Vidéotest Chrono Trigger ( part 2 )

Uploaded by Karkaradon on 12.06.2009

Hi again everybody !
Here we meet again for the second part of Chrono Trigger review.
In the first video, I showed you the opening cutscene of the PSOne version,
but there I'll show you the opening that we had in 1995.
It was already very impressive, even if it was not full motion video.
All these scenes you see are in fact other playable scenes of the game.
Here, for example, one of the first boss of the game, the Dragon Tank.
I'll comment on the other scenes...
Here's the trial, a magical moment of the adventure, something we weren't really awaiting for.
During 10 minutes, we are put on trial, with a great music in background :
it's one of the most amazing scenes of Chrono Trigger.
Just before, you saw a Double Attack of Crono and Frog : the X Strike.
Again another specificity of the game : the Double and Triple Techniques.
I'll show it to you later, it's another feature about the gameplay.
Here, another boss...
Here's the scene of Lavos' awakening in 1999 A.D. He's the big boss of the game in fact.
Our goal is to prevent the Apocalypse.
Here's Magus' Castle. I'll talk about him later.
He's one of the most important and charismatic characters of the game.
His personality and his story are well developped.
What can I say now...
Oh, here's a Solo Attack from Frog. Quite fun, this giant froggie.
Here, we are in the Future : all these Robo's clones are rejecting him.
He's nearly dead, but Crono and Lucca are carrying him away to fix him.
Here's one of the rare moments of the game in mode 7 : a motorbike race with Johnny.
They should have put more mode 7 in the game.
Another boss here, or mid-boss, I don't remember.
Look, another Double Attack : Marle covers Crono's blade with ice magic,
and then Crono hits the enemy. This is what battles look like.
Here we are in the Prehistoric Era, in 65,000,000 B.C.
There are 7 ages we can travel through in the game.
The story takes place in one unique world, but at 7 differents ages.
Well, let's start now.
As you wan see, here are "New Game" and "New Game +".
For "New Game +" : when you finish the game for the first time,
when you finish the last dungeon, the Black Omen, you unlock the "New Game +" mode.
With this, you can start again the game with your last save :
your levels, your magics, your items, ...
It was necesarry to discover all the different endings of the game :
there are about 15 differents endings to this game.
Again it's something absolutely incredible made by Squaresoft : 15 differents endings,
that was never seen before.
So, there we are in the Prehistoric Era, in 65,000,000 B.C.
We're still on the same world, you see : same world, different ages.
On this map, you can see that all the continents are close.
It's quite realistic, I suppose it was like that on Earth 65,000,000 years ago...
Err... I'm not really sure... Well, let's talk about something else.
I'm gonna show you something : as we are in 65,000,000 B.C.,
there must be the Lavos Crater, just there.
You can see that Lavos crashed here few times ago, an created this crater.
He'll wake up in 1999 A.D. to destroy everything.
Of course, we'll know more about him, his real nature, further in the game.
Okay, now, the battles. I talked about this a little just before,
look, there, I can avoid these enemies.
But I'm not here to escape, I'm here to explain the battle system
longer that what I said in the first video.
The system is really classic : first, we have the "Attack" of each character.
"Comb" means here "combination" : here are the Double and Triple Techniques and Magics.
We can also perform Solo Magic, but the real evolution of these are the Double and Triple ones.
And, of course, "Items" to use the items to recover health, mana, ...
But the most important is the Magic. Look there, I use Crono.
He has Solo attacks, described at the top of the screen :
"Strike all enemies", "Bring ally back to life", "Attack 4 times", ...
For example, I'll use "Confuse" on an enemy. He'll be attacked 4 times with my saber.
We can see the Hit Points : 467, ...
Now, the important thing : the Double Techniques.
For example, one here for Marle and Crono, as they are together in the battle.
You can see there are three characters at the same time during a battle.
I'll use the "Ice Sword". You have already seen it during the introduction.
We have to wait for the others to finish their attack...
There, look : Marle puts ice on Crono's blade, and then he hits the enemy.
That's the "Ice Sword".
Let's do another one.
A Technique with Marle...
In fact, Marle is the specialist of the Ice Magic.
Every character of the game has his own element.
For example, Fire for Lucca, Ice for Marle, Water for Frog, ...
So there, I'll do "Antipode 3" : a Double Technique based on Ice and Fire at the same time.
2200 Hit Points to each enemies, quite good.
This is really one of the specificities of the game.
Hmm ? "Marle's level up !" ? Fine...
Double and Triple Techniques : with this, the battles are dynamical, nervous, pleasant, addictive, ...
There are even Triple Techniques, one for each group of characters.
That makes a total of 15.
So there we have the "Delta Force", which uses the mana of everyone.
Result : touches all the enemies, 4000 Hit Points. That makes a lot.
Of course, we earn Experience, Items, ...
Okay, concerning the battle system, I said nearly everything.
I could talk about it for hours, but I have other things to show you.
We're going...
Yes, jump.
We're going to another place : the End of Time.
You see this vortex ? It's the way to travel trough the different ages.
So, here's the End of Time.
It's a really strange place : the lamp post, this guy called Old Man, ...
During the game, we'll know why he is here, what he is doing and who he really is.
I won't tell it for those who didn't play the game, but it's really interesting.
Everything has his own signification in this game, even this place.
Once more, the music...
If I were to take my own advice, I wouldn't talk, I would just let you listen.
Let's have a look at the game menu, to introduce you the characters. Here's Crono.
I told you that nearly each character has his own element :
Crono, Lightning. Lucca, Fire.
Marle, Water. In fact Ice would be correct.
Ayla is a prehistoric woman, she has no element.
Magus... He's great. I'll talk about him later.
Frog, Water.
Robo is a robot met in the future, in 2300 A.D. Of course, he has no magic.
Even though he seems to have human feelings, thanks to Lucca who repaired him.
This menu is very classic : all the stats are here,
you can equip weapons, like swords and sabers for Crono.
I've got plenty of them. Look here, the Rainbow : 70 per cent of critical hit rate.
You can also equip helmets, armors and other accessories.
You can see here, the characters : it really looks ike DBZ.
We can really see the inspiration of Toriyama :
Marle looks totaly like Bulma, Crono looks like Son Goku,
Magus would be more like Vegeta. It's really...
It was good in the past years, but today it could made to some head spin...
Another example : I just finished Dragon Quest VIII.
Same thing : the Hero really looks like Crono or Son Goku, and Jessica is like Bulma ou Marle...
Akira Toriyama : we like you, but please... Stop recycling your old characters !
Well, here are all the Items, to restore health, mana, ... Classic stuff.
The Techniques, as I showed you during the battle :
Triple Techniques with three characters, Double Techniques with only two,
You can see on the left the characters who use it.
Here Crono... Err... Vince ? ... and Frog, Crono and Ayla, ...
There are over 100 Techniques, really huge.
So, 7 playable characters, as I said. Let's have a closer look...
Crono, you already know him.
Lucca : she's Crono's best friend, we meet her at the beginning of the game.
Marle : she's the daughter of the King at 1000 A.D., at the beginning of the game.
One interesting thing : we'll be able to talk to her ancestors and her descendants,
as we can travel trough time in the game.
It's really an interesting thing to talk to all the characters' family trough ages.
Even to the NPC's ones.
That's really the most interesting aspect of the game.
In fact, you can act to change the future :
sometimes, your actions in the past will have an incidence in the future.
It's the pure essence of the game : temporal paradoxes which can be created or not.
For example, Magus.
His psychology is really well constructed.
He's one of the best characters of the game.
In fact, he starts as an ennemy... Caution, I'm going to spoil now.
If you're playing to the game, or if you still haven't played it, stop watching.
Magus is the main enemy at the beginning of the game,
but we can choose later to add him to the party or not.
Frog now : he's a knight of the Middle Ages, 600 A.D., protector of the Queen.
He has this frog appearance for a certain reason, we discover it later in the game.
Robo : we meet him in 2300 A.D. He's really touching too.
There are only great characters. The complete game is excellent after all.
Now I'm going to show you Epoch, the time travel machine.
Err, I'm realizing I already don't have much time left...
I must really find another compression method for my videos,
I can't stand more having only 15 minutes...
So, we can travel trough all the different ages thanks to this airship, found at the end of the game.
12,000 A.D., 65,000,000 B.C., Middle Ages in 600 A.D., Present time in 1000 A.D.,
the Apocalypse in 1999 A.D., that's the place we can fight Lavos.
In fact, we can try to defeat him at different moments of the game.
Well, I told you everything.
I'll stop the video now, I recommand of course to you to play this game.
I'll just show you the bad ending of the game : when the Apocalypse happens.
See you !