Cooking Tips : How to Truss a Whole Chicken

Uploaded by cookingguide on 27.10.2008

To truss your chicken first lay your chicken on the cutting board. Next were going to take
a piece of cooking twine go ahead and make it pretty long and have that ready to go now
were going to take our wings and were going to place our wings back behind the chicken
this well keep our wings from fling away whenever he's in the oven. Next take your cooking twine
and find the middle of the cooking twine. The middle of the cooking twine is going to
go up around the neck. Once you get him around the neck your going to bring him up over the
wings and over the chicken carcass and your going to cross it so I am making an X underneath
this chicken. And thats going to keep my wings held together also. Once its done I am going
to tie my chicken around the tail end here make a little knot and thats going to hold
it together. Next I am going to bring the string around the two chicken legs I'm going
to take one string and wrap it under one chicken leg and back over and I am going to do the
same thing with the other. Next go ahead and tighten those two together. And were going
to make a little knot here.
Now I going to cut off any excess string. And that is how you truss a chicken.