't have tilde key you can
change the key you need to press in keyboard and mouse settings. Once you have it up,

the first thing you need to type in is sv_cheats 1.
Before you start screaming hacks only adminscan turn on cheats and since
you're on your own server you are an admin.
You aren't able to play around with cheats on online servers unless an
admin allows it which rarely ever happens. The command for changing the speed of the
game is host_timescale which by default is set to one, one hundred percent speed.

You can change the speed by changing the number, host_timescale 0.5
would be half speed
host_timescale 2 would be double speed and so on.
So now that you know how to activate bullet time we need an easy way of turning
it off and on.
Type in bind q "host_timescale 0.2"
and bind e "host_timescale 1"

not forgetting the apostrophes both times.
This means that when you press q
you'll get twenty percent speed and e will put you back to normal speed.
You can change q and e to whatever you like but they are the most comfortable
for me.
You can also have a timescale faster or slower than 0.2
but 0.2 is just the right speed in my opinion.
You can also do this in most other source engine games such as Counter-Strike: Source
but Global Offensive is the only one which actually changes the pitch of the noises with
the speed which is a nice little feature.
that's all you need to know, and I hope you have a lot of fun playing Neo.
Terrorists win. We are in full control.