STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - Choose Your Side: Jedi Knight vs. Bounty Hunter

Uploaded by swtheoldrepublic on 07.10.2011

>> Hall Hood: The Jedi Knight is the vanguard of the Republic’s forces.
>> Jedi Knight (Male): We’ll get those weapons back and use them to destroy the Empire once
and for all.
>> Hall: You are going up against the greatest evil that the galaxy has ever known. It is
a huge fight with everything at stake.
>> Mako: Just a reminder: this is an Imperial world. If we tweak the local authorities,
they can make life really hard.
>> Bounty Hunter (Male): I like tweaking with authority.
>> Randy Begel: What makes the Bounty Hunter awesome is a sense of independence and the
toughness to back it up. Being able to bend the rules or just flat-out break them. It’s
very much the “man with a gun against the world.”
>> Pete Warner: He wants to earn some money, he wants to earn a reputation, or he can just
be, you know, a killer -- a cold-hearted killer.
>> Austin Peckenpaugh: The fantasy of the Jedi Knight is saving the galaxy, or saving
yourself, or falling to the dark side. But it’s direct and earnest and elegant, and
his fighting style is the same way.
>> Randy: I think it depends on how the player wants him to but, I mean the Bounty Hunter
can live by a code as much as the Jedi does, it’s just they don’t always see eye to
eye on how that plays out.
>> Bald Jedi: You will drop your weapons and surrender to me.
>> Bounty Hunter: You will realize what a complete idiot you are.
>> Hall: You get to be whatever kind of Jedi Knight you think is best. You don’t necessarily
have to follow the Jedi code. In fact, you can violate it pretty regularly.
>> Pete: When a Jedi’s coming after you, you know exactly what to expect. But when
a Bounty Hunter is coming after you, you really don’t because they’re more of just the
mercenary wild card.
>> Pete: The Bounty Hunter’s attacks mainly come from tech and blasters.
>> Hall: They’ve got the lightsaber. They’ve got the Force.
>> Randy: Rockets.
>> Austin: Heavy Armor.
>> Pete: Missiles.
>> Austin: Blaster bolt deflection.
>> Pete: Flamethrowers. Jetpack.
>> Hall: A Bounty Hunter player and a Jedi Knight player in a fight… that’s gonna
be a tough one.
>> Randy: The Bounty Hunter is more than a match for the Jedi Knight because when they
engage in a fight they have control of the situation. They have so many tools of their
trade to keep the Jedi from ever getting their ground.
>> Austin: The strategy when you see that you’re going up against a Bounty Hunter
is, obviously, get in as fast as you can and stay there. You’re gonna charge into the
fight. You’re gonna try to keep the Bounty Hunter slowed down as much as you can.
>> Pete: If I’m playing the Bounty Hunter in the fight my strategy is to keep the Jedi
Knight at range. I have stuns, I have screens and shields and heavy armor to absorb damage.
>> Austin: The Jedi Knight is relentless. The way his resources work, he’s always
building up and cashing in what he’s built up. So instead of watching a pool slowly decay
over time, it’s just non-stop. As long as you can stay up close and personal you’re
always able to dish out that damage and you’re really just an unstoppable wrecking ball.
>> Hall: The Jedi Knight’s gonna win, hands down.
>> Randy: The Bounty Hunter’s got this.
>> Austin: It’s gonna be the Jedi Knight.
>> Pete: The Bounty Hunter’s gonna win… trust me.