QlikView for Healthcare - A Pathway to Business Discovery

Uploaded by qlikview on 07.03.2011

The most expensive piece of equipment in any hospital is the doctors pen.
Because it is the doctors that write the tests that drive the clinical pathway.
Unless there is an ability to influence
the choices the doctors made by getting the doctor feedback through good, quality information.
It's very hard to manage a large, complex hospital.
QlikView came into our lives when we conducted tender process to find
a front end to present all of our management information.
It was fast.
It was simple. It was easy to use.
And i think as we've learned
this concept of democratization of the information or Business Discovery.
Where you actually discover what the end-users want from the system
and change the system to suit their needs.
That is a fantastically powerful tool.
My rivet is to provide information.
And I can honestly say that I have transformed the division of information in the trust in the last year to 18 months.
For the boards got its executive high level information of key performance indicators.
But we know that we can drill that right down to ward level and patient level across the organization.
A major part of running any hospital or health system
is to find three or four percent savings
through efficiencies and increased productivity.
Every year.
So QlikView doesn't actually
deliver the solutions...obviously.
But it enables you
to hone down and find
exactly where you need to put the effort and focus.
To get the patient level improvements.
And I think if you present that to the clinicians and they feel that they can use it
you start to have a process of empowerment within your organization.
And that is the cultural change..that is required.
The alternative is perhaps where there is a gulf between management and the clinicians.
And in tough times
when your trying to make
large, efficiency savings.
You can't afford to have that gulf.
With the introduction of QlikView,
the culture of the organization started to change almost immediately.
It's given me access to information I would have only dreamt of 20 years ago, I think.
It has increased
the confidence the people I work with have in me.
Because with QlikView I have
the information about my service
at any given time.
QlikView brings a whole different elements.
Before that I think you were able to do
perhaps look at one aspect.
Then you have to go to a separate
department within the hospital to look at a different aspect.
Now, you can have the whole integrated package at the click of a button.
And review the whole thing.
I think most health care CO's are very wary of investment in IT.
We have invested less than a million pounds over four years in terms of the software.
It's required very little staff time.
And it has facilitated
a very significant improvement in patient care.
And the efficiency with which we deliver that
patient care.
And in our general productivity.
In twenty years as a CO
I have never seen
a better investment from information systems.
Its as simple as that.