Atheist babies and natural biases

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Babies are atheists. I've seen a lot of people gang up on bionicdance lately. I guess I can
understand why but if you've watched BionicDance's channel at all, proper word use is kind of
one of her major sticking points. She's very big on this. So get off her case, that's the
kind of channel she has. Seriously, its not like we're doing anything massively political
on here. Its not like we're eugenie scott or Aronra defending evolution in court. We
all have hobbies on here, her's is word police. What does my dressing up like a mormon and
singing kids songs really do to the long term issues. Our job on youtube is to change the
language and change minds. Get over it. If you are bored of her stuff there are a ton
atheists on youtube you can watch instead. However lets look at the problem in this debate.
Babies lack a belief in god. Which is why the argument of babies being atheists has
always been a form of geek joke, no one really uses this argument unless someone starts confusing
the definition of atheists with anti-theists. Anti-theism being actively opposed to theism,
or gnostic atheists meaning you know god doesn't exist.
However language is fluid and just like how theory has different meanings if you are in
the science field or the public circle, atheist has also been given multiple meanings. Atheist
in Greek means lacking a belief in a god. And just like theory the meaning has changed
in common usage to have a wide range of meanings from anti-theist to Nihilism. This modern
youtube generation is trying to use the original means of Huxlian agnosticism and Greek Atheism.
Defining terms is all part of campaign strategies just like how Socialist Communist and nazi
were all thrown at Obama and the Democratic party by the GOP when actual Socialist, Communists
and Nazis are completely offended by the comparison. But it worked in the 2010 election because
if you can link established negative words to people or ideas, you win the argument in
voting. In 2000 The bush election actively consulted a firm that took polls on the most
emotionally charged words and used them in Bush's speeches to get him close enough to
get a near tie. So the language war is sadly a bit important.
Also different groups of people belonging to a group name will evolve over time and
still hold the name. There are people on my video about religious liberals who vehemently
claim that a Christian is someone who believes in the bible 100%. Christian means you are
a follower of Christ and just like a Buddhist doesn't mean someone who believes that the
Sutras are 100% infallible and the unquestioned words of the Buddha, even though there are
some sects that do, Liberal Christians believe in the Idea and the philosophy of Jesus but
they know there is error in the books and they follow the parts they feel god is telling
them is most important along with some other methods of epistemology. Its not up to you
to decide that these people are now a different species of follower, the fit the criteria
of a follower of Christ except they understand history and reality a bit more. Nothing in
the word Christian means you believe in the bible 100%, someone else took that word and
one the word war in many people's minds. Hell the Coptics, Ethiopian, Armenians, Greek and
Russian Orthodox all have differing biblical cannons they believe are 100% truth and still
call themselves Christians. The Gnostics we one of around 12 branches of Christians, in
the early day, and they followed the gnostic texts over the bible that hadn't been formed
yet, that ended up getting slaughtered because they were too far separated from what was
voted and negotiated on at the counsel of Nicaea. Just like with atheists you always
need a modifier to define you species in a group.
Babies being atheists would be a joke but I know many fundies who believe that all things
in nature including rock trees animals and babies instinctively know that god is real
as there are verses to back this up. Its the way they can believe that babies go to heaven
if they die, and how we know god exists we just don't want to believe it so we choose
not to. So lets look at some baby developmental psychology,
first off. Babies are born with little to no neural connections other than their smaller
more primal brains so they can fit their heads through the birth canal. The baby has the
intelligence level of maybe some lower level mammals if that. It is atheistic, amoral,
apistivistic, nihilistic, and every other non-thing that requires a mature frontal cortex.
It does however have natural instinctive biases as it's reptilian brain is fully working for
fight or flight. It doesn't have object permanence and thinks that if you leave the room you
cease to exist. Cover its eyes and the universe ceases to exist. The babies is completely
agnostic and an amateur scientist in the purest sense, experimenting, getting feedback analyzing
the data and then trying something else. It doesn't have faith without evidence, and it
doesn't trust you for the first 6 months. That 6 months is the time it develops trust
and the old fashioned idea that picking up the baby too much will spoil it has been overturned.
Trust that young can increase emotional well-being and possibly IQ. Mind you all cultures have
different ideas on this subject and it cultivates behavior important to that society.
As the brain develops it then develops theism, the parents are gods and other grownups are
lesser gods, and the baby is hardwired to trust whatever they say to learn as much as
possible and suck knowledge up like a sponge. They now develop on top of their natural biases,
conditioned biases. As Einstein said “Common sense is just all the prejudices acquired
by the age of 18”. In the process, many of these conditioned biases that were useful,
should be refined or dropped but society and our family can use and abuse these biases
in some very negative ways. Theism is one of these, belief because someone told you
that there was an even better parent that will take care of you for the rest of your
life that you should obey. There are many natural biases that we are stuck with most
of our lives unless we condition our brains to go against them. Our ape us vs them is
a natural bias that causes war and racism, which was useful for the chimps because the
other group of chimps was probably going to kill you. Assumption of design or intended
purpose in non-designed things for children is another natural bias that can persist if
abused. Belief without evidence is a conditioned bias
that we do not naturally grow out of without proper mental training. So we have 3 types
of biases natural biases as part of our evolution, conditioned biases which can be abused and
extended from childhood to the rest of your life, and conditioned biases that do not leave
without effort. As you get get more and more certain of your
reality, people tend to get set in their ways. Many people stop learning or questioning and
are completely oblivious to their own biases, and until they are aware will continue to
fall into many of the same mental traps. Non-believers took the name atheist which
is the default position for babies but not children. Bionicdance took it a step further
and called herself an apistivist, meaning without faith. Shes actually more of an anti-pistivist
but that's another story. What we need to get to is move it out one more branch to anti-bias.
We can't be abiased sadly because no matter how much we study and know ourselves we will
still be slaves to biases. Faith is just one of many biases. Skepticism has been used to
cover this but just like with the word theory, skepticism has a different meaning in common
speak, as being a climate change skeptic tends to means denier.
I looked into a Greek word of anti-biased, but the word for bias is freaking long and
hard to say. So anti-biased skeptic is the best we can do, except we have to explain
its cognitive bias we are anti. Just like with classifying an animal or even a Christian
you need several modifiers to describe what the person actually believes.
So the most outspoken anti-bias skeptics on the internet are anticitizenx, painfulmass
and of course myself with my series why do intelligent people still believe in religion.
We discuss natural biases, which are kind of the roots of all stupidity and human errors.
Or in other words as bionicdance puts it, don't run on automatic.