Homemade Dog Treats Cannoli Recipe With Yogurt Icing

Uploaded by TheFrostingGuy on 24.06.2012

Hi. The Frosting Guy here for DogCakeWorld.com. You know I get a lot of questions from customers
about how to make homemade dog treats. They also want something that's gonna be healthy
for their dog and simple to make. Well, that's what we specialize in here at DogCakeworld
and we're going to show you how to make a ten second cannoli today. Now if you think
of a traditional cannoli, you think of a shell that has been fried and then filled with a
pastry cream. Well, human pastry creams are made up with lots of cream, sugar, fats, things
that taste good to humans. Luckily, dogs don’t care so much about that and they love a product
that we use, Fido’s Frosting, because it’s a natural yogurt based frosting with no sugar
and no fat. We’ll talk about that in a minute when we get to the filling. But first let’s
talk about a cannoli shell. Instead of using a fried cannoli shell, I’m going to show
how to use ingredients that you have around your kitchen. In this case, I’ve got a piece
of bread. This happens to be potato bread, but you can use any sort of bread you want.
You can use whole wheat, whole grain, white bread, it’s up to you. And again you can
cut the bread into any size piece you want. For demonstration I’m just going to use
the full piece today. You then take a rolling pin and watch what happens in less than ten
seconds. You apply the rolling pin to the bread, and a little bit of pressure, and it
smoothes out the bread into a nice, flat cake. Now you can see a nice thin piece of bread
there. It took less than ten seconds. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna take a regular
household cooking spray. I’m gonna spray the bread. The reason I do that is because
I don’t want the cannoli form to stick to it. Now cannoli forms, you can go out and
buy them in a baking store, or what I did, is I simply went to the hardware store, got
a piece of copper pipe, had them cut it to the size I wanted, and because copper distributes
heat evenly, it‘s a great cannoli mold. I take it on one end of the bread, and I simply
roll until you get to the end. Now you want the seam of the bread to be on the bottom
because it’s going to hold it together when you toast it. Once you have that together,
you take the cooking spray again and you simply spray the outside to help it brown in the
oven and then place it on a pre-greased baking sheet. Now you see I’ve got one already.
We’re going to go ahead and put this in the oven at three hundred and fifty degrees
just long enough for it to toast and brown. Now, through the magic of TV I’ve got a
completed cannoli shell for you. Not fried, but baked. You can see a nice brown color
where the seam is and it holds together. A nice brown toasted on the outside. You can
make a smaller piece of bread and make a smaller cannoli. Now, let’s fill the cannoli. I
like to use, like I said, Fido’s Frosting, natural yogurt frosting which comes in a natural
white color. You can add color if you want, but since traditional cannolis are white I
like to use this. I put a star tip on the bag and I squeeze into the ends of the cannoli.
You can see I’ve already done one here and it looks just like the cannoli you would get
in any restaurant in Little Italy. Now these are healthy for your dog again because they’re
not frozen, they contain no sugar, they contain no fat, and it’s a healthy yogurt product.
So this is a great way to make a homemade dog treat. Simple, easy, with ingredients
you already have and in a matter of ten seconds or less you’ve got a beautiful baked cannoli
shell. Thanks for visiting us at DogCakeWorld and we’ll see you again on our next video.