Mahabharat - Episode 11

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Devaki's first son is about to be born
Which means Kansa's death and Mathura's freedom
is just eight passes away
Devaki knows this but
her tears have misted her foresight
Which is why she cannot see my presence
in the darkness of the dungeon
But l have always had two forms;
l am Light as well as Darkness
l am day as well as Night
When, as light, l am in the womb of the horizon...
l am also manifest as darkness
The dungeon is dark...
but the son is of the new era...
is a mere eight paces away
The Sun is about to take its first step
Even Kansa knows this!
But his arrogance has blinded him
Even he know that the prophecy is true
But his pride wants him to prove it is a lie
This is not a guard...
but a representative of Kansa'a Fate
He has brought the news
that Death has taken its first step towards Kansa
Victory to the king!
The jailer has sent a message for you
Do not look at me accusingly
Accuse Brahma because
he has made your womb my battlefield
What can l do sister?
l am myself caught in this predicament
Give me that son of yours
No l won't
l will seize him
Our eighth son will cause your death Kansa
This is only our first son
Why kill him?
A snake is a snake my friend...
whether the first or the eighth
Do not become so heartless Kansa
This child is your nephew
No, not my nephew
He is Brahma's first arrow aimed at me
Brahma will send eight such arrows...
all of which l will destroy
Even the demons love their kin, brother
Do not try to weaken my resolve Devaki
What a sister you are!
Do you not want your brother to live?
Why kill this child brother?
Kill me...
so that the eighth son will not be born
Give me the child
No brother
Give me the child!
The bloodstain that Kansa saw on the dungeon wall
was not a bloodstain...
but the footsteps of Destruction
And it was not Kansa who laughed at it...
but his Death
And now he is coming to the dungeon again
to witness the second footsteps of Death
Give the child!
Kansa has killed six sons
But the seventh is sternal
A son with two mothers
The powerful elder Belram
What are you thinking?
the child in my womb will
also be killed
What a mother am l?
l have lost six children before my eyes
but l continue to live...
in hope!
l cannot bear it any more
That is why l have come to take your pregnancy
Take my pregnancy?
Yes, Give it to me...
and stop worrying
l'll never let the child fall in Kansa's hands
Take him sister
You have every right to him
What are you saying?
Even l am surprised my King
How could it have happened?
Devaki was pregnant the day before...
and today there is no sign
Could be a miscarriage
Could it be that
she has delivered before her time?
That, too, doesn't seem possible
Do you realise the meaning of this?
This means...
...that the unborn child... afraid of Kansa
Even the future is not that bold
to cross my borders
without my permission
Kansa does not realise
that he is laughing at himself
His fate is playing hide and seek with him
He thinks that he can escape fate
But only l know that
his fate will soon catch up with him
And that day is not too far
So, keep a close watch on Vasudav and Devaki
Be patient
Our wait is almost over
l keep explaining myself that my lord
but the mother in me does not understand
l have already lost six sons...
after hiding them in my womb for nine months
after feeding them on my blood...
what happened?
My brother comes and seizes the child
and there is one more bloodstain on the wall
l no longer understand the word 'patience' my lord
Under such circumstances patient means...
Just think that our supreme test is almost over
You are now carrying our eighth son
lt is not that...
l do not trust the prophecy
But as a mother
l have a right to cry over my sons
Do not stop me from weeping my lord
Do weep Devaki...
but within yourself
Do not show your tears to Kansa
l'll try my best
But these tears do not stop my lord
Hush my dear
l cannot bear to see the Princess's sorrow
She gives birth to sons and then
witnesses their death at the hands of Kansa
l had neither heard nor seen
such cruelty
A brother killing his sister's offspring!
l cannot bear to look at the Princess
And now the next child will also be killed
l wish we could do something
But what?
Do not cry my child
Be quiet or your uncle will come here
Let him cry Devaki
Come my child
Let Kansa be informed...
that our eighth son is born
Let him be
in my arms for a few moments
After all, he is moment's guest
No, not a guest!
This is our eighth's son...
who will vanquish Kansa
There is no time to lose
Kansa must have left the palace by now
Let me gaze at my son's face before he comes
Do not be afraid
This child represents Man's future
Take him across the Yamuna...
to the village of Gokul and
leave him with your friend Nandrai
But how will you go?
You are in chains
Look Devaki our chains are broken
What about these iron doors?
What about the guards?
What can l do?
The One who has...
released us from these chains
will take care of the rest
Do not lose any more time Vasudev
Take this child and leave
Be quick
The eighth day of the second fortnight
on Wednesday midnight
ln the dungeon of Kansa...
Krishna lncarnate is born
The Sun is in Leo...
the moon is rising high
O God!
The clouds shower the face of the Earth
With its plentiful bounty
The lightning crackles across the sky
To reveal the Lord's face
The Sacred Cobra fans its hood
To protect the Lord
What Mathura has lost through sacrifices
The Braj has gained
The Yamuna knows what the world does not
This is the Lord lncarnate
Which is why the Yamuna's waters swelled
To touch the Lord's feet
When, lost in thought, Vasudev...
could bear it no longer
The Lord allowed the waters...
to touch his holy feet
Who's that? Vasudev! l was waiting for you
Do come in
How did you escape?
The chains broke, the door opened
and the Yamuna gave way
Here is our eighth son!
Come! Vasudev's eighth son!
Young Vasudev! Come!
Come to Nand son!
l am grateful to you Vasudev
that you should think of me in this crisis
You have honoured me
This is no ordinary child
He will free the world from Kansa'a atrocities
You have fulfilled your duty by giving birth to him
Now, Yashoda and l have to fulfill our duty
O Destroyer of Kansa! Accept my greetings
Your coming here has blessed this house...
and this country
How can you leave this house empty-handed?
Just a minute!
Do not go away
There's no time to think Vasudev
No time at all
Kansa will definitely come to claim the child
What will you tell him?
Look Vasudev l am your friend
and Yashoda is Devaki's friend
This girl has been born today
No one knows about her birth
Not even Yashoda
She is still unconscious
So, you want to switch babies?
But how can l be so selfish and sacrifice this girl
to protect my son?
No my friend
Maybe Kansa's mind will change on seeing the girl
Have faith Vasudev
Do what l say
l'll do what you say
Selfishness makes a man blind
You are not selfish my friend
lt is Kansa who is selfish...
and blind
He does not realise the result of his Sins
the curse of his Actions
Go now, do not delay my friend
And do not think this to be an act of selfishness
This is the only way to Man's welfare
Kumari Nandini has been
replaced by Nanda Kumar
The world's uplift
is impossible without sacrifice
What happened?
l have exchanged Yashoda's daughter for our son
My lord
What's it?
My lord, the jailer
-Bring him in -Yes
Victory to the king
What's it?
Daveki has given birth to a girl
A girl?
ls it a girl?
But the Sage had...
No one can kill me now
l am immortal now
Which means...
l unnecessarily
Devaki and Vasudev
l killed without purposes
That Sage deserves the death sentence
Bring him here
Victory to the king
You said Devaki's eighth son would kill me
Of course
But there is no eighth son
Devaki has given birth to a daughter
Devaki's horoscope does not show a daughter
Her eighth son is already born...
and he will definitely kill you
That is the eternal truth
Powerless became the sword
of the powerful Kansa
Your sins will one day
prove to be your end