Alexander Rybak interview, 05.09.10 Eng&Rus subs

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You can create the scenario of "Good morning TVN" by writing e-mails to us, with questions for Alexander Rybak.
Alex is already sitting here with us so soon we will ask him these questions which the fans mailed to us.
- Hello, Alexander. - Hello.
So, you came here to our studio to promote this one, this is...
No, I came to talk to you. But it is nice that you have the CD.
What I wanted to say... First - the last time you were in our studio I saw a teenager and now I see a man!
- OK. - There is a big difference.
Probably, but not too big, I hope.
No, no, no, not at all!
Do you experimental with your music now on this record, do you find something else, something more?
It's called 'No boundaries' what means "no borders", "no rules", it's not just a pop-music, there is also rock, musical, blue-grass...
- But still with violin, right? - Yes, of course, still with violin.
Some questions from our viewers, right?
Who are the best supports in your career?
- My career? - Who are your supporters, the persons?
I feel, that the big part of my life is my career, so my biggest supporters are my mother and father.
If they would not support me, I didn't have any career, probably.
- Do you plan to record a Jazz album? - I really hope so.
And what is your dream?
To make a musical.
I'd really want to do that. But, then I need look a ittle bit young and you say I don't look young anymore...
But you would like to be on the stage or just a producer?
To produce as a movie.
If you had to choose to have a diner with a woman like Edith Piaf or Marylin Monroe, who would you choose?
- Marylin Monroe, I guess. - Why? You have to explain that.
Edith Piaf, I don't know her too well...
But she was, you know, a great singer.
I know, but probably if it would be just a dinner, you know,
then it would be better with Edith Piaf, because then we would have something to talk about.
Yes, the question was only about a dinner and not about a dinner with breakfast, so, anyway, Marylin Monroe?
No, it could be Edith Piaf if it would be only a dinner.
He is not decided yet.
Alright, other question from the viewers: Will you ever visit Cracow?
Well, I have visited Cracow. Just people don't know it.
All right. Do you know any polish artists?
I don't remember the names, it's very difficult.
"Gdzie moja pompa" (Where is my pump?") That is a nice song, but I don't remember the artist.
We don't remember it too.
All right. In a moment you will be performing on our stage. Our new stage.
I will not break it.
- Thank you. - So what is it gonna be, which song?
It's called "Europe's skies", about my favorite country which is Europe.
I think that you work a lot! You are 24 years old. Do you still have free time for your private life?
- Yes, yes. - What do you do then?
Well, you know it is when I have too much time for my private life, that is when everything goes wrong;
You mean with your ... (can't hear)?
No, no, it's with girls, you know; I had much troubles with one, so it's much better not to have a private life.
- Do you have a girlfriend? - No.
- Why not? - You still don't have time for having a girlfriend?
I don't have chance for any girls because there are too many who interested in me.
That's why I don't have a chance.
No, because everybody think, oh, I'm not the one, because there are so many others.
But if eveyone thinks so, you can never get this one.
- But anyway we wish you luck! - Thank you, I'll need it.