The Hurricane (2/10) Movie CLIP - Turning Into a Weapon (1999) HD

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All right, get out.
This way now.
[ Rubin ] from that moment on,
l decided to take control ofmy tife.
l made up my mind to turn my body...
i_to a weapo_.
l would be a warrior-scholar.
l boxed. l went to school.
l began reading-- W.E.B. DuBois, Richard Wright.
- Move, tier one! - [ Buuer Sounding ]
So l gave up all the worthless luxury...
that most inmates crave.
The girlie books, fags,
cigarettes, the movies-- l hated them.
ln fact, l hated everyone.
l didn't even speak English. l spoke hate.
And its verbs were _sts.
l made up my mind...
to turn my body into a weapon...
that would eventually set me free...
or kill anyone who sought to keep me in prison.
On September 21 , 1 961 ,
l was reteased,
and l vowed upon everything holy...
never to come back to prison again.
[ Slams ]
l had spent almost halfmy time on this Earth...
in jait.