Fat Loss 101: Burn Fat out of Your body

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bjbj >> RYAN: Hey what's up guys? This is Ryan from TheWorkoutCorner.com and today we're
going to do a basic overview of fat loss in regards to getting you a six-pack and more
muscle definition. So kind of a basic formula is that fat loss occurs when you consume fewer
calories than your body is burning. So that's obviously a kind of simplified definition
one caveat being that just dropping your calories by 50% is not going to mean you're going to
start hitting rapid fat loss. If you've got your calories too much your body's going to
kind of go into starvation mode where it lowers your overall metabolism and is going to prevent
you from burning fat. So you want to a slow safe reduction in calories, nothing drastic.
So a good analogy to think of when it comes to fat loss is boiling a pot of water on a
stove. And think of the water as the fat and we want to evaporate that and burn that off.
Now you can't look at a pot on a stove with water in it and say "Okay I want the water
in just this corner of the pot to get evaporated. That's not how it works. The whole pot is
going to boil water and the water level is going to lower evenly for the most part as
the heat rises up. And that's very similar to the way that you burn fat off your body.
The burner underneath the pot that is going to be equivalent to your cardio, so that's
what's heating up and that's what's evaporating the water and for fat loss that's what's turning
on your body and getting the metabolism up and helping you burn some fat. Weight lifting
is also important for burning fat because that is equivalent to the conductivity of
the pot that you're using. So if you have a copper or a brass pot that's going to transfer
heat a lot quicker and heat up the water a lot faster than if you had a pot made out
of wood. I mean eventually that would probably catch fire but initially you put that on a
stove it's not really going to heat up the water because the wood is just not going to
transfer the heat. So it's important to realize that both cardio and weight lifting used together
are going to help you get the fastest results. Hey, well I hope you found that helpful. Please
leave any comments, questions or suggestions in the Comment box below. If you enjoyed the
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right take care. [Music] fat loss 101 burn fat out of your body 2012 TheWorkoutCorner.com
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