Pitt State's "Thanksgiving Feast" Tradition!?!

Uploaded by pittsburgstate on 23.11.2011

Thanksgiving is one of America’s oldest traditions and at Pittsburg State University
the “Thanksgiving Feast” at Gibson Dining Hall is becoming a tradition of its own. Each
year Sodexo prepares 1,000 meals for students who’ve enrolled in the meals plan at Pitt
State, and also serves the public for a minimal fee. For Jeanette Dyck, Sodexo's residential
dining manager, the Thanksgiving Feast is one way Pitt State can give thanks to its
students. Jeanette Dyck-“Well it’s our thank you for them, I mean, this is our biggest
meal basically of the year and I think it’s the most popular as you can tell with the
lines and I think it’s a taste of home. I mean, you know this time of year everybody
is ready to go home.” The feast includes all of the traditional favorites such as;
the choice of ham or turkey, green bean casserole, stuffing, corn, mash potatoes, and of course
you can’t have a complete Thanksgiving Feast without the wide assortment of pies and sweets.
For students and faculty alike, Thanksgiving is all about food and family. Zachary Tincher-“It
means giving thanks to the people that mean the most in my life and help me out.” JJ
Shara-“It means a lot of food and hanging out with my family.” Meredith Cook-“Thanksgiving
to me is a time to be thankful. A time to be with your family and enjoy a nice break.”
Jeanette-“Thanksgiving to me means you know, stuffing and home and you know, those things
of food and home are always so intertwined together. You know when you think of thanksgiving
you think of family.” Zachary-“I like the green beans. The French onion straws they
can go but they’re pretty good. Turkey was good, everything else was good. Sweet potatoes
not my style though.” JJ-“I liked all the food. My favorite has to be the pecan
pie.” Meredith-“The meal was delicious. I am stuffed.”