Japan's "herbivore men" and "carnivore women"

Uploaded by daiki629 on 06.07.2011

In late years there’re two slung words to express the character of the man and woman here in Japan.
Now be taken up by the media from around 2008.
“Herbivore” and “carnivore” are coined words to express a human type. These are antonyms.
”Herbivore” people are not so interested in love, but “carnivore” people have a deep interest in love.
In Japan, sex is translated as 'relationship in flesh, so someone named these boys 'herbivorous boys' since they are not interested in flesh.
“Herbivore men” are men who are not active in love. Gentle personality, rich in collaborative relationships with the opposite sex for love and obsession is thin.
Typically, "herbivore men" are in their 20s and 30s, and believe that friendship without sex can exist between men and women.
In response to the coined word “Herbivore men”, the word “Herbivore women” is also used.
These words hint at women who are hard for to deal with in love, the women who are passiveness in love, who are aggressive approach to man.
Often, these women have great dignity. You feel like a traditional Japanese woman.
The “Carnivore men” are the antonym of the “Herbivore men”.
The men who are active in love and opposite sex association/friendship, and approach women steadily. They often show a strong sexual desire.
The Carnivore women are the coined word that hinted at the women who are active in love.
Generally, it means "in contradiction to a graceful woman, the type that is active in love, sexual intercourse".
The increase of “Herbivore men” and the Carnivore women” are remarkable and there are many female oriented manuals to keep company with “Herbivore men”.
With the changes of social conditions, “Herbivore men” become the boom now.
But these booms are causing a rise in the average age of marriage.