Lt. Gov. Brown on Bob Ehrlich's Empty Promises

Uploaded by governoromalley on 24.08.2010

Good morning—I want to thank everyone for coming out today and let me start by thanking
the wonderful volunteers of the O’Malley-Brown campaign for being here and all the hard work
that you’re doing to help move Maryland forward and to deliver that very important
message that we’re making progress in Maryland, but there’s still a lot of work to do as
we move Maryland forward on behalf of Marylanders. This past weekend at Ocean City, Governor
O’Malley delivered, I think, a very important message at the Association of Counties when
he said that this election is about the challenges that we face and the choices that we make
in creating jobs and fighting for Maryland families. By contrast, Bob Ehrlich and Mary
Kane have chosen to focus by running about the state—shaking hands with people and
making a number of false promises—promises many of which were made four years ago and
eight years ago and never kept—and they really amount to nothing more than empty campaign
promises—and certainly none of them come with any explanations or details on how they
would keep those promises. If the past is any indication, Bob Ehrlich will do it by
increasing taxes on families, and robbing Peter to pay Paul. Bob Ehrlich likes to talk
about fiscal responsibility—he likes to talk a game about phantom budget surpluses
and governing for four years without raising taxes, but that’s not the reality that we
experienced under four years of Bob Ehrlich. The real story is certainly a different story,
and as I served in the General Assembly under Bob Ehrlich, I had a front row seat at his
record—record spending increases, his three billion dollars in hidden taxes and fees,
and his record of saying one thing and then doing another. The real story—the real reality
is that Bob Ehrlich was the biggest spender in Maryland history. During easier times,
Bob Ehrlich increased spending in state government by nearly 33%. He blew past spending affordability,
and for three out of the four years he was governor he sent to the General Assembly a
budget that exceeded spending affordability. The real reality is that Bob Ehrlich raised
three billion dollars in taxes and fees on Maryland families and small businesses. He
tripled the corporate filing fee—and given that three out of every five employees in
Maryland work for a small business, imagine the burden that that places particularly on
our small businesses in Maryland. We have cut $5.6 billion in state spending—difficult
choices, tough choices, not easily made. We’ve reduced the size of government by about 4200
employees. While at the same time we’ve managed to achieve the number one ranking
among our public schools—we’ve held tuition flat for four years in a row at our public
universities and colleges—and today, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ranks Maryland’s
economy number two among all states when it comes to entrepreneurship and innovation.
The question is—are we going to move forward or are we going to move backward? Bob Ehrlich
would want us to move back to a time of false promises. Governor O’Malley—we’re speaking
candidly to Marylanders—we’re going to build on the progress we’ve made as we move
Maryland forward. Thank you very much�