Cuisine moléculaire : les perles d'alginate / Molecular cooking: alginate beads

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To make beads with a gelled shell
and a liquid core
prepare three solutions.
For the first solution
add to 400 g of calcium poor water
with, for example, mint syrup
2 g sodium alginate
thickening and gelling agent extracted from seaweeds.
Sodium alginate
do not dissolve easily into the solution.
It is therefore necessary
either to wait a little
whipping lightly the solution from time to time
or to use an immersion blender.
The second solution is a mixture of 200 g of water
and of 2 g of calcium salt.
The last solution is water
Use a pipette to dispense
the sodium alginate solution a drop at the time
in the calcium solution. dans la solution de calcium
A gelled shell forms instantly
on the surface of each drop.
The longer the beads stay
in the calcium solution,
the less liquid will be the core of the bead
To keep the core of the beads liquid longuer
they are immersed in water