Grozovye Vorota (4-4)

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"Hello, my dear, loved mommy!
I very long, at last Time, I often dream of our home,
I remember me as a small lead in circus and I was afraid of animals. Ridiculous.
I've changed, now everything is different. It's good, which is next to me Koljan
He was here like a fish in water, does not allow me to mourn.
Nrestao to excite people around me,
especially to our commanders, I do not understand where they got such strength and endurance.
But I can also, I can handle.
I'll be back soon, Mommy. In short, wait for me. Your Kostik.
Grozovye Vorota
Episode 4 Grozovye Vorota
Bone! How much is there, other ammunition?
A quarter!
Little, must go!
Will bring us!
No, Costik, might not pass!
Well, when they stop gule, I'll go!
Here the nerves of the fight, Kostik! As you sit, shake,
until we start again!
Watch out, guys! Ghosts are coming!
Comrades! Whores!
Kostjan! A?
Kostjan! Kole, ammo!
The combination of multiple belts, this to me is almost empty!
Now I will!
Bone! Ou!
I saw the black people there!
Me too!
So what now, guys, izginusmo! We have something to do!
What are you doing?
Need to run!
What a flight! Semagin, Mani is!
And what, to wait until we all the pieces do not tear?
Where to run?
And how I know?
Manita to tell you! Take your hands of it!
Calm down both of them!
If you want, go into the woods!
Well that's two hundred meters! When we would our targeted!
What, leave a loop, eh?
Shut up, get it?
Get away from me!
I did not come here to die! When are we going to run?
Right now, let's go! As long as our Company defends, they will kill us!
Drop down into the canyon, continue the forest.
If we stay here, villas, get it?
What, for example, if you break on orders četnog.
We go to the Chechens and voluntary to teach.
Right! that's all, let's go! Well, where do you go? Are you with us?
And you do not forbid!
What a fool! There is every for yourself!
I told you! Where are you going? Everyone for himself! Understand?
Hold it, bitches! Back!
Kostjan! Go the ammunition!
Now, now!
Uh, gad!
Vetrov, hang on! This is the last!
I understand!
Ammunition will not be! Akiiev said!
There is a lot of wounded, in addition to storage were killed, lying under the eaves!
We are not going to let them butt we are going to shoot!
73, 74...
Seventy... Now, now...
Now, now, now, now!
We are strongly it gotten them?
E This is the thing! Historic!
Probably, the Great Patriotic?
I'll go hunting!
Daćešme see, eh?
True history! Rarity.
Give it here On!
Kostjan here is so close! Do everything you can reach by hand!
What is one more gift bowels of the earth people?
Kostjan, look!
Goal, you're such a, like an orphan?
Knocked up, eh?
Stop! Where are you going?
Goal, where are you going? Goal, stop!
Fool! Will affect you! Lie!
Shepherd, eh?
well you considered?
Yes, what? They will be sad to kill a fool!
Kostjan, come on! Cover for me!
It is a difficult, bastard! Let anoint, be saved and to void!
Come on, come on! Get stuck now!
Come on!
Come on, come on!
It is a difficult, bastard!
Do you know why, you are full of shit!
Jackass! What, you were playing there, Kozara?
Aaa! Injured?
No, we fell into a bullet bulletproof! How to hurt!
When I get... When they arrive, I will make an amulet. Oh, goatherd!
Are they exaggerated, or what? What is here, branches?
And what are we, if we stay here?
We are Russians! Kostjan, do not it is to forget!
And they were Chechens, get it?
What bre Chechens, when a lot of others?
This means that they are inflated.
Uh, bitches!
Where do you run? Wait, bitch! Back bastard!
Topaz? Topaz online!
Do you keep up? More uvekda!
What do you mean it is? Those we do some fall mood're pouring!
I have no mood! Losers, and we are not!
Large losses?
Eleven of the two hundred and twenty-three hundred!
This, together with those from earlier?
No, for the last hour fight! Call aviaciju!
What aviaciju? You're crazy!
You are in direct contact with the enemy!
Will you, perhaps your own, and foreigners to premelju?
And how to keep them still? They were three times more!
Do not panic! Go gain! Go!
Strela-1, I Strela-2. What is the situation, the exchange rate? Reception.
I hear you, Strela 2! Everything is fine, we go by
a given route. Reception.
Topaz, Topaz, I box! We are in the march. How are you there?
Hard! Hurry, if you can!
But hurry, and we will hurry up! Just do not kloneš, Lieutenant!
Rocket attack warning. I will try to avoid.
The devil!
The fire in the cabin! The fire in the cabin?
Strela-1! Strela-1! Strela-1!
Fire from all the pipes!
Bear, I have box! The road to the plateau was destroyed, still go without armor!
LOL! LOL! Prices have started to attack!
Topaz, Egorov will keep Malu! Topaz, will now go to mine!
End connections.
Let's go!
Come on!
What happens to support? Cut us!
The right time! We will not long endure! It should be back to defend, Sanjay!
There is Pankratov! I understand!
Well, have you improved?
Valera, change tactics! Go on you!
I noticed!
Adjacent is our strong! Wounded more! The second box set on fire!
Chess, where he is?
Oved people! There will not long to endure!
Chess I sent to verify the path.
And, you have not decided to retire? Hero! Proper!
Without small you can not to hold down a crook!
I am made the schedule! As soon as more prigusti, immediately below!
Your lives are we in this country needs!
Sanjay, I understood!
Here you!
Topaz, Topaz, I have background is! How do you hear me? Reception! LOL!
Admission, Topaz!
Comrade Lieutenant, they do not match!
I can not connect, transmitter was damaged.
Let's go! Faster!
Do mismo had to BUDMA there, huh? Comrade Lieutenant?
We were ordered to be here. The second order has arrived!
And so as to reach, if we here is the link incorrect?
Working, loving, working!
Slušj my command!
Chained by the side of the enemy follow me race, march!
Pankratov! Run away? Return to the place!
Back I say! And perished! Pankratov!
Back, Pankratov! Back!
Goes, Pankratov! I go!
What a bitch?
Aj aj aj, I did not understand, Pankratov...
I did not understand.
Sorry! Sorry, man! Sorry!
Koljan, attacked from behind!
To hell with them! Has there who are fighting back!
And you, bitch!
Come on! Save ammo!
What's Kostjan? Injured?
Hi, Raj! SAS!
And I'm still not dressed. What, but seven hours?
No, wait, I wanted to talk.
I just came to prefer. Come on.
Thanks. That is so!
something happened?
Well, it depends how you look at it! Sašenjka, Today I can go anywhere with you.
And tomorrow. The point is...
They sent us to the Caucasus.
The Caucasus? This is...
Tell me, when I get back, Udaces for me?
I know that we know of only one month, it's a bit. But the menu is enough! And you?
To marry whom?
You would kill...
So why do you say that? This is nonsense!
Who is going to kill me? Can just try!
Listen, please! Sašenjka, I beg you!
I beg you, ditch! I know that against the will there not be sent,
and you will not send! I beg you! Because of me! Oh, please!
Please... Please...
Sašenjka, tomorrow at nine ujutu the ceremony lineup.
Now there's nothing to say. If you come to mean that, if you do not come...
But I beg you, come!
Guys, you did everything you could. Even more.
Keep you kick many times more powerful force.
We rejected the three attacks.
Further resistance I feel useless.
Therefore I command all who can to move,
to bring along as many be wounded and leave.
Cr chess you out.
Gorshkow! I!
With me.
Shah will lead people.
Those you protect a column, up to you huge responsibility. All clear?
No. What do you not understand?
What about you, you stay?
I'll stay.
Then I'm staying.
Leave! Freeze!
Who will protect the wounded?
Carry out orders.
But there also remain wounded!
They are not helping here.
If you want something that ppošaljete, Give I send?
Good luck.
Lidočka, look kids!
Yes... Well, everything, everything, everything, everything!
Ice-and yours is a wild, where?
Puk! Lineup!
Company, in column three Lineup!
The first line, lined up! The second line, lined up!
The third line, lined up!
Honorary flag salute, to the left!
Where are you, girl?
It is not allowed without permission...
Allow me, please!
Without permission is not allowed!
I have to pass! There is Doronin! I really have with him!
Today we are sending to the responsible Joint task chat
our regiment under the command Lieutenant Doronin!
The command is convinced that Soldiers joint company
honorable thing before them a task!
For a festive march! Parade! Associated Company, right!
Understood by the right!
Step march!
When you come to the present, give this address.
So come on, Kolya, with God!
Comrade Lieutenant?
You are a true officer.
You are a true soldier, Kolya.
Valera! Valera...
Rain is nothing Rain is also... also the time...
All sled. End!
Shut up, do not talk now. Guard force.
Do you remember, you're telling us, What we do not need to do?
And I'll tell you that what we can.
We, the sleigh, možemoda die for others.
This is our job sledge.
Topaz, said bear! Reply Medved, Topaz!
Bear, Topaz online!
Bear here! Whether you hear me, Topaz?
How do you stand?
Esau, Bear, hear.
Reported on the situation!
Situation? Mixed Company, enhanced group specnaz,
has fulfilled the task.
As a result of fierce fighting with superior enemy forces
Company as a whole no longer exists.
Ordnance destroyed
the "storm door" in the machine I stayed just me.
We have them pulled. That such a situation, Bear.
I do not have with anyone and with anything to go on defense.
Survived the 23 man I sent for your own familiar way.
Why do not you leave? Why did you not go with them?
Where to go? All my green the other guys here.
What should I tell their mothers?
That is why now my place here.
What solution you propose?
The only possible solution I think
pull all connected militants in square 1812..
Hit from all the artillery. I have no other solution.
Shock must be applied! Applied for 20 minutes, not later!
This is your square.
The time is gone.
And also spirits.
Yes... Follow us.
Will soon be here.
I understand.
I did not raumeo, a fighter.
I'm staying.
Shah, the commander told me! Beneath his dignity to cheat on him!
Better help me to choose the best position.
Well. This position is here correct:
the top and can not circumvent and the path is well laid out fires.
You have to hold down a forty minutes. After that he went.
Are you all understand?
Understood! What is unclear here?
Hey, Chess? Na, Doronin asked me that I take.
Should be sent to this address.
One more thing, Chess: there, the squad is a guy surname to Vetrov,
ppripazi it if anything happens, okay?
Well. Good luck, guy!
Terek, here Medved.
Topaz call artillery fire to himself.
As for myself? Why are they still there?
Odgovaraćešfor it!
Yes. Responder.
Bear! Bear! Bear...
Get you, gay? Džigiti!
Fedjukin! Wang!
Oh, that is, hrčkak...
And you, Koljan, dremaš!
What do you mean dozing?
As in the trench where the position how to fight so I?
Kostjan you are injured, burnt pancakes! It would be better to go and omognešguys!
Guys will themselves to get, if any they do not catch up!
And if they čurbani I go, will you have to stop them?
As the two of us will to stop them!
We are going a bit longer to keep them!
Kostjan! What?
You're a good guy! You too!
When I come back here, your whole life does not to forget that you are wounded come!
Koljan, shut up, eh?
Kostjan, I'm wounded!
Razmeo! Go!
What's the matter, Kostjan?
What about you?
Kostya! Kostjan!
Bone, here I am!
Kostik, hello! Hello!
Where are you so long? What is Mom did not let?
It all started long ago!
The guys went first class! Body Art from Peter, there's there!
You should try it! You have a nice body!
So come on! So, what is it? Shy or what?
Stalls, you're scared?
No I do not want! Patch, not a man!
Look, as it should!
We have retained them.
And with this... with this, associate Kostjan, with this we will only discuss!
By the end of consideration.
Kostjan, brother...
Artillery, Fire!
Hephaestus, you got the coordinates of the Bear?
First, second, third! Fire!
Aleksandra Pavlovna? Colonel Smirnov.
As far as I know, you have some relationship
Lieutenant Doronin. Whether you can come with me?
What about him?
Alex... e... e... Please, sit down!
The point is, what is the execution of combat tasks
Lieutenant Doronin...
Ammonia there... ma anything! Doctor!
Eagle in the clouds... Gorshkow! Vetrov!
The pest fly...
Koljan! Kostjan!
Red, close the door!
Aaah, flying in front of the shelves... Koljan!
So where did you? Vetrov! Gorshkow!
So what are you? But you go!
And when the clouds?
That's all, end lafe will start us to print!
Druze representatives of the President!
It's okay!
Yes, Mommy, listen to you!
Coming! Pe pe!
Who is coming? Who is this pe pe?
Who's coming?
Representative of the President!
In bed!
Someone's coming...
Oh, sorry!
You do not need to run after, my dear! You are not at the stadium!
Hi, guys!
And where is the representative of the president?
He was kept there mothers of soldiers. What, is it necessary?
Well, he's actually in charge of the prizes!
And who are you? Sergeant Goljdin!
Order of Courage to you!
Ooo! Hooray! Bravo!
And who are you?
I? Private wind.
I give you the Order of Courage.
Ala we went, huh?
And who are you?
I am Colonel Galkin, who gave order to send you there.
He came to tell you thanks. It is silly to apologize.
And you, therefore, Nikolai Gorshkow, who rescued the survivors, yeah?
Well, something like that.
You can give stars Hero of Russia.
For what a hero, of course, thank you,
but what will you say about those who stayed there:
our young men, officers, Egorov, Doronin?
Of them, unfortunately, nothing more I do not say.
But as far as Sasha Doronin I gave him the leg,
and he shook my hand, because understand: war is war. Understand?
What is he alive or what? As shaking hands? He is alive, or what?
What do you guys? It lies on the second floor.
Guys, stop!
Come back!
Do not shout!
You can not there!
Come on, come on!
Comrade Colonel! Aleksandr Vladimirovich!
So, now quickly go out!
Run! And for this we are going to argue!
Shoo away!
And, what are you looking at?
Well, nothing.
Really, what are you looking at?
And you there, among other things, for a half hour wait!
Through the minute you're back!
No, can you imagine? Doronin's alive!
Well, why do you weep? You have given the star Hero of Russia, crazy
You all Vanga, Vanga...
Shah, you still with us?
And somehow a bad drop.
"Right now Muscovites and guests of the capital gathered on Red Square
observe holiday fireworks In honor of Victory Day!
Victory Day! In honor of him holiday fireworks!
Day, and to what? My grandfather has come to Berlin!
Mines was in jail.
Why not be fought?
He fought. He was nominated the rank of Hero of the Alliance.
And this...
...ten years in prison. For nothing.
He was a Chechen.